Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mission News 9/19/2011

So this week we have cambios, Elder Relyea is going to Concepcion and I am going to train again. So we are going to see how that will be. This week we found a family we are still working on finding out how to help them so they can be excited to learn about the gospel and to go to church. This week was also the 18th of September and we had a BBQ at the church and we didn't get a lot of work done because of the festivities but hey we are going to be working hard with my new comp. We found a 24 year old that is the son of a returned sister missionary that married out of the church and he has some interest in learning about the church and getting baptized, so I started reading the book of mormon about 10 days ago and I'm almost half way through, I'm marking all of the references to gospel principles of faith repentance, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end.
Have a good week.
Elder Moss

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cody's News 9/12/2011

Things are good Natacha got confirmed this Sunday, so that was awesome! We had a good week, but difficult we worked hard and found some people but they are not that good so we are still in the works of getting everything to work, we had to drop some investigators this week that has been hard because you get so excited for the person when they start to progress and then they stop so that was a bummer, but we are excited to see what the future holds for us. We are going to have a conference this week with the area seventy and then on Saturday we are going to have a ward activity for the 18th of September, and it is going to start at 10 in the morning and go until 8-9 at night. This week we are going to eat lunch with Oscars mom and I'm pretty excited about it because she got reactivated because we taught her son and his family, so that will be pretty cool.
Elder Moss

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cody's News 9/5/2011

Well this week went well and we had a baptism. Natacha finally got baptized finally!! It took a lot of effort but it happened. So that is pretty satisfying we worked hard this week and nothing else really happened we didn't get in that many houses and the few people that let us in were not that good. We are hopeing to get Jimena baptized soon the 18th of September is coming up and that is going to be super fun so that is in 2 more weeks, the ward is really progressing and they are calling more ward missionaries and we are going to start working with them and get everything all peachy and working. Cambios are in a few weeks and we will see if I stay with Elder Relyea for my last 6 weeks or not so we are in for a good time these next few weeks. But hey just gotta work away, just 7-8 more weeks and I can rest in peace. Today we played some touch foot ball and ate some donde alex it was super tasty they give tons of avocado and mayo so its super delicious.
Until next week.
Elder Moss

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cody's News 8/29/2011

Well, things went pretty decent this week, the only lame thing is that no one came to church, and in fact Elder Relyea had a dream where he dreamed that none of our investigators would go to church and that is exactly what happened so I told him that he needed to quit with all those lame dreams and start dreaming baptisms. Other than that things went well, we had interviews with President Humphrey and I enjoyed that. We found a wife of a less active brother and we are hoping to be able to get her to church the main problem is that she works at the supermarket and so she also works Sundays. We are working on the other people. We also taught Jimena about the 10 commandments and since she believes in one of the virgins down here I didn't know really how to handle that situation but I hope everything worked out and that she understood that she needs to only worship God the father through Jesus Christ. Natacha still continues without a testimony. That is what we are working on and getting everything in order so they can get baptized. Well it seems like every thing is good at home your all working away and studying and if this next 2 months go as fast as this one I'm home in a jiffy. Hope things are well gone well for everyone and that you are having a good day.
Elder Moss