Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Amber's News 12/27/ 2010

We were able to hook up with Amber around 8:30 am our time. We had a little scare. We received a message from her companions father saying that they had tried the number that they were given by there daughter and it did not work. I was nervous and so we tried the number we had the day before christmas and it did not go thru ether. Christmas morning Ryan go up and did a little research and looking at the phone numbers that we knew worked, he was able to figure out we were short a few numbers and what they needed to be. When we called it went right thru. It was great to talk to her and hear her voice. On Monday we were not expecting to hear from her because our son had said his p-day had been changed to Christmas and there would be not e-mails on Monday. I for got to ask her what her mission was doing. I had not sent an e-mail to her and just as a hunch I checked and she was on. We were able to send a few back and forth. When I first logged on this was what she had sent.

Hey whats up? you all think that just because you talked to me the other day that you dont have to write me?

So you know I'm still alive.

I"m going to eat macarroni and cheese for lunch.

This week we are going to find people.

Love hna moss

Read your scriptures

We also had pday on Christmas. But we have it again to day and an activdad on new years.

Christmas was good. Different because it was so hot. But a lot of it was just another day in the mission. It was good. We are working on finding people right now.

What did you all do?
I asked what activdad was: she said that they were going to play soccer. It must be an activity.
When I asked what she had done the rest of Christmas day:
Bueno it went pretty well we just worked on visiting a bunch of inactives.
I have been really tired lately.
But good although I was kinda bummed cuz we don't have many people with whom we are working with and our numbers were pretty lame this week.

I have a lot of hope for this week though

What a wonderful day Christmas was this year to get to hear my children's voices and know that they are happy and doing well. We are so blessed.

Cody's News 12/27/2010

Cody's p-day was changed to Christmas day so no e-mail just the call. His p-day will be on New Years day this week. We were able to Skype with Cody on Christmas day it was so fun to get to see him. He is doing great and it was crazy to see sweat running down his face. It is in the 80's in Chile right now. A member owns a cyber cafe that they were able to go to on Christmas. To use the computers. He said that right now they are in search of investigators. There ward is big, several thousand members but they only have around 198 that attended on a regular basics. They need to work on retention and reactivation. We were allowed to talk for one hour. We hooked up at 11:00 am our time 3:00 pm his time.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cody's News 12/20/2010

Hmm I don't think anything really happened this week just lots of contacting, we have some new people and so I hope that everything goes really well with them, yes I did get the Christmas package thanks for the candies they are super delicious and tasty, oh and the mac and cheese was really delicious yummm!!!! so ya I will call you at like 11 or 12 your time no problem. So it is my second christmas away yay!!! only 10 months more :) then your going to come and pick me up or no? Well yesterday we had an "invasion" and all the Zone from Chiguayante came and did a bunch of contacts and so we have some promising leads. Other than that we just have people that are not progressing. Other than that I'm missing my converts in Bulnes a lot and sometimes when I get thinking I think that I was ready and willing to leave home and go on a mission but I wasn't to leave Bulnes I wanted to stay there. So now all I can do is wait to go back.
Have a good week. I am excited to talk to you on Christmas.
Elder Moss

Amber's News December 20, 2010

Hey we had changes today and I'm now with Hna Ellsworth. She is from Arizona. She has about 3 months here in Chile. Shes a really fun person. I'm pretty excited to be her comp. Hna Martinez went to Colina.

One of our converts gave a talk and she shared a good story
She said that when she was sad before or something was wrong in her family, she would pray to God.
But when she started listening to the missionarys she learned that God is her Heavenly Father and that he listens to her. That she could talk to him and receive answers. She found that the more she prayed the more sensitive she became to the spirit and the more that she knew that what we were sharing was true.

I liked something that president Corbrige told us. He said that the person that prays and asks God if the Book of Mormon is true will come to find that God converses with men. Actually that is one of my favorite parts in the intro of the Book of Mormon the first paragraph says that the Book of Mormon is a history of the communication of God with men. God is the same yesterday today and forever. If he talked with his children in the past he also talks with his children now. Some people may think that this only applies to prophets now but it is true for us too. We can receive personal revelation from God.
Lots of love Sister Moss

Monday, December 13, 2010

Amber's News 12/13/2010

Yeah my tooth is fine now. I'm using the special tooth paste that he gave me with fluoride.
Bueno yesterday we had a baptism for Carlos! He was the old man that we married. Remember he was progressing slow but by Thursday we felt yeah he is ready. His baptism was really great. We had to go to another church building for it because our font is all clogged and gross. Hna Martinez said that if he had been baptized in that water he would have left with more sins than when he entered. So we had to hurry and rush to another church after sacrament. I was pretty excited for the baptism because it was the grandpa of Vicente.
um with your lesson. I don't really know. God the father hmm. I know that he never changes. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He loves us. He is perfect. He sent his son to die for us. We walked and talked with him before. He knows us personally. He knows us so well that he knows what we are going to do. He is all powerful. Perfectly just and merciful at the same time. He is knowledge. He can't lie or he would cease to be God. I know that God loves us so much. Oh you should look up the talk from President Utchdorf his talk was about God and his love for us. It's my favorite but he gave it October 2009 for conference. Or if you want a really cool talk that talks about God and his character you should read in the Lectures on faith. It was a talk that Joesph Smith gave. It is really cool because in order to understand faith you have to understand more of Gods character.
LoL I keep forgetting that it is Christmas. It is so hot I feel like we are in summer and keep thinking Christmas is in 6 months. When it was winter here and I was with other gringas we were always wanting to sing Christmas songs and now everyone here wants to sing Christmas songs and I'm asking why because it is so hot. Hey you know what they do here in Chile. They open their presents Christmas eve at 12 pm. They told me that then on Christmas day everyone is playing with all their toys and a lot of kids are out in the street.

Hey this week I'm in a trio. Hna Bair left this morning so her comp is with us for this week and then we have changes the next week and most likely I'm going to be with another comp. Oh and Hna Bair said that she will visit yall in 3 weeks.
Bueno I'm looking forward to the Christmas call. We will be able to call on the 25 and we have to finish before 5:00 our time. Y'all will have to figure out the time difference because I have no idea
Love, Hna Moss

Cody's News 12/13/2010

Hey, so things this week are good I'm still missing Bulnes but it is what the Lord wants plus when you guys come pick me up we can go and visit yay!!! I miss waffles and I told Daniela in Bulnes that when she goes to the states to visit me that we will eat waffles because I alway talked about how delicious they are. hmm I should see a christmas package soon I got the package with all of the gifts for my converts and the shirts. At first the shirts were a little tight around the neck but I am still losing weight so it is starting to get more comfortable. I should be seeing a Christmas package soon because we are so close to Concepcion that everything is a lot faster. A
lso today we went to Chiguayante to play soccer and when we were inside the church eating a drunk gangster and his girlfriend came in and he said that one of the elders with us called his girlfriend a bad name and he wanted to fight with all of us, but then we calmed him down and he left. So that was interesting. We had mission conference on Friday and that was good a missionary choir sang O Holy Night, and it was very good I enjoyed it. I have no idea on how to help you with your lesson, something like "you want to know God? Pray." or something like that. for Christmas we have permission to use skype but not video calls, but it is free to use skype to skype and we could do a conference call free. So we are working on finding investigators and thats about it, really lots and lots of contacting.

