Monday, September 27, 2010

Cody's News 9/27/2010

WE HAD SOME BAPTISMS YAYAYAYAY!!!! Daniela Ximena and Felipe they all got baptised so that was pretty awesome, and we had the conference with Presdient Humphrey this last week and I think that I will be staying here in Bulnes for another 4 months so I will be here to celebrate Christmas, New years and all that jazz. I think that chances are pretty good that I will be training, and President Humphrey pretty much told Elder Denis to let me take over the sector for his last little bit here in the mission. So everything here in Bulnes is awesome. Is Amber still in Lampa? or did she get moved around?
Love you

Elder Moss

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  1. Baptisms! So exciting! Our little family prays for you every day so that you are led to those who are ready to hear the gospel. Keep up the great work!!