Monday, December 20, 2010

Cody's News 12/20/2010

Hmm I don't think anything really happened this week just lots of contacting, we have some new people and so I hope that everything goes really well with them, yes I did get the Christmas package thanks for the candies they are super delicious and tasty, oh and the mac and cheese was really delicious yummm!!!! so ya I will call you at like 11 or 12 your time no problem. So it is my second christmas away yay!!! only 10 months more :) then your going to come and pick me up or no? Well yesterday we had an "invasion" and all the Zone from Chiguayante came and did a bunch of contacts and so we have some promising leads. Other than that we just have people that are not progressing. Other than that I'm missing my converts in Bulnes a lot and sometimes when I get thinking I think that I was ready and willing to leave home and go on a mission but I wasn't to leave Bulnes I wanted to stay there. So now all I can do is wait to go back.
Have a good week. I am excited to talk to you on Christmas.
Elder Moss

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