love you
Elder Cody Moss

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cody's News 12/6/2010

Hello Everyone,
Well last Monday was pretty much the saddest day of my life.. I had to leave Bulnes, it was really sad I cryed like 4 or 5 times that night and the next morning and you know how I am I don't cry that much. It was really really hard to do. When I was saying good bye to Daniela, Ximena and Felipe, they wanted me to resign from being a missionary on the spot so I could stay with them forever. It was pretty temping..... well now I am in Hualqui and all I can do is think about Bulnes and how I want to be there and see Daniela, Ximena and Felipe. I heard that Daniela bore her testimony on Sunday and that it was really good. I also heard that when the missionaries went to visit them after I left that Daniela started to cry because I wasn't there. I got the package and so now I am going to have to send some of the stuff back to Bulnes so that, it can get put to good use. My new companion is Elder Castillo and he is from Peru. He is a good hearted kid and I think that we will have some success together, like yesterday we had a baptism of a guy named Pablo. It was a nice service and he should do well in the church. Hualqui is alright, it has about 170 active members and 4 missionaries, but I'm not the biggest fan, because in Bulnes it is nice and small and everyone wants to get to know you and be your friend but here in Hualqui it is not really like that. Less personal and a lot more formal. So when you guys come to pick me up I would be absolutely fine to spend the entire time in Bulnes with my people.
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 12/6/2010

I'm doing well just getting over a sore throat. I was pretty much out of it for the last two days but we worked just the same. We had two baptisms yesterday and on Whitney's birthday we married two old people. lol it was pretty sweet my first wedding in the mission. So now that Carlos is married he can be baptized. Now we are just working on preparing him. He is 79 so it's kinda...slow. But I know that he will be ready soon we just need to work work work. It was great to see Ricardo baptized he has made some of the biggest changes that I have seen. He's the DJ that drank and smoked a lot. Actually we were talking to him yesterday after his baptism and he told us that he is so happy now and that it is a huge difference from before because when we started teaching him he didn't want to live anymore. He said he had given himself two weeks to live. But now he is one of the happiest people that I know and he loves life. The gospel is truly amazing. The power that is in it and the miracles that we get to see is marvelous. I really don't know much about the christmas call but I will ask to find out what we are doing. Cuz I'm pretty excited to talk to you all. My Dad and Mom distilled in me a love for the gospel when I was little. I remember many of our family nights when I was younger. Yearning to learn more when they were teaching the gospel.
Have a great week,
Hrmn Moss

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cody's News 11/29/2010

Hey there things are good and news came in today that I am now moving to Hualqui and I should arrive tomorrow it is about 40 mins. south of Conception if you want to look for it on the map. I really enjoyed my time here in Bulnes and I am going to miss it a lot. I'm going to say goodbye to all my friends today and tomorrow in the morning I'm off to Hualqui. It should be a little cooler there because it is by the ocean so that will be nice. But I believe it will still be really hot
This week we found a kid named Hector and he has blue eyes and blondish hair like the Hector we know. He is a really cool kid and I believe that he is going to get baptized. On Friday we did a family night in the church and we wanted to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies but when we went to the store here in Bulnes I just about had a heart attack because it doesn't have brown sugar and so we were going crazy trying to figure out what to make for the family night, but we were able to decide on smores and they were really good and every one liked them. Hector went to the family night and he loved it. He said that he thought that we were a lot more serious and Elder Dowse was like no we are just normal people who worship God and yes we also do fun things.
Well that is really crazy that Whitney is turning 19 on Saturday!!! wow my lil sis is all grown up. So is it still kinda snowy up there because down here it is hot and I am frying up I need to bust out the sunscreen so I don't get some skin cancer or something like that. So Hualqui is going to be fun it is a town a little bigger than Bulnes but it has alot more active members like a hundred and forty more active members, so that will be fun to work at. My last companion Elder Denis came from Hualqui to Bulnes and I'm going from Bulnes to Hualqui. So that Carla girl that we are teaching dosen't really want anything to do with us now, so that is really sad I was sure she was going to get baptized. But I think that Elder Dowse and his new companion should be able to get things done here. have a great week.
Love you all,
Elder Moss

Amber's News 11/29/2010

Hey everyone,
Thanksgiving was pretty awesome. Lol it was really weird because it was hot and we bought a chicken not turkey. But it was fun. We had intercambios with the hnas so they came over and ate with us. After we worked and Hna Mera and I found a new person to teach his name is Felipe. This week we also have two people that are prepared to be baptized this next Sunday. They are Ricardo and Emelin. We are really excited for them.
Hey Carlos and Silivia have a date to be married this Saturday. Ah my first wedding. Bueno Silvia is a member but Carlso no. So with them they couldn't find a date to be married until march or april (I know everyone in the country is getting married right). But we prayed and kept looking and finally they found one that someone had not confirmed and so they are going to be married the 4th at 9 in the night. They are both really old so it's not going to be to crazy or anything. Then Carlos is going to be baptized the 12th of Dec. All is going well. The Church is true.
Love, Hna Moss

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cody's News 11/22/2010

For Thanks Giving Elder Douse and I are going to eat chicken quesadillas at Danielas and Ximenas house yum!! Well it is snowing up there huh? That is crazy, the weather down here is crazy because it was raining and really cold and then the rain stopped and then it got really hot and humid. Well, Bulnes has pretty much died we have like no investigators but we are looking for some so don't worry. Daniela is still awesome, it is like, she has been a member of the church for a long time, and this Sunday she gave her first talk ever! It was about the Holy Ghost and it was good. It is great to hear your converts get up and talk and then bear testimony that they know those things are true because they have felt them in their life. Ximena has not been to church in a while so we have to kick her into gear again and get her to church. Well the Chileans don't really have a Thanksgiving holiday but Elder Dowse and I are going to have a family night in the house of Daniela and Ximena and we are going to eat chicken quesadillas. Then we are going to have a branch night the day after and we are going to talk about gratitude and then we are going to watch a mormon message and then have every one say something they are grateful for. That activity should be really great, we are hoping for a great turn out. Other than that things are going well, and I think that I might be changing sectors soon but I would love to stay here in Bulnes for Christmas and New years that would be really really fun and great. That is crazy to think that it is snowing up there and I am getting my farmer tan set in for the season. I am so grateful for carpet and that I can walk around my house with out shoes, down here the culture and the inability to buy carpet, you wear your shoes all day. Hopefully I am still here in Bulnes for Christmas so I can enjoy Christmas, New years and Ximenas Birthday all together. Enjoy your days off and every one The Elder Moss says Hi and I love you all.
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 11/22/2010

Hey Bueno, I'm doing well. I just finished up at the Dentist and I had....0 cavities. Can you believe it. But I do have a little bit of a problem. Remember that tooth that I have that is backwards? The one that did the 180. Anywho the bone on the outside has been deteriorating so my gum is lower thus exposing the root and causing pain. So today the dentist put a thing of fluoride on the side that is exposed and I have to go back next week for him to put something else over it. So he said that it is going to be 50mil which is about a $100. The other day I took out money to buy scripture covers and I have about that left over because I acidently took out to much lol. So next time go I will give him the money. The thing is, that this was bugging me a little when I was in the MTC and remember when I went in the MTC and they found that cavity under one of my sealants. Why didn't they see this before. I don't know maybe it was in its early stages and has progressed.

Bueno I'm excited for my Christmas package. Last tuesday they announced that they have a new address for yall to send packages so it will get to us sooner but I will have to tell you next time cuz I don't have it with me. But remind me next week.

