Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cody's News 8/30/2010

Things are good here we found some new people to teach their names are Zimena, Daniela and Felipe they are great and they study the assignments, so they are realy cool. And then the training things actually got postoned until this week, so we are going to eat some super delicious peruvian food I belive. We have some new people that moved into the branch so that is kinda cool. I think that Paulas dad's coming up will be in about october so we still have a month to wait, but other than that things are still the same.

Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 8/30/2010

So this week in some ways was really good and in other ways a bummer. First we found a man named Patricio and when we taught him wow the spirit was so strong. It really was amazing and when we left we just felt like we were on a spiritual high. There was so much power in the lesson but it was not because of us it was the spirit. My favorite was when we prayed we all kneeled down and I started the prayer the mom, dad and Patricio started to recite a pray over what I was saying (we should have explained a little more that only one person talks and that prayer is communication with God) and I had a hard time to continue praying I kinda paused for a little bit. I was thinking ahh how are we going to feel the spirit and what do I do. But I continued with the prayer and after, when we stood up we saw that Patricio was crying. It was a amazing experince that I will never forget.

Then after we had a lesson with Javier and he said that he wasn't sure about his baptism. We asked him about his prayer and he said he hadn't prayed so we told him that he needed to do it with all of his strength and heart to know. He was really worried. But Daniel (baptized 2 semanas (weeks) ago) his friend was there and he got to bare his testimony to him and tell him that was how he recieved his answer was through prayer. In about the end of our lesson Daniels dad came in and wanted us to translate something into english but he was drunk. So after we left Hermana Buckner said ahh there went the spirit. And it was right I could feel a big difference and I remembered somthing Chandler said about pointing out the spirit in lessons. So I asked Javier and Daniel if they could feel the difference. (I guess it was kinda opposite pointing out that it was there and that then it wasn't.) But they said that yeah they could feel a difference. Bueno we left Javier with the invation to pray to find out for himself and to read.

We also had another of our investigators say that they didn't want to be baptized and again we asked about prayer and reading and he wasn't doing either. I know these are like the most important things that we should be finding out in the begining but bueno we live and we learn and I have been learnig so much about the importance of doing both. Bueno we are going to keep working with him.

Last night we had a great lesson with Thomas and Judith the parents of Catalina who was baptized a little while ago. Thomas before didn't want to listen or anything when we first started teaching but now there has been a huge change in their house and you can feel it. Thomas and Judith are now praying together at night and are reading the book of mormon. They didn't come to church yesterday that was sad but they felt bad cuz they slept in and I think will come next week. But they had a friend over and we started to teach about prayer and Hermana Buckner asked their friend how he was doing with his prayers and he said he wasn't praying. He said he didn't believe in God or Christ and Judith didn't know this and she started to testify about prayer to him. She said that before we came to her house and started teaching her and Cata that her house was infierno (hell) (I'm quoting here) and that prayer has brought her so much peace and love in her house and in her life. Thomas also testified of the changes and how important it was to pray. Really it was amazing to have our investigators testifying to someone else.

I think that was about all this week. I'm doing good. just enjoying the mission right now. I feel like I'm starting to change now. lol maybe because I understand a lot more of what is going on I don't know but I'm starting to feel a difference more of a power and an understanding of the importance of the things we are teaching and importance of the guidance from the Holy Ghost.
We just started an actividad as a mission to mark when people in the Book of Mormon recieve revelation. I'm only in the begining but I can't believe how much there is. I want to invite you all to do the same and think about how you can recieve more personal revelation in your lives.

