Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Amber's News 5/23/2011

Hello, This week we have been looking for more people and helping Vitalia and Roxana to progress.
We taught Vitalia she is a little grandma and is 79. She can't really see and it really frustrates her that she can't read in the Book of Mormon. But we read to her from it. She has a cat that always bothers us when we are teaching her. His name is Pepe but she changed it last night to Barnabas. She did that because she was really mad at him but she is always yelling at this cat. Vitatlia went to church with us yesterday and she loved it. She said that she was excited to go back to church next week. We were talking to her earlier in the week and she said she had to go to the doctors and that she had to wait all day there so she was going to take the Book of Mormon even though she couldn't read it and she was going to open it up so everyone could see that it said Mormon. Because everyone else there reads dirty magazines she told us lol oh man it was funny.

So our experience yesterday was pretty funny. We were with our investigators Lady and Cristai. They are from Columbia they are black and gangster lol they talk like the gangsters in english but it is Spanish. We sang and then I'm praying and in the middle of the prayer Cristai's phone goes off and she answers is and is like hey pretty, my queen whats going on? Hey I gotta go cuz their preach en the word. Bye pretty. It was so hard to keep praying while all that was going on but then we taught them and invited them to read and pray when we gave Lady her Book of Mormon she kissed it. When we had gotten to their house we were waiting and two other people came up and were also waiting to go in and so they finally opened the door and let them in and the guy recognized us from our first visit and he was like oh sisters come in. And the girls that had been waiting in front of us looked at us and then back at him and said they arn't our sisters. lol it was so funny.

Roxana is doing good she didn't go to church with us :( she was in the south still she is back now. We missed here a lot this week. We taught the plan of salvation yesterday and she loved it. We are excited for her and are glad she is back. She loves everything that we are teaching. She is a really great woman. We are going to work this week on getting her to church.

Until next week
Love Amber

Cody's News 5/23/2011

Things are good we though we were going to see some good stuff happen this week but that didnt happen. My new comp is Elder Huerta he is from San Antonio Texas. He is are great kid, we are working it up but we have had a few unexpected problems come up of people not wanting to get married AHHH! darn Chileans cannot understand that the Lord will bless them tons if they were to just sign a paper! But even when we explain they don't understand. Well they all need to get married but they don't really want to right now..... but I'm feeling great no I haven't felt like I have had any colds, and it was raining this week but the rain stopped yesterday. Things are going good we are working on finding people like always and we had a few people come to church yesterday and they told us that they were going to get married but now it seems like they have changed their mind so we are going to find out about that tonight. I'm district leader over one other sector. My first sector so that is pretty crazy is it not?
love you
stay strong,
Elder Cody Moss

Friday, May 20, 2011

Amber's News 5/16/2011

This week we had a lot success we have been teaching Roxana she is awesome and she is accepting everything. She was going to go to church but her son Franco was sick and he is a little baby so she couldn't leave the house. ah Roxana is really great. She said this last week that she likes what we are teaching. It really stays with her and helps her. I asked her last night if she could feel a difference in her life and she told me that she could feel a difference and that she feel more peace and that she could handle things with more calmness and she feels really good. She is awesome she talked with elders about ten years ago in Concepcion and now she is going to be baptized the 5th of June. I'm so excited for her. Hna Hadlock and I are doing good. The Hadlock is awesome. She is a really hard worker and she talks with everyone. I love our contacts because we are both so excited when we do them and we really listen to people. All of our success has come from contacts. I think that the people are so surprised at how nice, happy and caring we are. We had one contact tell us that she just felt really good with us. One of our investigators talked about how she never lets people come in and we talked with her in the street and she felt that she should give us her address so she gave it to us. Then her sister was asking how she could let us in but she said that she felt really good and wanted to learn. The weeks are just flying by right now. Hna Hadlock and I have been so busy.
I'm thinking that I give my talk the week that I get home then we can go on vacaction!!!
Hey can u check on when I need to sign up for the spring BYU semester?
Love, Amber