Things are going good were are going to have a baptism for Ricardo the 5th of dec. We are really excited for him. He has changed a lot. He is the one that is a Dj and was a drug addict, smoked and drinked. But has completly changed its been awesome working with him.

I'm sad that I'm going to miss Thanksgiving but I will make sure to eat something scrumptious here. The other night I had a dream that I was passing a store and I saw that they had pies for sale so I asked how much they were and they said 8$ so I said I wanted to buy one and I asked for apple pie but they said they didn't have any so I left the store all mad but then I decided to call you mom because it was a sale and see if you wanted a pie for thanksgiving. :) That was my dream the other night. HA Ha ha ha! Hna Martinez told me that the other night I was talking in my sleep but it was in english so she didn't understand but then I said ah creepy. It was pretty funny cuz I taught her that word.

Oh I'm so excited for my shoes. When I wake up in the morning I never want to take the first step because it hurts. So I'm pretty excited for new shoes.

Bueno I'm doing good. I don't know anything right now for Christmas calls but I will start asking to find out which people have phones.

I love you muchisimo hna moss

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amber's News 11/15/2010

This week not too much happen a lot of people were not home or we couldn't teach them so it was kinda slow. But this next week is going to be really fast cuz the next week we have a baptism. So we are going to be super busy. Things here are going good. What I really need is for you to email me a few stories of our pioneer ancestors. Stories of people that we are related to. We have been trying to teach Vicente's dad but he hasn't sat down and listened to us but the other day I said that I had pioneer ancestors and they wanted to listen including his dad because he likes things like that. So I'm hoping that if I share a few stories he will listen and ask questions and we can get him to open up and start to listen to the lessons. So if you could have a few for me next Monday it would be heavenly. NO they don't celebrate Thanksgiving bummer huh. But I am going to celebrate it with Hna Nielson is is from california and we decided the p-day before Thanksgiving we are going to eat together with our comps she wants to do it with the whole zone so we will see what happens. We will probably eat chicken thought cuz I have never ate turkey here. We ate empanadas a lot for the 18 of September because that is there day of Independence. We had changes last monday and I'm still with Hna Martinez which is crazy because she has 6 months in this sector so I thought she was going to leave. But we have changes again the 21 of Dec. But I think I will stay here and she will leave. Oh but Hna Bair will come home the 14 of Dec! I talked to her the other day and she said she was going to visit yall. That woman is crazy ahh I just love her.
Hermana Moss

Cody's News 11/15/2010

Hey things are alright. Carla disappeared and so we have not had any contact with her all of this week. So that is kind of lame. Other than that we found 2 families that seem really promising. So hopefully we should be getting into their homes more and teaching them hopefully that would help Bulnes infinity to have families get baptized.
I have yet to get the packages so that should be happing in a week or two I believe. I want sweet tarts all of the way it dosent matter if they are the valentines day heart shaped but sweet tarts are the best. I'm not really sure what to say this week. I told you about paula right? Well this week she ran away from her Aunts house and it now seems like she has been found and is in the hospital. So that is some news. Today we went to Chillan and played some futbol and that was fun I enjoyed playing. Then I went and ate a hotdog and fries and they did not have ketchup so I dipped my fries in mayo like a Chilean. That was tasty. It is funny because in the states it's a joke to put mayo on every thing but down here it is normal.
Hope you all have a great week.
Elder Moss

Monday, November 8, 2010

Amber's News 11/8/2010


Wow this week was really great. Vicente was baptized Saturday and received the Holy Ghost Sunday. His baptism was really special. His brother Elias baptized him. My favorite part was when he came up out of the water he said "again". It was really funny. His dad is a non-member and came. I have been praying for a long time that his dad would have the desires to listen to us and that the spirit would touch his heart. So this morning a member called us and told us that last night they went to some priesthood intro thing and Vicente went with his dad. His dad told people that now that Vicente was baptized that he might do it too!!!! Whoo we are going to pass by tonight and talk to them for a little bit. I'm so happy for them. Because the other day I was really sad when Vicente's mother asked us if she could be sealed to Elias and Vicente and we had to tell her no because it has to be with her husband too. So we are praying a lot for Javier.

Oh we are still working with Richardo. I hope ya'll remember him. He was the guy we thought we were going to drop because he wasn't really listening to us. But we had intercambios and I was in another sector and I told Hna Martinez to still do an activity with the atonement with Ricardo. And when they did it they had an explosion of the spirit in this lesson and Ricardo accepted a date to be baptized. So the other night we were teaching him and he said he had felt a lot more peace in his life and joy. He was smoking 2 packs a week and the next week was smoking 1 or 2 ciggs for a week and this was before we even taught the word of wisdom. He loves to go to the church now. He says that he feels like he starts the week out right. But I loved his comment the other night when he said I don't like the gospel...I love it. Oh man I died when he said this, it was awesome. He is a DJ and so his life is pretty crazy and he said he wanted to look for another job. He was also hanging out with some friends the other day and they asked him if he wanted to drink and he said no that he wanted soda. And they said is this really Ricardo. But they were all very happy for him.

We are also working with Elias family. She was baptized a couple of weeks ago. When I got here we couldn't teach in her house but after her baptism her family opened up and now we are teaching them. Her mom is super super catholic but the other night their dad had them all read the book of mormon and discuss it and they have all said that they feel more peace and that they haven't been fighting. It is amazing to see how the gospel works in the lives of the people. Oh one night we had a lesson with them about prayer so we taught it and then we did an activity where everyone had their own personal prayer and could only express gratitude. So we did that and then we finished with and prayer right after and wow the spirit was so strong. I gave the last prayer. I felt like the spirit was giving me everything that I needed to say. It was very strong. Wow. And after Hna Martinez said that I prayed differently that my Spanish was really really good in this prayer that everything was very clear. It was a really neat experience.

Bueno, I love you all and hope you have a great week

Love Hna Moss

Cody's News 11/8/2010

Yesterday was Daniela's birthday and so we went over to her house to
celebrate and Ximena wanted Elder Douse and I to come over in normal
clothes and I was like I'm sorry but no... next year. I will come to
the birthday in normal clothes. That's if I am up to another 13 hour
flight in the same week that I get home. So we have been trying to
meet up with John to teach him but he has been kind of difficult to
find. Carla should be getting baptized this Sunday. We are going to
have the baptismal interview on Tuesday and then she should be ready
to go. Goldelva is also really excited to get baptized and I think
that she is really going to quit smoking this week. We are working to
find people good to teach which is proving to be kind of difficult
but we should be getting some good people soon. Is Sam going to the
Brazil Manaus Mission? That is really cool but I am sorry to say that
Chile takes the cake over any other place in the world. (sorry every
one, it's true) So our mission started reading the Book of Mormon together
and so far it has been a really great experience. W
e are going to take 2 months to do it marking every reference to Jesus Christ which are a lot because Jesus is Jehovah who is the Lord so there are a ton of references. Well the Book of Mormon has a reference to Jesus Christ in every 1.5 verses so it is going to be a good read. As I read the book and mark all of the references to Jesus Christ I can't help but think to my self that no evil or lying person could write a book like this. And a good person wouldn't write it if it wasn't true. I get excited every day to read it. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is what it claims to be. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he loves us.Yesterday Elder Douse gave the Sunday school lesson in church and it was about the atonement. So that was good. How are you going to do the christmas calling? Are we going to do a Christmas call?

