Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cody's News 5/24/2010

Hola Mami,

So this week has been pretty good I don't have transfers for another 3 weeks so don't worry about that. I want to stay here in Talca I don't want to leave. Wow I remember when Brandon turned 12 and was able to come to priesthood with us and now he is 14! soon he will be heading out on his mission if we are not careful. The city of Talca is so big that it has 2 zones in it and I haven't moved areas yet. I am hoping that I can stay here for 8 months. Well for your YW lesson for writing to missionaries I don't know like writing about things that you have been learning from the scriptures, about missionary experiences that you have had recently, I think I even have a thing from president Frishkneck in my room that talks about writing letters to missionaries if you could find that I think it would help you. Well in 3 Nephi 19 Jesus commands us to pray for our families, also I think King Benjamin or Jesus teaches that we have to teach our children to love and serve one another. I don't remember where so that doesn't help much. well I think that if you pray for guidance and to receive revelation for your talk Heavenly Father would love you help you.
Ahh CHEESE I love it.
So yesterday the father of one of my converts came to church and he is very evangelical so he had a few things to say during the classes it made for a interesting Sunday, we also went to Constitution yesterday. On the 30th we are going to have some baptisms so that is going to be good :)
Love you
Elder Cody Moss

Hello Dad,
I actually have quite a bit to say about my experiences with the lines for gas and in the supermarkets. And why I said you would want a gun. So first after the earthquake the stores were closed for 2-3 days so no one could buy food and then when one opened and let people in when ever there was a tremor all the people ran out stealing the things they had with them, so the military had to come and only a certain amount of people could enter into the store and the military had to form every one into a line so when one person went out another could enter. So for a while it was difficult to get food for some people. Then when the banks opened you had people waiting for hours to get money, and even to day you still have people that form lines for the banks. Then you had lines to buy gas that lasted for hours and hours to even buy anything. Normal people were breaking into all kinds of stores for cell phones, pharmacies, everything. Prices for things soared for the first couple days after the earthquake. You had people that were robbing houses that would enter a house with out fear if there were people inside or
not. In every street you had the normal people keeping watches all through the night with watchfires but no one had a gun to protect themselves, there was no power for days and no water also (for some people they still don't have water or power) I remember when President Hinkley gave that talk and it was pretty powerful. Are you sure it was 12 years ago? Talking about helping people take and use the gospel in their lives there are tons of people here in Chile that have depression and emotional problems so I was reading the Liahona and it had a article about helping people with emotional problems the Lords way which was based on the same principles as when you help people with their own temporal welfare. It was a interesting talk and I am going to start using the principles I learned in it, it is called "Solving Emotional Problems the Lords Way. I am glad that I am here in Chile as a missionary when I go to church and see all the members and the people that I help you cannot help smiling. Thanks for your love and support,
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's news 5\24\2010

Well I'm no longer in los Andes with Hermana Bair which is a little sad cuz we finally had someone progressing and we talked to Luis and he has a testimony and wants to be baptized. Now I'm in the zone Colina in Lampa and I really don't know much about it except that we will ride bikes because there are a lot of feild here. I'm with Hna Papenfus really I don't know how to spell her name yet she is from the states. We have only been together for a couple hours. It was hard to leave Hna Bair she's a great girl but she is going to be training again in Los Andes. Really I just got here and I haven't even unpacked yet. You saw Hna Bair and I and my zone in Los Andes on the mission blog? That is great I really liked it there. I think I will be here for 3 months at the least and this is the last transfer for my comp and then she goes home. This transfer I think I'm going to grow a lot. I think I will be stretched in a lot of ways that I haven't been before but that is good cuz when we are out of our comfort zone that is when we are learning and progressing.
Love, Sister Moss

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amber's news 5\17\2010

Hey dad! gracious por su email. Things here are good yeah its been getting colder now but we are keeping warm or a least trying. Did you see Iron man 2 ? I saw a poster for it. Man, 1 was a good show. We did have our baptims the 2 of Mayo, her name is Carola Lopez she is a single mom with two daughters. She is a rock. She was our miricale baptim cuz she had been investigating the church for 4 years and finally wanted to be baptized. The work is going good we found an awesome investigator yesterday his name is Jose and he is 15. I think that he really will be baptized well we are going to keep working with him and see. We have a member family that had a, well, almost son in law that wants to be baptized we haven't talked to him yet but they have been coming to church. I think 3 weeks after I got here but we hadn't been teaching them cuz we thought they were living together and we found out that they are not and so we have a family night with them this week. We will see hopefully this next transfer I will have two more baptisms. Right now the hardest thing is getting people to come to church. It's crazy how things are changing at home so I hope you take advantage of this summer and have fun with the girls k. Gracious for everything.
I love you
Hna Moss