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cody's News 5/16/2011

HEY YALL, well I am moving again this time I'm going to Talca again to the ward that was right next to my first. I am going to be a District leader. So I will have some responsibility now. This week was kinda lame though because we were going to have some people come to church that are awesome and they didn't come so that was a bummer. We found some great new people. But I'm not going to be here any more so my companion and the missionary that he is going to train are going to get to baptize them all. I am going to a ward called Jardin del Valle, it is a big ward for here, of about 140 people, when was there. One of my coverts in Talca lives there so I'm going to get her whipped into shape along with her husband that is not member. I have been working hard on not eating in the night and I have been losing a few pounds so I just got to keep working at that and I'll be a skinny guy in a fat coat. Like you said things are going to be pretty exciting to see what happens here in the near future.

Elder Cody Moss

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cody's News 5/9/2011

We talked to Cody on Sunday he was able to Skype that was fun to get to see him while we talked. Eric has gone to Colorado for the Summer and he and Tazia were able to join in for the call! Cody said that things were going great. They had a baptism last week and were looking at committing a couple more to baptism this week. He is doing great. Sorry for all of the talking you would think I would have more to write. It was just so good to talk to him :)

Amber's News 5/9/2011

We were able to talk to Amber on mothers day she sounded so good. Before she left she told me " I will get to call you for mothers day and then 2 months later I will be home. It is hard to believe that we have reached that point!
On Monday she wrote:
I went to a funeral Friday and all of the people were so sad. Before we got there I was all happy and then we walked in and I just felt sad because that is how the atmosphere was. Most of the people weren't members and we sang for them and then the councilor to President May gave a talk about the plan of salvation. One thing that I really liked that he said was, when we are born here in this life we are "dead" in the life before. Because we are not there anymore. But here on the earth we are also happy when a child is born it is the same when we pass on from this life in the next life they are just as happy for us to be there. I really liked what he said. To live is to die and to die is to live. Between the time that we sang and he gave his talk the feeling that was in the room of sadness and loneliness left and I felt a peace and a calm. It was very different from before. I don't know that the other people could recognize the difference. On the mission I have been able to develop, where I can feel it and know what it is. It is very interesting even in lessons I can tell what parts it is there, or not because sometimes it comes and goes depending on what you are teaching and how you teaching it.

I forgot to tell u all yesterday about Catherine oh she is awesome the first time that we taught her after she had told us that when we sang and prayed she got the shivers and felt something different. We invited her to pray and when we came back she said that she had felt and warmth in her chest. Oh that is my favorite thing I get to hear on the mission when people have felt what I have felt.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cody's News 5/2/2011

It's only six months left and then I'm home in time to eat all your turkey :). Things are great here we had baptisms on Sunday and after sacrament meeting a brother from another ward here in Curico gave us the reference to his girlfriend here in our sector so we gave them a visit last night and they are awesome. Thanks for sending the rain gear, I think that I'm going to be moving down south in a few weeks and it rains a bunch, farther down south. So things are great we have the ward working with us now and we have people to teach so life is good. I hope that everything is going well up there and I will pray for Anthony.
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 5/2/2011

So we really rocked Santiago this week. We found 5 new people to teach and we have 2 that accepted a date to be baptized. City life is so busy all of the cars, people and big buildings. There is never a dull moment there is always someone to talk to. The ward here is so great. Missionaries have been here in chile for 50 years and we met a woman that has 47 years in the church. That was pretty cool. It was pretty different that neither of us knew anything about the sector but we did really good getting around. Now we are pros. We are really excited to get out and get teaching this week and to help our investigators progress. Its starting to get a little colder. We live in an apartment now so that is a little different and we don't have to light the water heater so that is really weird. Its like magic u just have to turn on the water and you can change it to hot or cold. So we are really liking our sector. Hna buckner and hna dinsdale were around Santiago with their parents so that was fun we got to see them for a few minutes.
love hna moss

Hermana Moss
Chile Santiago North Mission
Forestal 2680
Pisc 3, Oficina 32, Casilla #18
Conchali, Region Metropolitana