Hey, I love you all,
Keep waiting for me only 11 more :)
Love, Elder Moss

Monday, November 1, 2010

Amber's News 11/1/2010

Well for my best week ever it was great. We had a lot of success mission wise so that went really well. We have 3 investigators progressing towards their baptism and this week Vicente is going to be baptized. He is really great. I love how excited he gets when we teach him. Nicole said that she knows the church is true but didn't want to be baptized so that was a bummer but we are going to continue working with her because I believe in time she will do it. We started teaching the family of one of our converts so that is really great. We had a womans conference this week which I feel was inspired to be this week because it helped me so much. One thing that Hna May said that helped me was that over everything our family, friends, school, work and boyfriends. We chose the Lord first. That brought me a lot of comfort to think that is right when I sent in my papers I chose God. That is what I learned and I felt a lot better. Also I got to see Hna Bair and Hna Buckner so that helped me a ton. Hey Hna Bair is going home in December I think the 14. It's pretty crazy.
Love, Hna Moss

Cody's News 11/1/2010

Today is a holiday in Chile so it took us a while to find a place with internet. The weather is great and it is starting to warm up here. This last week it was really weird because it rained a couple days and it was really cold like when it was winter here. So my allergies are starting to get me here and I have been coughing a bit something that I never did at home. This week was great we found a kid named John that had just started going to the Salvation Army church but we are going to fix that. Elder Dowse is great and really excited to work here in Bulnes so we have been working. Carla is progressing really well and she is going to have a baptismal interview this week and then she should be getting baptized on the 14. On Sunday is Daniela's birthday so we are going to a party for that. Things here are great and we are working our booty off to find some great new people to teach. So all in all things are good and I'm liking Bulnes and Elder Dowse is a good elder.
Love you,
Elder Cody Moss

Monday, October 25, 2010

Amber's News 10/25/2010

This week was great we had a lot of lessons with members and Elia recieved the Holy Ghost. Yesterday I had a cool experience we were talking to a member and I felt like I should ask her how her family was (which was weird, I never ask her this) So I did and she said why. Why are you asking? and I said uh cuz I felt like I should. Anywho it so happens that something bad just happened in her family so we talked to her for a little bit and I told her to pray to know what to do. O I forgot last week to say that one day for an hour we had 8! dogs following us. Oh man it was so hard to do contacts. I felt like every time we tired to talk to someone the dogs found another dog behind a fence and would start barking at it.

Vicente is progressing well. He is super excited for his baptism. Last week we played basket ball with him. It is really rare to find someone that likes basketball. Every kid likes soccer. It was really fun. But I jammed my thumb. (that is what I get for having a dad that plays basketball lol (this is a inside joke in our family)) Which reminds me of yesterday when I ironed my hand lol. Yeah I was on exchanges so the house I was in didn't have an ironing board and the plug was behind the bed so I put the iron on the bed and plugged it in. Then I did something else but I put my hand down on the bed and the iron fell and now I have a nice red mark on the back of my hand lol. Yeah I know what I did was really stupid but bueno. But the funny thing is at church someone was like oh you had the iron on the bed and I was said yeah how did you know and the woman said oh I did the same thing (apparently it is a common thing here in Chile) Ok back to Vincente we taught the Plan of Salvation and I think it was the most interesting lesson on the Plan of Salvation that I have had because,he had a lot of questions. Then he would said oh so if my body was here and this and this blah blah. It was really fun. But he is so awesome. In church we had the primary program and so he was up in front but after he went over to his mom and said the missionaries are not here and she said yes they are they are over there. So he came and talked to us for a little bit. Oh last Monday we started teaching Nicole. She is a very very special woman. She is 18 years old but wow she is really sensitive to things. For example she has really good communication with her Father in Heaven. And she also has a gift to recognize when she is being tempted. It is pretty neat to work with her she is really great. She has a lot to change but we are going to help her. She already told us that she knows that it is true. Actually the first day before we taught anything she said she knew it was true but did not want to be baptized because she felt a lot of pressure from her parents to do it. (I have seen this happen a lot here that the parents pressure their kids so much to do these things that it pushes the kids away from it.) But we said we only want to teach you the why of things and we just invite people to do it after we teach you can decide. She said ok and so we came back the next day and taught about temptations because she wanted to know how to eliminate them or over come them because she knows when satan is tempting her and all. So we taught her the lesson was really powerful then we invited her to pray and she said that she did and that she received an answer. So tomorrow we are going invite her to be baptized. Also we are working with her step brother bueno I was in exchanges for this part so I wasn't there for this lesson. Hna Martinez and I had planned to do an activity with the atonement and Hna Martinez wasn't going to do it because I wasn't going to be there. But I said you have to do it. And it happened that she did do it and she said that she felt like a bomb of the spirit went off and that the room was so full of the spirit and they invited him to be baptized and he said yes that he knew it was true. This was amazing because honestly I didn't have much hope for him. I thought we were going to have to drop him because we couldn't ever find him or teach him and if we did he was not really listening or his heart was really hard but now he accepted and is going to do it. It is pretty exciting.( A man from our ward here in Mapleton was in Santiago and had lunch with Amber's mission President and when he came home he told me that President May was very impressed with Amber and wished all of his missionaries were as good.) And this was her reply: Yeah a couple days after Brother Aldana talked to my President we had interviews so he told me that he talked to him. President May is really great so I'm pretty glad to hear what he said.
This was my week I love you all so much !!!

Love Amber

Cody's News 10/25/2010

Hey, this week was good I guess it was really tough we worked a lot and talked with a lot of people but all of them, did not want to hear anything from us. But it's all good we got a list of members of the branch and we are going to start looking up all of the in actives and work with them to get them to church and also to teach and help their family or friends. We have been passing by Daniela and Ximena and they are both doing really awesome. They didn't come to church yesterday because they didn't want to go all the way to Chillan for stake conference. That Carla girl that we are teaching is awesome. We went out to her house before lunch one day and we missed our bus. So we walked from Santa Clara to Pueblo Seco and waited for the bus. So my new companion is Elder Dowse from South Jordan. For one transfer he was in Amber's mission because of the earthquake. He is cool and animated to work and so that is what we have been doing. It is funny because he can pronounce Spanish better than I can but I understand more. So this week we went to the family Olate that we give the sacrament to every week and when we showed up to their house their less active daughter from Santiago was there. We gave them a really powerful lesson about the atonement and she started crying. So we gave her a book of mormon with the invitation to read it so hopefully she gets her life back in shape and gets back into the church. (I asked Cody if there was any thing he would like me to send in his 1/2 way done package) if you could send me some new innersoles for a size ten shoe that would be awesome and some cool new short sleeve shirts that would be great. Also a bunch of the For the Strength of Youth booklets in Spanish and a bunch of the CTR rings in English and Spanish that they give to the primary. If you could and I would like a cool ring too but my only problem is I am not sure my ring size I will find out and let you know. If you could think of anything else that is awesome that I could give to converts I would like that.)

Love Elder Moss

Monday, October 18, 2010

Amber's News 10/18/2010

Hola everyone,

I hope you are all doing good. This week was really great. Elia was baptized yesterday!!! Her baptism was really great and her whole family came. They are not members so it was really special. We are going to their house on Tuesday so we are pretty excited. Elia is super bueno. Every one was nervous that she was only being baptized because her boyfriend is a member. But don't worry we made sure that she had a testimony. Ohh we found a new person this passed week his name is Vicente (10) he is a really good kid. His mom and brother are members but are inactive and his dad is a non-member. According to my comp and our ward mission leader Vicente is a miracle. They said that missionaries have been trying to get him baptized for years and finally we are going to do it. I think that when his dad sees his baptism that he is going to have the desire to learn and then he will be baptized.