Cody's News 5/17/2010

Hey Dad,
Things are good, we have a baptism that is lined up for the 30th his name is Juan Carlos. He has been investigating since September of last year, so we are hoping that all goes well, the guy has had 2 other interviews with other misionarys and falied miserably in both but now he should pass with flying colors. We are going to get him baptized. We have another lady named Susana and she is going to have a interview sometime this week. We are hoping that she will get baptized on the 30th also.
We are working on finding some people. We started teaching the wife of a less active member so maybe in the next week or so we can get them going to church and then we can get her baptized. Martin has been in Santiago this last week but he should get back around Wednesday and I am hoping that he did some reading and praying while he was in Santiago. Well for vacation you could always come to Chile (but farther down south than I am I hear it is super beautiful and has penguins.) Well yesterday the bishop asked us if we would like to help him count the tithing but the only problem was that we have our lunch at 1:30 and church gets out at 1 so I wanted to help but we had to go eat fish (yum!) Well things are good here and we are hoping we can have about 3 baptisms by the end of this month, and about 3 more by the second Sunday of June so we will see how things go. It is just that the people won't keep commitments to find out if José Smith was a prophet and the other commitments to repent so that is what we are working on right now.
love you,

Elder Cody Moss

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vickie's Comments

Hello All,
It was soooo good to talk to my children and hear there voices. They both sounded happy and like they were doing well. Since we had talked the day before we had short e-mails. Cody said that they have a shortage of priesthood in there ward and was not sure what the bishop was going to do for another councilor. He also said that people ask all the time what he ate back home and he has a hard time remembering all he could remember was that we eat allot of mexican food, so I helped him out with a few thing like potatoes and gravy, potato bar, clam chowder, waffles.
Amber was giggling the whole time so needless to say, she is enjoying herself. She really gets along with this companion. She said that they have some great things coming along and that they had a Baptism last Sunday.

Amber's news 5\10\2010

Hola we are in fall now here and things are getting cold. Well it was really good to talk with the family for mothers day. Chile is great! We have found a bunch of people to teach these last few weeks and we are working with them right now. I really like teaching and helping people understand the lessons.
Love, Hermana Moss

Cody's News 5/10/2010

Hey Mom,
It was good to talk with you yetsterday also, Amber said that you guys said we sound different (I am not sure because the word she wrote in spanish was dream) so it could be that we dream diffrent but all is good here. how was dinner with the nelsons? wow 100 bucks for the call after the earthquake that is quite a bit of change. Well I need to clear up something the avocados are good but the tomatoes I eat them when I have to but usually if I can find a way not to I don't. So for the rest of the day yesterday (Mothers day) we went and knocked on some doors and taught a bit. We went to the house of one of my converts and her dad is evangelical so he has a few crazy ideas but he talks so much that it's almost impossible to share with her. Ya I can eat that salad for you because just about every lunch they give you a pre-lunch salad.
Love you
Elder Cody Moss

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cody's News 5/3/2010

Hey Ma,
Things are peachy here just like it hasn't warmed up in Utah it hasn't cooled down a ton here. ya I have warm bedding but the blankets keep falling off in the middle of the night so I end up freezing my buns off. Well with Martin I am going to go see him tonight I am still trying to figure out a way to get him to feel something or to recognize that he has felt something. One of my converts came to church yesterday and she was the only one in the class so the lesson was easy to direct to her needs. Today is day of transferrers when they let everyone know if they are leaving and I am going to be here for another 6 weeks to that is good. There is a 2 hour difference now with the daylight savings time change of Utah and Chile has one also so it is 2 hours. I think that we will be calling you guys at 3 (Utah time) o'clock on Sunday so you might need to skip relief society so we can chat for a hour I will send you the phone number in another email so you could call me (because we are going to the same members house that we did after the earthquake) ahh so Amber and her companion are like third or something cousins. Sunday we had a aftershock during testimony meeting and every one was all scared and we waited but it didn't get any worse. People are on top of things it has been like this for 2 months. To where they are on top of getting things back to normal.
Hey Love you bunches and bunches
Elder Cody Moss

Ambers News 5\3\2010

Hello All,
Hey, We had a baptism this last week well yesterday. It was really good. Her name is Carola. She had been investigating the church for 4 years. And finally decided to be baptized It was really really good. Yeah Carola is great and her two kids are awesome. My español is better and better every week. There are a lot of things in español that explain things differently that I like. Right now I'm reading the Libro de Mormon en español. I didn't understand the Isaiah chapters in 2ne but I'm in 2ne 26 right now and I understand most of what's going on.

The cold weather in chile hmmm, it's super cold this last week warmed up a little but seriously winter is going to be really cold. But it's ok because I did buy a fleece blanket and that helped a lot and we have hot coco. At places people give us herbal teas yuck! actually I'm getting used to them and ecco. Which is like coffee but apparently we are allowed to drink it. The first time someone was giving it too us I was really nervous cuz they call it cafecita and so I thought it was coffee so I gave Hna Bair the weirdest look but she shook her head yes to drink it so I did (I trust Hna Bair) and after in the street I was like what where we drinking and she's like oh it's just a mild coffee. And I was like WHAT? Coffee is Coffee but I guess it's not the same thing I don't really know. But Cody said he likes it LoL

Na I'm not craving the brownies right now ask Hna Bair she will tell you Cafe Rio. LOL. Ok so we live close to the Jehovah witness church and at nights they always have a ton of people in their church and we have only had one person come to church with us as of yesterday and not all the members come so Hermana Bair said "what do they have that we don't I mean we have the spirit and the truth." And I said "they have to to be serving Cafe Rio or something heck I would go if they were." Seriously Cafe Rio has to have drugs in it because for the last 4 months that is something I have been craving.