I love you lots Hna Moss

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cody's News 8/23/2010

Hello everyone,
How are things this fine day? So it is raining up there too? Because it is raining down here. Ya we are still having tremors the other night I felt one, but it was really small. Is Roy still doing his bodybuilding competitions? No I did not know that Brandon and Brandy were expecting a baby, that is 2 new cousins that I was not expecting at all. We are teaching this lady named Claudia I told you about her she is living with a guy that she needs to kicks out. Well anyway her niece is now living with her and today she is in court and they are going to find out if she get to keep the parental rights to her niece. Well the niece Paula wants to get baptized, and her Dad that is living in a place called Santa Juana, and he is reciving the missionarys down there well anyway he wants to come up to Bulnes and see her baptism. But the fastest time that he can get here to Bulnes to see the baptism is the first Sunday of October which is forever away. So we are left wondering what to do, I just want to pay for the guy and his girlfriend to come up here and watch it so we can do it alot faster. I don't know what we should do. We might be having another baptism also, we are teaching this girl named Goldelva, and she is doing really good she is progressing alot when we first started teaching her she wanted to kill herself and now she is alot happier. She can get baptised pretty soon she just needs to stay away from tea and those darn cigaretts. So we will see how everything goes this week. Wow, that is crazy that when I get back I am going to have to report to the High Council, that is crazy that Chris Collingworth got stabbed on his mission that beats my story of getting attacked by leaves and dirt in the Bulnes plaza, Wow that is just crazy that school is going to start up again, and that aubrey is in high school and that Whitney is moving out and that Eric is married and that Amber and I are not at home it is just crazy, well when I get back and move out you are all just going to be so lonely that I am going to have visit alot. Things are good here this week we are going to have a special 2 day training with President Humphrey, and he is going to capacitate us on somethings that the church wants that we are doing, But the conference is only going to be zone by zone so President Humphrey is going to go through all of the mission and teach each zone. Did you know that President Humphreys Mission President was Elder Scott. So that is pretty cool. Things are nice down here the weather cannot decide if it wants to be hot or cold, one day it is hot and the next cold and rainy.

love you

Elder Moss

Amber's News 8/23/2010

Hello everyone,
This week was pretty well, exciting. First last Monday they cut our water because the office didn't pay our bill. That was pretty fun lol luckly it was only for one day. Then the next night I started to feel sick and we were walking to an appointment and Hna Buckner knew that I felt like I was going to throw up but as we were walking I stoped and trew up. I think Hna Buckner about died but we went back to the house and I went to bed but all night I threw up. That was fun! In the morning we had to go to Santiago and I still didn't feel good but I threw up one last time before we left and I was so nervous to ride the bus to Santiago especially since I was throwing up but hey I made it all the way a 40 min bus ride. Then we had our capicitiacion and I still didn't feel good. But I was doing ok. But I had called the doctor when I got there he said to go home and rest. So I did that I went home and slept from 2:30 until 7:00. When I woke up Hna Buckner was so happy cuz she was so board. She had cleaned the whole house had even arranged all of her things including in her suitcases. She said she was going loco because she hadn't had anyone to talk to for five hours. So I ate half a banana and went back to bed lol and I didnt wake up till the next morning.
Then the next night Hna Buckner cut my hair that was pretty fun. It is pretty short now. It will be nice for summer cuz it is going to be hot here. Then Saturday we had a devotional in Santiago.This is a picture of Daniel at his baptism! His baptizm was really great. His mom and dad came too. We had the new elder in our district baptize Daniel his name is Elder Elder lol I'm not even joking. So that was pretty sweet. Basically that was what happened this week.

Lots of Love,
Sister Moss

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cody's News 8/16/2010

How are things up in the fun and the sun? So this week was good we have people that want to get baptized but they only have one thing that is holding them back from reaching their goal and that is they are living with someone that they are not married with. So that is holding them back. But they want to get baptized so we will see what we can do with them to get them right on track for their goal. One good thing of me being here on the mission is that I get to miss all of the construction that is going on. I was pretty upset that when I had to work and deliver pizza and they had 400 south closed down for an entire year. I just barely missed its reopening. Some crazy events that happened this week were this morning I woke up to our neighbors screaming and yelling so I looked out the window and a truck had started on fire. That was pretty eventful. That caused our apartment to fill up with smoke and all the neighbors left their houses to watch the firemen put it out. Then we went to a really awesome waterfall today. It is nice we are about to start spring and I am super excited to be out of this horrible winter. I got the new shoes and everyone in the district were really jealous. The book of mormon challenge sounds like it is going to be great. you could go through and mark every time it makes a reference to Jesus but that might get kind of tireing because that is 1 for every 1.7 times, per verse. Transfers are in 3 weeks and I think that Elder Denis is going to go to a different sector for the last 6 weeks of his mission. But that is what I think.
Lots of love,
Elder Moss