Hey I read in our mission notices that Thomas and Judith were baptized!!!!! Our miracle from Lampa. I hope you all remember when we started teaching Cata and Judith that was in the beginning of July when Hna Buckner came. Cata and Judith had a date to be baptized together but Judiths brother told her she should put everything in order in her family before she should be baptized (her brother is a bishop - I cant believe he said that) So she wasn't baptized and Catas dad Thomas didn't want to listen to us at all. lol He was so pesada (difficult). Actually there was one point in time when he said that Cata couldn't be baptized. Oh I remember when Judith told us this she was bawling and so was Cata. And we told them that everything was going to be alright. We had just finished a fast for her kid Agustine and he was healthy and he received a blessing from the Elders. So Hna Buckner and I did service in their house. Yeah we cleaned...a lot. And after a little bit of time he said that Cata could be baptized. Thomas and Judith came to sacrament and then to the baptism for Cata and Thomas really liked it. So we started out really slow with Thomas from there. It was so funny because we started reading the book of mormon with them and they started praying together (they had a lot of problems but this changed everything) Man it was amazing to see the changes in the prayers of Judith the fist time when we visited with her and Cata they wouldn't pray at all. Actually they didn't accept a date to be baptized for a long time. But her and Thomas were praying together and they were reading and the feeling in their house totally changed. They started coming to church with us and everything was different. Thomas was always afraid to have not read before we came over because he didn't want to disappoint us. After some lessons when we would invited them to do something he would say oh we have to do it (it wasn't an option not to). When Hna Buckner and I were trying to decide which date they should be baptized we picked two dates and then we prayed and wrote down what we thought and it was the same date. Then when we started with the Word of Wisdom. Judith was so worried that Thomas wouldn't be able to do it because he smoked so much. Thomas was too he said he had tried to do it a bunch of times before but never could quit. But we told him this time was different because this time he had something different -the gospel. And with the help of God he could do it. Hna Buckner and I left and told them we would come back the next day with a plan. We came back the next night with a bunch of pictures that we had cut out from liahonas(oops) and scriptures that we had written that they could hang up in their house to remind them. Then we had them write down when where why and with who they smoke and how they could avoid these situations or change it. For Judith it was pretty easy she didn't smoke much actually before she had told us she didn't have the desire to smoke anymore. Thomas for him it was really hard especially at work because they all smoked. Thomas went from 20 ciggs in one day to 7 and after that he went to 3. The week that I left Lampa he quit. This was a little over a week to quit. Oh one other thing he did that was really great was when he wanted to smoke we told him to call Judith and talk with her and she would help him till he didn't want to smoke or to think of a scripture or pray. He also would suck on candy or things like that to help. They were finally baptized. It was pretty hard not to be there for it but. I'm just glad that they did it and that they have testimonies. Which reminds me of a time that we were teaching them and that morning I had prayed that Judith would share her testimony to Thomas in our lesson and then she did share it in our lesson. She talked about all of the blessings that she had seen with us teaching them and that she had more peace and joy and that she new it was true and then the spirit touched her heart and she said I have a feeling that I have never felt before here in my heart. Then we explained that it was the Holy Ghost and then I think this is when we invited them to be baptized. Bueno this was their story it is my favorite so far.... oh one of my favorite things that Thomas asked us after a while of teaching them was "why didn't you share the gospel with me before? oh because I was so difficult." I loved that he said this because if people really knew what the gospel could do for them they would all want to listen. If they knew the changes they could have. Everyone wants the gospel they want the peace and joy that it can bring but like its says in doctrine and convenience they just don't know where to find it.

I want to invite you all to share what you have, this joy and peace. That the gospel brings and help others strengthen their faith and testimony in Jesus Christ. Find someone this week to help lift their burden or to share your testimony.

I hope you all have a great week and are praying in such a way that you can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost in your lives. That you are reading the book of mormon to recieve personal revelation daily. That you are serving your neighbor.

Love Hna Moss

Cody's News 10/18/2010

Hello Everyone,
So this next week I am going to have a year in the mission and I was talking with an elder that I lived with when I first got here, last night and he helped me notice a large change in who I am and who I have been over this last year, and it has been quite a change. I bet you cant wait for me to come home and party it up will all you guys. Elder denis is going home and I am getting a new companion tomorrow, and I am going to be senior companion now. So mom sent me the story about the missionary in argentina that fasted for the couple to find their papers. (So they could get married and then baptized. Well this last fast Sunday Elder Denis and I both fasted with the purpose of finding great people here in Bulnes and well I am just going to have to tell you what... the Lord really does prepare the people and they are just all around us every day. So you know how I told you that we went to Santa Clara? Oh that girl Carla is awesome! We went all the way to Santa Clara to go to her house and you know what she wasn't there. So we left a pass along card with our telephone number on it, and she called us Saturday, and we invited her to come to church. AND SHE CAME! with out us teaching her she found a way to get all the way to Bulnes to come to church, she was even early. I told Elder Denis that I needed to go changed my pants because Carla showed up to church. well she showed up and she said that she read a little in the book of mormon and said that she felt a special connection to the book. It was so great and then when she was in the class with Daniela my awesome recent convert and Daniela started testifying about the book of mormon and how it is not to compete with the bible but to help us now days it was so great.
Have a great week, Elder Moss

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hey there lil Momma,

Things here in Bulnes are great, finnaly it's hot and Elder Denis finds it warm enough to go around without a jacket Finally! I have been waiting like 3 weeks for that. But things are good, We have in our sector this little town called Santa Clara, and on Sunday this family from Santiago came over to the church and said that they have relatives in Santa Clara that keep seeing weird things in their house that they think are ghost and that the 28 year old has depression and she is looking for help from God. So they took us to the town in their car during Sunday School and we dedicated the house and gave the girl a blessing. So now we have some people that we now get to go to Santa Clara we will see how that can go because on Sundays there are not any buses that go from there to Bulnes. So that is the only difficulty. But we can find a way to get them to church. That is awesome that Chandler is heading out on the mission, he is going to learn a lot but it will be great. Tell all of the Klassens hi for me and that things are just peachy king down here in Chile. Man mario and Dallas are just going into the MTC, that was along time ago, and yet it seems like yesterday. But I have changed a lot since the MTC, but I am still trying to change more because I still have a hard time trying to just be an open person and not so closed. You know what I mean, like when I am with you guys I talk, and then when I am with other people I just don't talk as much, I don't show who I am. Whitney has the same deal. so I am working against that. But I would say I have changed but I am not to sure how I would descibe how I have changed. One thing that I have learn is that you have to be just a normal person but just with higher standards, like the people need to see that your normal like them you just have extra things that you do and don't do. I just cannot be a missionary machine but a person that is a missionary. Like the early missionaries they didn't have any one going before them showing them that a missionary is some robot that just works and works and has no fun with the people. they went in there as normal people showing what they have.. the truth. well

Hey mom I love you and hope that you are having the best week ever (Oh sorry that might be next year when I come home ha haha)
Elder Cody Moss
That is Cody's fun personality coming thru!!

