Monday, November 29, 2010

Cody's News 11/29/2010

Hey there things are good and news came in today that I am now moving to Hualqui and I should arrive tomorrow it is about 40 mins. south of Conception if you want to look for it on the map. I really enjoyed my time here in Bulnes and I am going to miss it a lot. I'm going to say goodbye to all my friends today and tomorrow in the morning I'm off to Hualqui. It should be a little cooler there because it is by the ocean so that will be nice. But I believe it will still be really hot
This week we found a kid named Hector and he has blue eyes and blondish hair like the Hector we know. He is a really cool kid and I believe that he is going to get baptized. On Friday we did a family night in the church and we wanted to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies but when we went to the store here in Bulnes I just about had a heart attack because it doesn't have brown sugar and so we were going crazy trying to figure out what to make for the family night, but we were able to decide on smores and they were really good and every one liked them. Hector went to the family night and he loved it. He said that he thought that we were a lot more serious and Elder Dowse was like no we are just normal people who worship God and yes we also do fun things.
Well that is really crazy that Whitney is turning 19 on Saturday!!! wow my lil sis is all grown up. So is it still kinda snowy up there because down here it is hot and I am frying up I need to bust out the sunscreen so I don't get some skin cancer or something like that. So Hualqui is going to be fun it is a town a little bigger than Bulnes but it has alot more active members like a hundred and forty more active members, so that will be fun to work at. My last companion Elder Denis came from Hualqui to Bulnes and I'm going from Bulnes to Hualqui. So that Carla girl that we are teaching dosen't really want anything to do with us now, so that is really sad I was sure she was going to get baptized. But I think that Elder Dowse and his new companion should be able to get things done here. have a great week.
Love you all,
Elder Moss

Amber's News 11/29/2010

Hey everyone,
Thanksgiving was pretty awesome. Lol it was really weird because it was hot and we bought a chicken not turkey. But it was fun. We had intercambios with the hnas so they came over and ate with us. After we worked and Hna Mera and I found a new person to teach his name is Felipe. This week we also have two people that are prepared to be baptized this next Sunday. They are Ricardo and Emelin. We are really excited for them.
Hey Carlos and Silivia have a date to be married this Saturday. Ah my first wedding. Bueno Silvia is a member but Carlso no. So with them they couldn't find a date to be married until march or april (I know everyone in the country is getting married right). But we prayed and kept looking and finally they found one that someone had not confirmed and so they are going to be married the 4th at 9 in the night. They are both really old so it's not going to be to crazy or anything. Then Carlos is going to be baptized the 12th of Dec. All is going well. The Church is true.
Love, Hna Moss

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cody's News 11/22/2010

For Thanks Giving Elder Douse and I are going to eat chicken quesadillas at Danielas and Ximenas house yum!! Well it is snowing up there huh? That is crazy, the weather down here is crazy because it was raining and really cold and then the rain stopped and then it got really hot and humid. Well, Bulnes has pretty much died we have like no investigators but we are looking for some so don't worry. Daniela is still awesome, it is like, she has been a member of the church for a long time, and this Sunday she gave her first talk ever! It was about the Holy Ghost and it was good. It is great to hear your converts get up and talk and then bear testimony that they know those things are true because they have felt them in their life. Ximena has not been to church in a while so we have to kick her into gear again and get her to church. Well the Chileans don't really have a Thanksgiving holiday but Elder Dowse and I are going to have a family night in the house of Daniela and Ximena and we are going to eat chicken quesadillas. Then we are going to have a branch night the day after and we are going to talk about gratitude and then we are going to watch a mormon message and then have every one say something they are grateful for. That activity should be really great, we are hoping for a great turn out. Other than that things are going well, and I think that I might be changing sectors soon but I would love to stay here in Bulnes for Christmas and New years that would be really really fun and great. That is crazy to think that it is snowing up there and I am getting my farmer tan set in for the season. I am so grateful for carpet and that I can walk around my house with out shoes, down here the culture and the inability to buy carpet, you wear your shoes all day. Hopefully I am still here in Bulnes for Christmas so I can enjoy Christmas, New years and Ximenas Birthday all together. Enjoy your days off and every one The Elder Moss says Hi and I love you all.
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 11/22/2010

Hey Bueno, I'm doing well. I just finished up at the Dentist and I had....0 cavities. Can you believe it. But I do have a little bit of a problem. Remember that tooth that I have that is backwards? The one that did the 180. Anywho the bone on the outside has been deteriorating so my gum is lower thus exposing the root and causing pain. So today the dentist put a thing of fluoride on the side that is exposed and I have to go back next week for him to put something else over it. So he said that it is going to be 50mil which is about a $100. The other day I took out money to buy scripture covers and I have about that left over because I acidently took out to much lol. So next time go I will give him the money. The thing is, that this was bugging me a little when I was in the MTC and remember when I went in the MTC and they found that cavity under one of my sealants. Why didn't they see this before. I don't know maybe it was in its early stages and has progressed.

