Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amber's News 8/30/2010

So this week in some ways was really good and in other ways a bummer. First we found a man named Patricio and when we taught him wow the spirit was so strong. It really was amazing and when we left we just felt like we were on a spiritual high. There was so much power in the lesson but it was not because of us it was the spirit. My favorite was when we prayed we all kneeled down and I started the prayer the mom, dad and Patricio started to recite a pray over what I was saying (we should have explained a little more that only one person talks and that prayer is communication with God) and I had a hard time to continue praying I kinda paused for a little bit. I was thinking ahh how are we going to feel the spirit and what do I do. But I continued with the prayer and after, when we stood up we saw that Patricio was crying. It was a amazing experince that I will never forget.

Then after we had a lesson with Javier and he said that he wasn't sure about his baptism. We asked him about his prayer and he said he hadn't prayed so we told him that he needed to do it with all of his strength and heart to know. He was really worried. But Daniel (baptized 2 semanas (weeks) ago) his friend was there and he got to bare his testimony to him and tell him that was how he recieved his answer was through prayer. In about the end of our lesson Daniels dad came in and wanted us to translate something into english but he was drunk. So after we left Hermana Buckner said ahh there went the spirit. And it was right I could feel a big difference and I remembered somthing Chandler said about pointing out the spirit in lessons. So I asked Javier and Daniel if they could feel the difference. (I guess it was kinda opposite pointing out that it was there and that then it wasn't.) But they said that yeah they could feel a difference. Bueno we left Javier with the invation to pray to find out for himself and to read.

We also had another of our investigators say that they didn't want to be baptized and again we asked about prayer and reading and he wasn't doing either. I know these are like the most important things that we should be finding out in the begining but bueno we live and we learn and I have been learnig so much about the importance of doing both. Bueno we are going to keep working with him.

Last night we had a great lesson with Thomas and Judith the parents of Catalina who was baptized a little while ago. Thomas before didn't want to listen or anything when we first started teaching but now there has been a huge change in their house and you can feel it. Thomas and Judith are now praying together at night and are reading the book of mormon. They didn't come to church yesterday that was sad but they felt bad cuz they slept in and I think will come next week. But they had a friend over and we started to teach about prayer and Hermana Buckner asked their friend how he was doing with his prayers and he said he wasn't praying. He said he didn't believe in God or Christ and Judith didn't know this and she started to testify about prayer to him. She said that before we came to her house and started teaching her and Cata that her house was infierno (hell) (I'm quoting here) and that prayer has brought her so much peace and love in her house and in her life. Thomas also testified of the changes and how important it was to pray. Really it was amazing to have our investigators testifying to someone else.

I think that was about all this week. I'm doing good. just enjoying the mission right now. I feel like I'm starting to change now. lol maybe because I understand a lot more of what is going on I don't know but I'm starting to feel a difference more of a power and an understanding of the importance of the things we are teaching and importance of the guidance from the Holy Ghost.
We just started an actividad as a mission to mark when people in the Book of Mormon recieve revelation. I'm only in the begining but I can't believe how much there is. I want to invite you all to do the same and think about how you can recieve more personal revelation in your lives.

I love you lots Hna Moss

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