Monday, November 8, 2010

Cody's News 11/8/2010

Yesterday was Daniela's birthday and so we went over to her house to
celebrate and Ximena wanted Elder Douse and I to come over in normal
clothes and I was like I'm sorry but no... next year. I will come to
the birthday in normal clothes. That's if I am up to another 13 hour
flight in the same week that I get home. So we have been trying to
meet up with John to teach him but he has been kind of difficult to
find. Carla should be getting baptized this Sunday. We are going to
have the baptismal interview on Tuesday and then she should be ready
to go. Goldelva is also really excited to get baptized and I think
that she is really going to quit smoking this week. We are working to
find people good to teach which is proving to be kind of difficult
but we should be getting some good people soon. Is Sam going to the
Brazil Manaus Mission? That is really cool but I am sorry to say that
Chile takes the cake over any other place in the world. (sorry every
one, it's true) So our mission started reading the Book of Mormon together
and so far it has been a really great experience. W
e are going to take 2 months to do it marking every reference to Jesus Christ which are a lot because Jesus is Jehovah who is the Lord so there are a ton of references. Well the Book of Mormon has a reference to Jesus Christ in every 1.5 verses so it is going to be a good read. As I read the book and mark all of the references to Jesus Christ I can't help but think to my self that no evil or lying person could write a book like this. And a good person wouldn't write it if it wasn't true. I get excited every day to read it. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is what it claims to be. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he loves us.Yesterday Elder Douse gave the Sunday school lesson in church and it was about the atonement. So that was good. How are you going to do the christmas calling? Are we going to do a Christmas call?

Hey, I love you all,
Keep waiting for me only 11 more :)
Love, Elder Moss

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