Amber's News 10/11/2010

Well I can't wait to read conference. There were a bunch of things that were very helpful to me. Oh one thing that I learned is that you all were right about sleepovers. Bueno I sent my thoughts about conference the last week. Elia is doing really well. She is really great. She is nervous for her baptim though. But we are going to see her everyday this week and hopefully that will help her feel better. Right now we are in the finding mode. We need to find more people. But the work is going great. Thomas and judith should be baptized this week too.( in Lampa)

Well have a good week. Hna moss

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amber's News 10/4/2010

Hola everybody well conference was great. Bueno some of the highlights or things I liked
David A Bednar - Everything in the gospel is to help us have the holy ghost
Thomas S monson - We shouldnt only look at what is missing
Richard G scott - We become what we want to be when we be what we what to become
- You get what you pay for
- As we walk to the boundary we will find what we never thought we could (faith)
Kevin R Duncan - Follow the prophet don't look to the arm of the flesh
Quinten L. cook - Come, knock and ask, are action words
Dieter F utchdorf - You become great by mastering the essentals.
- What you do with your time shows what is most important to you
Todd D Cristoferson - Life is stewardship of time and choices
David M Mckonki- Studying the scriptures trains us to hear the voice of the lord.

Our hand book for life - Book of Mormon

Bueno other cool things Elder Costa spoke. He came and talked to us like a month ago. And it was really different to hear him speak english in conference. Actually I had a hard time understanding in english. He is a super powerful speaker in Spanish. It was pretty neat to see a difference when people talk in their native tongue. Bueno Kevin R Duncun spoke and he was the Mission President here before my president. Then Elder Corbrige gave a prayer. I met Elder Corbrige and talked to his wife a few months ago. They actually came to Lampa and gave talks in our branch. So... i shook his hand and gave is wife a hug and a kiss on the cheek (thats how you greet people here)

They talked a lot about our agency and I especially liked the talk by Elder Scott about faith and our character. I think mostly because I'm studying faith right now. Man I can't wait to read the conference talks.

Well the Hna Marcoleta is doing good. I get along well with my comp. She is super smart. Her accent is a little different because she is from Mexico so lol sometimes I don't understand her but she is really cool. She is a psycologist and she can read peoples hand writing and tell you all about their personality and what kind of person they are sweet huh? Well our investigator Elia is doing great. She went to conference and really liked it. We have a meeting with her tonight.

Something weird that happened this week. Hna Martinez was talking with a contact that was a guy and another guy walked up and greeted him with a kiss and all (on the cheek) but still it was weird.

Bueno something spiritual that happened on our first lesson with Elia was super powerful the spirit was really strong and we were with members and they all shared their testimonies. Oh and I had a super sweet contact I started talking with this kid and he told me that he didn't believe in God that he believed in evalution so I said I'm here to tell you that God exists he is our father in heaven and as a plan for us. We were on a pretty busy road talking to him but the spirit was so strong in this contact it was really cool. Hna Martinez even commented about it after. I don't know I just feel the spirit strongly helpling me talk with power it was neat.

Bueno eso fue

I love you all Hna Moss
By the way I got word from the Hna Buckner that Thomas didn't smoke this week and him and Judith went to conference I'm so happy!

Bueno as a missionary I can promise blessings (cool huh) I promise you that as you consistantly read the book of mormon and search that you will find an answer of how you can solve problems. Or know what needs to be done as family

Love Hna Moss

Cody's News 10/4/2010

So thing are peachy, Elder Denis is leaving on the 19th and I should be having a new companion, and we watched general conference so that was good, we haven't found anyone really new so, it hasn't changed all that much, but I did like the saturday sessions of conference they were really good. It was pretty interesting to hear the disgust of President Monsons voice as he talked about satan and hell. But things are good, Elder Denis said that he is going to let me run the sector for a week and then we will finish running it for the last week. So I have been thinking a little bit about what I want to study when I get back and I think that Engineering would be a good thing to study like civil or structural engineering would be fun I think. We are going to work away this week and hopefully we can find us some super awesome peoples that we can teach. (I asked him What their plans were for the rest of the day and what his favorite conference talks were.) Well I think our plans for today, are to do nothing until 6 o'clock and then go and see if we can find some new people. I think that is about the majority of our plans, I really liked President Monson's talk on the three R's in priesthood and then there was a talk by a 70 about faith and testimony I really liked that. I don't remember his name but he talked about how faith is like a seed and we need to help it become like a tree.
Love you,
Elder Moss

Monday, September 27, 2010

Cody's News 9/27/2010

WE HAD SOME BAPTISMS YAYAYAYAY!!!! Daniela Ximena and Felipe they all got baptised so that was pretty awesome, and we had the conference with Presdient Humphrey this last week and I think that I will be staying here in Bulnes for another 4 months so I will be here to celebrate Christmas, New years and all that jazz. I think that chances are pretty good that I will be training, and President Humphrey pretty much told Elder Denis to let me take over the sector for his last little bit here in the mission. So everything here in Bulnes is awesome. Is Amber still in Lampa? or did she get moved around?
Love you

Elder Moss

Amber's News 9/27/2010

I'm in a new area Quilicura and my comp is Hna Martinez today is my first day so I don't know to much about my new sector. The highlight of my week was that Thomas went from 20 ciggs to 2 in one week it was really hard for him but I feel like this next week he won't smoke any. It was really neat. I'm going to really miss them Hna Buckner is going to keep me informed. Now I'm in Quilicura I'm a lot closer to Santiago and it is the city finally I'm not in campo. My comp is a Latina. I'm excited to work in my new sector. Hey I got my bank card thanks lol it took for ever to figure out which envelope it was in. Thanks so much.
It is so true that the gospel brings happiness into your life. That you can see it on the peoples faces. I have seen how the gospel brings happiness into peoples lives.
Love, Hna Moss

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cody's News9/20/2010

Things down here are great. Today is still a holiday but we have keys to the church and the secretarys office. Daniela, Ximena and Felipe are great they are getting baptised on the 26th and they are pretty excited for that, and the assistants of President Humphrey came over and talked to them also. That was alright they didn't really accomplish anything that Elder Denis and I hadn't already done. This week end we had the 200th birtday of chile so that was fun and we ate alot of empanadas and BBQ so that was supertastey it was fun. This week we are going to have mission conference so that should be interesting, also this week Bulnes is going to have its dieziocho activity on the 25th so that should be awesome with some classic chilean games and the cueca, I was learning a little bit of the cueca on the 18th it is like squaredancing. So on the 18th the day of celebration we went over to Danielas and Ximenas house and watched the Testaments so that was fun, and they made us fried empanadas of salmon mmmm really tastey. Then yesterday we couldn't really work because every one was drunk or drinking chicha and at the ramada, so we played some chess.
love you,
Elder Moss

Amber's News 9/21/2010


lol Yes we cut our grass with...sissors on account of they don't have mowers here. bueno I have seen maybe 3 mowers in all of my time here in Chile. One was someone cutting the grass at the park. Our lawn/weeds would have been 3 strips or so. But it only took like and hour and half with sissors lol

Bueno this week was really fun! We celebrated the 18 de septiembre! It is the day of independencia for Chile. So our rama or branch had a activity the 17 and it started at 10am and finished at 2am the next morning. Sweet right! I mean can you imagine being with the ward for that amount of time? It was really fun. First we all ate an empanada in the church and we talked then after that we choripan it was my first one ever it was bread almost like french bread and then with a sliced sausage thing inside yummy. Then we talked more with people and they said hey we are going to go inside to eat lunch and Hna Buckner was like what I thought we just had lunch. So we went inside and had a steak with potatoe salad (not like moms) with a lettus salad and kem (a soda here it's yellow) so we ate and then we all went out to the soccer field that they have and they had a bunch of activitys. It was really fun first they had tug of war with the men and then the women and then they had a game where they had 4 bowls of flour and inside was a candy for the kids. Oh but they had to run over and blow the flour out and get the candy with their mouth. Then they had musical chairs and then they had a bunch of other games in teams. One were they were given 2 mins to take off their shoe laces and tie them together to see who could have the longest thing of laces. They had a bunch more but when it got dark we had another empanada and we went into the church to watch them dance the cueca (the dance of their country) It was really cool. Then we had to go home and plan but they were there until two in the morning dancing. Oh and when we were leaving they gave us another steak to take home becuase they were all going to eat again.