Amber's News 8/16/2010

This last week was great. We didn't baptize Maureen because she said that she didn't feel ready yet so we are going to work with her a little more until she feels comfortable. The day after that we had intercambios for the day and I went to Esmeralda and Hna Buckner stayed in Lampa but we had our studies and turns out we studied the same thing for Maureen and so now we know what we need to do. It is pretty neat how the spirit works cuz we were like and 1 hr. and half away from each other but we both studied the same page in Preach My Gospel. It was about the Book of Mormon and Jose Smith.

Yesterday Catalina received the Holy Ghost that was really special. Her mom and dad came to sacrament to see her get the Holy Ghost. Last night they were all really sad cuz it was possibly our last night cuz we had changes. So they were all really sad and this morning they said that Cata was crying after we left. Super sad but bueno I'm still in lampa yeah.

lol we had a lesson with Angel y Mari it was really good. But before our lesson they were showing us that Angel had bought a smaller pack of cigarettes and Hna Buckner said lets see and then she took his cigarettes and put them in her bag. So that was really weird walking around with cigs. He didn't really say anything when she took them just that they are bad for your health. Then the next day he was mad at us for stealing his cigs cuz he had to go out into the cold at night and try to find a place that was open so he could smoke. Anywho that was what happened with them oh actually earlier in the week we had a super bueno lesson con ellos we taught about the oracion (prayer) and how they could receive answers to their prayers so we gave them paper and they wrote a question or two and then we prayed for like ten minutes. Mari said she received answers and Angel was really thoughtful after that he said later that he had not received a answer yet. That is ok cuz I know in time he will. What ever his question is man, I really want to know what it is.....received

This week we have a baptism planed for Daniel. He is about thirteen years old he is a good kid and is excited to be baptized. This past week he even had his friend Javier join us for the classes and now we are teaching him too. They both came to church yesterday and are progressing. Ah it was neat in one of our lesson with Javier we taught the restoration and then Daniel bore his testimony to Javier of when he received his answer. He said in his his head it just came to him si! (for those of you that don't speak Spanish that means yes lol). Javiers dad died about two months ago so we are planing on teaching the plan to him soon. Javier is really really smart and understands all about prophets and what not.

Some of the changes that happened in the mission is now we don't have interviews every cambio but every three months. Same with zone conference what else is new we are going to teach more of the doctrine of Christ and we learned about revelations through prayer and this week we are going to learn revelation through the Book of Mormon and revelation through assisting the church.
Love, Amber

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cody's News 8/9/2010

This week we were on at the same time and were able to send a few back and forth when we do this I never get much information but it is kind of fun to know you are doing it at the same time.

We are working away today. We are going to a placed called the Bajon and they always give us free food so we love it there. We have been teaching Claudia and she needs to kick the man that she has in her house out. And her niece is now living with her and at the end of the month Claudia should have the parental rights to her and we can get her baptized with Claudia.
Hey so I recived word and tomorrow I should recive my new shoes yay! my Zone leaders have them and I will get them tommorow becuase Concepcion is a 2 hour drive away and so now all I have to do is go to my district class and everthing will be fine. So don't worry. I will get them.
Love, Cody

Amber's News 8/9/2010

Hey Everyone,

Bueno this week we had a baptism for La Cata! It was really good to see her baptized. She is 10 years old and was really excited to be baptized. We are going to have another baptizm this week for Maureen she's a super smart girl she is also 10 and it was funny when she told us that she recived her answer that she felt a peace but she held out the word peace.

