Monday, October 18, 2010

Amber's News 10/18/2010

Hola everyone,

I hope you are all doing good. This week was really great. Elia was baptized yesterday!!! Her baptism was really great and her whole family came. They are not members so it was really special. We are going to their house on Tuesday so we are pretty excited. Elia is super bueno. Every one was nervous that she was only being baptized because her boyfriend is a member. But don't worry we made sure that she had a testimony. Ohh we found a new person this passed week his name is Vicente (10) he is a really good kid. His mom and brother are members but are inactive and his dad is a non-member. According to my comp and our ward mission leader Vicente is a miracle. They said that missionaries have been trying to get him baptized for years and finally we are going to do it. I think that when his dad sees his baptism that he is going to have the desire to learn and then he will be baptized.

Hey I read in our mission notices that Thomas and Judith were baptized!!!!! Our miracle from Lampa. I hope you all remember when we started teaching Cata and Judith that was in the beginning of July when Hna Buckner came. Cata and Judith had a date to be baptized together but Judiths brother told her she should put everything in order in her family before she should be baptized (her brother is a bishop - I cant believe he said that) So she wasn't baptized and Catas dad Thomas didn't want to listen to us at all. lol He was so pesada (difficult). Actually there was one point in time when he said that Cata couldn't be baptized. Oh I remember when Judith told us this she was bawling and so was Cata. And we told them that everything was going to be alright. We had just finished a fast for her kid Agustine and he was healthy and he received a blessing from the Elders. So Hna Buckner and I did service in their house. Yeah we cleaned...a lot. And after a little bit of time he said that Cata could be baptized. Thomas and Judith came to sacrament and then to the baptism for Cata and Thomas really liked it. So we started out really slow with Thomas from there. It was so funny because we started reading the book of mormon with them and they started praying together (they had a lot of problems but this changed everything) Man it was amazing to see the changes in the prayers of Judith the fist time when we visited with her and Cata they wouldn't pray at all. Actually they didn't accept a date to be baptized for a long time. But her and Thomas were praying together and they were reading and the feeling in their house totally changed. They started coming to church with us and everything was different. Thomas was always afraid to have not read before we came over because he didn't want to disappoint us. After some lessons when we would invited them to do something he would say oh we have to do it (it wasn't an option not to). When Hna Buckner and I were trying to decide which date they should be baptized we picked two dates and then we prayed and wrote down what we thought and it was the same date. Then when we started with the Word of Wisdom. Judith was so worried that Thomas wouldn't be able to do it because he smoked so much. Thomas was too he said he had tried to do it a bunch of times before but never could quit. But we told him this time was different because this time he had something different -the gospel. And with the help of God he could do it. Hna Buckner and I left and told them we would come back the next day with a plan. We came back the next night with a bunch of pictures that we had cut out from liahonas(oops) and scriptures that we had written that they could hang up in their house to remind them. Then we had them write down when where why and with who they smoke and how they could avoid these situations or change it. For Judith it was pretty easy she didn't smoke much actually before she had told us she didn't have the desire to smoke anymore. Thomas for him it was really hard especially at work because they all smoked. Thomas went from 20 ciggs in one day to 7 and after that he went to 3. The week that I left Lampa he quit. This was a little over a week to quit. Oh one other thing he did that was really great was when he wanted to smoke we told him to call Judith and talk with her and she would help him till he didn't want to smoke or to think of a scripture or pray. He also would suck on candy or things like that to help. They were finally baptized. It was pretty hard not to be there for it but. I'm just glad that they did it and that they have testimonies. Which reminds me of a time that we were teaching them and that morning I had prayed that Judith would share her testimony to Thomas in our lesson and then she did share it in our lesson. She talked about all of the blessings that she had seen with us teaching them and that she had more peace and joy and that she new it was true and then the spirit touched her heart and she said I have a feeling that I have never felt before here in my heart. Then we explained that it was the Holy Ghost and then I think this is when we invited them to be baptized. Bueno this was their story it is my favorite so far.... oh one of my favorite things that Thomas asked us after a while of teaching them was "why didn't you share the gospel with me before? oh because I was so difficult." I loved that he said this because if people really knew what the gospel could do for them they would all want to listen. If they knew the changes they could have. Everyone wants the gospel they want the peace and joy that it can bring but like its says in doctrine and convenience they just don't know where to find it.

I want to invite you all to share what you have, this joy and peace. That the gospel brings and help others strengthen their faith and testimony in Jesus Christ. Find someone this week to help lift their burden or to share your testimony.

I hope you all have a great week and are praying in such a way that you can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost in your lives. That you are reading the book of mormon to recieve personal revelation daily. That you are serving your neighbor.

Love Hna Moss

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