Then the 18 it was really weird because their was no one in the streets. Everyone was in their houses having bar b-Qs and all it was like that all day so was Sunday and Monday everything was closed. Hna Buckner and I were and little worried about how we were going to do contacts but we did it. So the 18 we ate with Thomas and Judith and we ate anticuchos (shishcabob with only meat) it was only cow, pig and hot dog and then a sausage. I'm not sure but I am pretty sure this weekend we didn't eat meat sparingly. I think you know when that happens. It is when you feel like you never want to eat meat again. Anywho it's pretty fun to see Hna Buckner in it all becuase she was a vegiterian for 11 years before the mission.
Sunday no one was in the streets and we ate more empanadas- lol their was a old grandpa in the church that asked us to come visit him and so we said yeah they we could and then he said he wanted to give us once (food at night kind of like dinner but it is a piece of bread or something small) but he wanted to give us empanadas. We told him that we were not allowed to have once but we could still visit him and he got upset and was like it is just food we just call it once and then he said he wasn't going to come to church again if we did not come visit him. He said it kinda jokingly but it was not funny.
Monday we ate more empanadas but we had a really cool lesson with Thomas and Judith with the ley de castidad (law of chastity) it was great. I asked them about their baptism and how excited they were and they said 4 or 5 (on a scale of 1-7 because here 7 is the best) I asked them what we could do to help them feel more prepared for their baptims and they said they wanted to learn about the word of wisdom cuz Thomas smokes but wants to quit. Acutally they said that the 17 at the activilty he only smoked 3 cigs in stead of 20 or so. But last night we said yeah we will teach that tomorrow he said ah I'm not going to smoke at all tomorrow and so we are praying the he can resist the tempations today but we also prepared a plan for him.

y eso

I hope you all are doing well.

Love, Hna Moss

Monday, September 13, 2010

Amber's News 8/13/2010

Oh I got the birthday package thanks so much. The shirts are perfect and the blue looks really good on me. And thanks for the dinero I'm still looking for something real nice. Hey I was needing spray and body wash thank you much. I should finish only a month and a half after Hna Buckner but it's going to be 3 months. Its kinda weird but that happens to a bunch of sisters that they have an extra transfer I don't know why but bueno. I will finish the same transfer with President May. Thats kinda cool. I don't know maybe I just need more time in the mission to help me over come weaknesses or something. What do you think of my release day?

This week was pretty good. Last Monday we went to Santiago to shop. I didn't find anything but the Hna Buckner found a few things. Tuesday we saved a dogs life - we were walking down the street and we saw a little puppy in the road it was almost ran over. Hna Buckner started saying Hermana pick it up pick it up (in english) So I picked up the little puppy (he was so dirty yuck) and right behind us was a vets place or at least that is what we think it is. There was this little fence so I put the dog in there. Then we continued on walking and some young men a crossed the street asked us what we did with the dog. So we told them and then talked about the church sweet!
Yesterday Hna Buckner was sicker than a dog so after church we went to the house and she slept and I worked on my super bacan plan of salvacion helpers (I don't remember what it is called but the fotos of what things are) That was pretty much our week not too exciting but the best part was Thomas y Judith came to church! Also we had a fuerte (strong) lesson with Natalia. When we gave the first vision the spirit was really strong but before we could give her a date to be baptized her mom came home and the spirit left. It was a bummer but it is ok we are going to go visit her again.

Have a great week,
Hna Moss

Cody's News 9/13/2010

Well things down here are starting to warm up and they are looking good and peachy. Daniela, Ximena and Felipe are great, they came to english class and we taught them all of your eating utensils and then they came to church on Sunday and that was awesome, they enjoyed it and said that they want to go back next Sunday. Felipe said it was the best day of his life, better than his birthday. So this week end is the national celebration on the 18th of September the birthday of Chile! every one says that it is going to be just four days of drunks so it sounds like it might be a little difficult to do some missionary work, the stake is going to have a celebration on the 17th but they made it really expensive for people to go so our branch is going to have a activity on the 25th. And we are going to eat some empanadas and some other delicious Chilean treats!!! We didn't really find any new people this week because we had a crazy scare. One of the home bound brothers that we take the sacrament to every week went to the hospital and he got pretty bad so we went to visit him every day but he seems to be doing a bit better. We seem to have improved the view of a less active relative of theirs to the church to, that seem to be good.
Love, Elder Moss

Monday, September 6, 2010

Amber's News 9/6/2010

Hi everyone,
Yes I bought 2 new skits they are pretty cute. They were only like 7 bucks. Seriously if Whitney could shop in Santiago she would die. Today Hna Buckner and I are going to go to Santiago and I'm going to buy a couple new shirts cuz it is starting to get hot and I don't have any short sleeves so basically I'm going to die. Sounds like aubs lucked out with a car. hmm cafe rio sounds delicious. Hey Hna Bair only has like 3 and a half months left then ya'll will get to talk to her she is awesome. Actually Hna Arnold is going to finish her mission at the end of this month and she lives in Provo so I asked her when she was going to visit ya'll and she said that she would like to. Well I told her that you would feed her soo... hmm yeah. But she is going to be on vacation until November so you will have to wait a little.

So my birthday was really good. When I woke up Hna Buckner had put balloons and little notes on my desk for my birthday and then we went to church and I bore my testimony. After we went to Estatcion Colina to eat with a member and they gave us sooo much food. I felt like I had just eaten a thanksgiving dinner. We had empanadas and soup with homade bread and afterthat they brought out a huge plate of rice and chicken with french fries and then icecream and cake. Then later in the day Hna Buckner gave me a scarf it's really cute and then after our lesson with Judith, Thomas and Catalina we had cake. lol I forgot in church Elder Elder and Elder Nicholls sang happy birthday to me but Elder Elder sang in english and Elder Nicholls sang in Spanish it was pretty funny.

The day before my birthday the elders baptized Orlando! It was great to see him baptized cuz Hna Bucker and I started teaching him but we let the Elders start teaching him becuase he lived alone and sometimes it was hard to find a member to go with us. His baptism was really good now his sister has a date to be baptized and also one of his friends.

Right now we are trying to find people we had to drop three people this week it was pretty sad but I'm not worried cuz I know we will find more and they will be ready.

Oh I almost forgot the best part of the week. We taught Thomas and Judit and they both accepted a date to be baptized! The changes in their house has been amazing to see. Catas dad didn't want anything to do with us before but he and Judith both came to the baptism for Cata and her dad Thomas really liked it and then came the next week to see when she got the holy ghost. And ever since has been reading the book of mormon and now him and Judith pray together at night. They had been having a lot of promblems before but now the change is amazing to see. I can literaly feel a difference in their house. Their date to be baptized is for the 16 of October I dont think I will be here for it cuz we have changes on the 26 of September but I am really excited for them.

This week we have a baptism planned for Dalion. Hes a great kid and we are really excited for him. His dad Angel was going to be baptized but something with their divorce fell through so him and Mari have to wait before they can get married.