We had a zone conferencia this week it was really good they are changing a lot of things in the mission now. So it's pretty exciting and we are going to have trainging this month so it is going to go by really really fast. Every week we will have a training thing in Santiago. I am pretty excited to learn all of new stuff we really know most of it, it is all still in preach my gospel it is just a different enfasis.

Angel and Mari are doing great I loved one thing that Mari said the other day. She said that before they felt like they were missing something but now that they are talking with us, reading and asisting in the church they feel full they don't feel like they are missing something now. This really brought joy to my heart.

Well for my birthday we are going to baptize Angel y dalion. Other than that I don't have any plans. Maybe I will do what I did for 4th of july (I forgot).

Love, Amber

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cody's News August 2, 2010

Things are good here. We are working on getting some people to progress and get testimonies so then they can get baptized soon. I will to be sure to celebrate my birthday some way and I hope it will be a great day. I should be getting my shoes in a little bit maybe like a week or 2. I hope. Well we are teaching his girl named Goldelva and either she miss understood us or she is crazy we asked her to pray to see if the book of mormon was true. When we knelt down and prayed she prayed to know if it existed or not. I'm not sure if she got a spiritual witness but when she opened her eyes and looked at what was in her hands she sure did get an answer. I still use the shoes with the cracks in the bottom just when it is wet out side they fill up with water and then my feet get cold. I bought some ugly shoe laces that are braided to get me through with my other shoes until I can get me some nicer ones. we keep teaching Claudia but she went to Conception for the week end so that was a real bummer for Elder Denis and I. also she now has the parental rights to her niece ( the nieces mom and the man the mom lives with are bums) so now we are also teaching her so we are hoping that we can get Claudia and her niece baptized. Well things are pretty good here. I saw the pictures that Dad sent of you guys on the air craft carrier and in Disneyland I just happen to be jealous but maybe I will send some pictures of Bulnes next week to make you all jealous. Well stay cool up there in the August heat and remember that it is my birthday on Thursday. Oh yah with our new mission president we are getting some cool new changes from the first presidency and Amber's mission is way behind. In like 2 weeks we are going to get a special 2 day training session with President Humphrey himself.
Lots of Love,
Elder Moss

Ambers News August 2, 2010

Well this week was great. We had intercambios where I went to another sector for the day this was Tuesday and that was pretty fun. I was with a Latina for the day. We worked in Esmeralda. Oh we had 9 people in church yesterday!! This is a record for me it's a lot of people I think. In our zone the last week we had 25 or something so Hna Buckner and I had almost half the people in our church.

Oh sad story we did not get to baptize this week cuz of a situation in her family. They left for the week but are back now so we are going to visit them tonight. Hopefully this week we will be able to baptize her. Then the next week we have a baptism lined up for Maureen she is super buena. I always have to laugh cuz when we ask her to pray or read a scripture she says esta bien (it its ok)

We are working with a couple named Angel y Mari and Dalion. They are awesome. Mari is a inactive. But super inactive a lot has passed since she was baptized. But Angel y Mari want to get baptized and Dalion wants to be baptized also. They are going to get married in the church on the 4th of September and be baptized the 5th of September! I'm really excited for them they are so funny. I just hope I'm still here in Lampa. We have transfers the 15 of Agosto. So we will see. Hna Buckner and I think that I will still be here but ya never know. Last night we were reading 2Ne9 with them and Mari doesn't say the word Devil or Satan cuz she says it gives him I don't know power or recognition or something. But when we were reading she said it and after she was like ahhhhh it was really funny.

Orlando said that he prayed and felt good but he still doesn't have a date to be baptized but I think this week we are going to set a date. He is a really good joven (youth) person sorry (spanglish doesn't work well) Anywho he is 17 years old and is a really good guy I think with a little bit of time he will be baptized.

We are working hard over here and I really enjoy the work helping these people to understand the gospel is amazing and to see the changes of the people is really something special to see.

Love, Hna Moss