Monday, October 18, 2010

Cody's News 10/18/2010

Hello Everyone,
So this next week I am going to have a year in the mission and I was talking with an elder that I lived with when I first got here, last night and he helped me notice a large change in who I am and who I have been over this last year, and it has been quite a change. I bet you cant wait for me to come home and party it up will all you guys. Elder denis is going home and I am getting a new companion tomorrow, and I am going to be senior companion now. So mom sent me the story about the missionary in argentina that fasted for the couple to find their papers. (So they could get married and then baptized. Well this last fast Sunday Elder Denis and I both fasted with the purpose of finding great people here in Bulnes and well I am just going to have to tell you what... the Lord really does prepare the people and they are just all around us every day. So you know how I told you that we went to Santa Clara? Oh that girl Carla is awesome! We went all the way to Santa Clara to go to her house and you know what she wasn't there. So we left a pass along card with our telephone number on it, and she called us Saturday, and we invited her to come to church. AND SHE CAME! with out us teaching her she found a way to get all the way to Bulnes to come to church, she was even early. I told Elder Denis that I needed to go changed my pants because Carla showed up to church. well she showed up and she said that she read a little in the book of mormon and said that she felt a special connection to the book. It was so great and then when she was in the class with Daniela my awesome recent convert and Daniela started testifying about the book of mormon and how it is not to compete with the bible but to help us now days it was so great.
Have a great week, Elder Moss

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