Love, Hna Moss

Cody's News 9/6/2010

Hey there Everyone,
How is everything up there in the states? Things here are good. Well any way those awesome people we found are named Daniela, Ximena, and Felipe and they are super awesome, I mean when we ask them to do something they do it. They even read more than their assignments! Ximena is really cool because she never really liked religion but she likes the church so that is great. They are going to come to church this Sunday and then they will be just flying on the road to baptism. Ya so I am kinda jealous of the cafe rio that you ate, but I have acutally been thinking more about that super delicious veggie burrito at Bajio and that I would get extra extra extra avacado on it. So a little while back I tryed some thing new I mashed up avacado and put it all over my pizza which made it super delicious. Today is transfers and I am staying in Bulnes for another 6 weeks with Elder Denis. and that Peruvian food we had this last week was really good it was called aji gallina, hen chile in spanish. Oh ya and we are really excited in Bulnes, Goldelva is going to get baptized on the 19th all she needs is to stop smoking and she will be great, she stoped smoking for 3 days and going to her other church and she comes to all of the church activitys. Paula is awesome and she is ready to get baptized, all we need is her dad to show up from Santa Juana. We are thinking that she will get baptized during general conference so we want to take a picture and sent it in to the Liahona. the shoe laces work just fine and I used one of those costco shirts I like it, it dosen't make me look fat like all of my big shirts do. Things are warming up a little bit. Oh this week we locked the keys in our apartment so the only way in was to break the window so we did that. A member of the branch, cut and gave us a piece of glass free. Things are pretty awesome down here, I am going to be companions with Elder Denis for 4 1/2 months so that will be great. It is funny because Elder Denis and I get along really well, we are like copys of each other but he is a democrat so it can lead to some spicy conversations. It is exciting to hear that Mario is going on a mission when he goes to the MTC I need to send him a letter or email or something, so will you let me know when he goes?
Have a great week,
Elder Moss

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cody's News 8/30/2010

Things are good here we found some new people to teach their names are Zimena, Daniela and Felipe they are great and they study the assignments, so they are realy cool. And then the training things actually got postoned until this week, so we are going to eat some super delicious peruvian food I belive. We have some new people that moved into the branch so that is kinda cool. I think that Paulas dad's coming up will be in about october so we still have a month to wait, but other than that things are still the same.

Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 8/30/2010

So this week in some ways was really good and in other ways a bummer. First we found a man named Patricio and when we taught him wow the spirit was so strong. It really was amazing and when we left we just felt like we were on a spiritual high. There was so much power in the lesson but it was not because of us it was the spirit. My favorite was when we prayed we all kneeled down and I started the prayer the mom, dad and Patricio started to recite a pray over what I was saying (we should have explained a little more that only one person talks and that prayer is communication with God) and I had a hard time to continue praying I kinda paused for a little bit. I was thinking ahh how are we going to feel the spirit and what do I do. But I continued with the prayer and after, when we stood up we saw that Patricio was crying. It was a amazing experince that I will never forget.

Then after we had a lesson with Javier and he said that he wasn't sure about his baptism. We asked him about his prayer and he said he hadn't prayed so we told him that he needed to do it with all of his strength and heart to know. He was really worried. But Daniel (baptized 2 semanas (weeks) ago) his friend was there and he got to bare his testimony to him and tell him that was how he recieved his answer was through prayer. In about the end of our lesson Daniels dad came in and wanted us to translate something into english but he was drunk. So after we left Hermana Buckner said ahh there went the spirit. And it was right I could feel a big difference and I remembered somthing Chandler said about pointing out the spirit in lessons. So I asked Javier and Daniel if they could feel the difference. (I guess it was kinda opposite pointing out that it was there and that then it wasn't.) But they said that yeah they could feel a difference. Bueno we left Javier with the invation to pray to find out for himself and to read.

We also had another of our investigators say that they didn't want to be baptized and again we asked about prayer and reading and he wasn't doing either. I know these are like the most important things that we should be finding out in the begining but bueno we live and we learn and I have been learnig so much about the importance of doing both. Bueno we are going to keep working with him.

Last night we had a great lesson with Thomas and Judith the parents of Catalina who was baptized a little while ago. Thomas before didn't want to listen or anything when we first started teaching but now there has been a huge change in their house and you can feel it. Thomas and Judith are now praying together at night and are reading the book of mormon. They didn't come to church yesterday that was sad but they felt bad cuz they slept in and I think will come next week. But they had a friend over and we started to teach about prayer and Hermana Buckner asked their friend how he was doing with his prayers and he said he wasn't praying. He said he didn't believe in God or Christ and Judith didn't know this and she started to testify about prayer to him. She said that before we came to her house and started teaching her and Cata that her house was infierno (hell) (I'm quoting here) and that prayer has brought her so much peace and love in her house and in her life. Thomas also testified of the changes and how important it was to pray. Really it was amazing to have our investigators testifying to someone else.

I think that was about all this week. I'm doing good. just enjoying the mission right now. I feel like I'm starting to change now. lol maybe because I understand a lot more of what is going on I don't know but I'm starting to feel a difference more of a power and an understanding of the importance of the things we are teaching and importance of the guidance from the Holy Ghost.
We just started an actividad as a mission to mark when people in the Book of Mormon recieve revelation. I'm only in the begining but I can't believe how much there is. I want to invite you all to do the same and think about how you can recieve more personal revelation in your lives.

I love you lots Hna Moss

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cody's News 8/23/2010

Hello everyone,
How are things this fine day? So it is raining up there too? Because it is raining down here. Ya we are still having tremors the other night I felt one, but it was really small. Is Roy still doing his bodybuilding competitions? No I did not know that Brandon and Brandy were expecting a baby, that is 2 new cousins that I was not expecting at all. We are teaching this lady named Claudia I told you about her she is living with a guy that she needs to kicks out. Well anyway her niece is now living with her and today she is in court and they are going to find out if she get to keep the parental rights to her niece. Well the niece Paula wants to get baptized, and her Dad that is living in a place called Santa Juana, and he is reciving the missionarys down there well anyway he wants to come up to Bulnes and see her baptism. But the fastest time that he can get here to Bulnes to see the baptism is the first Sunday of October which is forever away. So we are left wondering what to do, I just want to pay for the guy and his girlfriend to come up here and watch it so we can do it alot faster. I don't know what we should do. We might be having another baptism also, we are teaching this girl named Goldelva, and she is doing really good she is progressing alot when we first started teaching her she wanted to kill herself and now she is alot happier. She can get baptised pretty soon she just needs to stay away from tea and those darn cigaretts. So we will see how everything goes this week. Wow, that is crazy that when I get back I am going to have to report to the High Council, that is crazy that Chris Collingworth got stabbed on his mission that beats my story of getting attacked by leaves and dirt in the Bulnes plaza, Wow that is just crazy that school is going to start up again, and that aubrey is in high school and that Whitney is moving out and that Eric is married and that Amber and I are not at home it is just crazy, well when I get back and move out you are all just going to be so lonely that I am going to have visit alot. Things are good here this week we are going to have a special 2 day training with President Humphrey, and he is going to capacitate us on somethings that the church wants that we are doing, But the conference is only going to be zone by zone so President Humphrey is going to go through all of the mission and teach each zone. Did you know that President Humphreys Mission President was Elder Scott. So that is pretty cool. Things are nice down here the weather cannot decide if it wants to be hot or cold, one day it is hot and the next cold and rainy.

love you

Elder Moss