Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cody's News 8/23/2010

Hello everyone,
How are things this fine day? So it is raining up there too? Because it is raining down here. Ya we are still having tremors the other night I felt one, but it was really small. Is Roy still doing his bodybuilding competitions? No I did not know that Brandon and Brandy were expecting a baby, that is 2 new cousins that I was not expecting at all. We are teaching this lady named Claudia I told you about her she is living with a guy that she needs to kicks out. Well anyway her niece is now living with her and today she is in court and they are going to find out if she get to keep the parental rights to her niece. Well the niece Paula wants to get baptized, and her Dad that is living in a place called Santa Juana, and he is reciving the missionarys down there well anyway he wants to come up to Bulnes and see her baptism. But the fastest time that he can get here to Bulnes to see the baptism is the first Sunday of October which is forever away. So we are left wondering what to do, I just want to pay for the guy and his girlfriend to come up here and watch it so we can do it alot faster. I don't know what we should do. We might be having another baptism also, we are teaching this girl named Goldelva, and she is doing really good she is progressing alot when we first started teaching her she wanted to kill herself and now she is alot happier. She can get baptised pretty soon she just needs to stay away from tea and those darn cigaretts. So we will see how everything goes this week. Wow, that is crazy that when I get back I am going to have to report to the High Council, that is crazy that Chris Collingworth got stabbed on his mission that beats my story of getting attacked by leaves and dirt in the Bulnes plaza, Wow that is just crazy that school is going to start up again, and that aubrey is in high school and that Whitney is moving out and that Eric is married and that Amber and I are not at home it is just crazy, well when I get back and move out you are all just going to be so lonely that I am going to have visit alot. Things are good here this week we are going to have a special 2 day training with President Humphrey, and he is going to capacitate us on somethings that the church wants that we are doing, But the conference is only going to be zone by zone so President Humphrey is going to go through all of the mission and teach each zone. Did you know that President Humphreys Mission President was Elder Scott. So that is pretty cool. Things are nice down here the weather cannot decide if it wants to be hot or cold, one day it is hot and the next cold and rainy.

love you

Elder Moss

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