Bueno I'm excited for my Christmas package. Last tuesday they announced that they have a new address for yall to send packages so it will get to us sooner but I will have to tell you next time cuz I don't have it with me. But remind me next week.

Things are going good were are going to have a baptism for Ricardo the 5th of dec. We are really excited for him. He has changed a lot. He is the one that is a Dj and was a drug addict, smoked and drinked. But has completly changed its been awesome working with him.

I'm sad that I'm going to miss Thanksgiving but I will make sure to eat something scrumptious here. The other night I had a dream that I was passing a store and I saw that they had pies for sale so I asked how much they were and they said 8$ so I said I wanted to buy one and I asked for apple pie but they said they didn't have any so I left the store all mad but then I decided to call you mom because it was a sale and see if you wanted a pie for thanksgiving. :) That was my dream the other night. HA Ha ha ha! Hna Martinez told me that the other night I was talking in my sleep but it was in english so she didn't understand but then I said ah creepy. It was pretty funny cuz I taught her that word.

Oh I'm so excited for my shoes. When I wake up in the morning I never want to take the first step because it hurts. So I'm pretty excited for new shoes.

Bueno I'm doing good. I don't know anything right now for Christmas calls but I will start asking to find out which people have phones.

I love you muchisimo hna moss

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amber's News 11/15/2010

This week not too much happen a lot of people were not home or we couldn't teach them so it was kinda slow. But this next week is going to be really fast cuz the next week we have a baptism. So we are going to be super busy. Things here are going good. What I really need is for you to email me a few stories of our pioneer ancestors. Stories of people that we are related to. We have been trying to teach Vicente's dad but he hasn't sat down and listened to us but the other day I said that I had pioneer ancestors and they wanted to listen including his dad because he likes things like that. So I'm hoping that if I share a few stories he will listen and ask questions and we can get him to open up and start to listen to the lessons. So if you could have a few for me next Monday it would be heavenly. NO they don't celebrate Thanksgiving bummer huh. But I am going to celebrate it with Hna Nielson is is from california and we decided the p-day before Thanksgiving we are going to eat together with our comps she wants to do it with the whole zone so we will see what happens. We will probably eat chicken thought cuz I have never ate turkey here. We ate empanadas a lot for the 18 of September because that is there day of Independence. We had changes last monday and I'm still with Hna Martinez which is crazy because she has 6 months in this sector so I thought she was going to leave. But we have changes again the 21 of Dec. But I think I will stay here and she will leave. Oh but Hna Bair will come home the 14 of Dec! I talked to her the other day and she said she was going to visit yall. That woman is crazy ahh I just love her.
Hermana Moss

Cody's News 11/15/2010

Hey things are alright. Carla disappeared and so we have not had any contact with her all of this week. So that is kind of lame. Other than that we found 2 families that seem really promising. So hopefully we should be getting into their homes more and teaching them hopefully that would help Bulnes infinity to have families get baptized.
I have yet to get the packages so that should be happing in a week or two I believe. I want sweet tarts all of the way it dosent matter if they are the valentines day heart shaped but sweet tarts are the best. I'm not really sure what to say this week. I told you about paula right? Well this week she ran away from her Aunts house and it now seems like she has been found and is in the hospital. So that is some news. Today we went to Chillan and played some futbol and that was fun I enjoyed playing. Then I went and ate a hotdog and fries and they did not have ketchup so I dipped my fries in mayo like a Chilean. That was tasty. It is funny because in the states it's a joke to put mayo on every thing but down here it is normal.
Hope you all have a great week.
Elder Moss

Monday, November 8, 2010

Amber's News 11/8/2010


Wow this week was really great. Vicente was baptized Saturday and received the Holy Ghost Sunday. His baptism was really special. His brother Elias baptized him. My favorite part was when he came up out of the water he said "again". It was really funny. His dad is a non-member and came. I have been praying for a long time that his dad would have the desires to listen to us and that the spirit would touch his heart. So this morning a member called us and told us that last night they went to some priesthood intro thing and Vicente went with his dad. His dad told people that now that Vicente was baptized that he might do it too!!!! Whoo we are going to pass by tonight and talk to them for a little bit. I'm so happy for them. Because the other day I was really sad when Vicente's mother asked us if she could be sealed to Elias and Vicente and we had to tell her no because it has to be with her husband too. So we are praying a lot for Javier.

Oh we are still working with Richardo. I hope ya'll remember him. He was the guy we thought we were going to drop because he wasn't really listening to us. But we had intercambios and I was in another sector and I told Hna Martinez to still do an activity with the atonement with Ricardo. And when they did it they had an explosion of the spirit in this lesson and Ricardo accepted a date to be baptized. So the other night we were teaching him and he said he had felt a lot more peace in his life and joy. He was smoking 2 packs a week and the next week was smoking 1 or 2 ciggs for a week and this was before we even taught the word of wisdom. He loves to go to the church now. He says that he feels like he starts the week out right. But I loved his comment the other night when he said I don't like the gospel...I love it. Oh man I died when he said this, it was awesome. He is a DJ and so his life is pretty crazy and he said he wanted to look for another job. He was also hanging out with some friends the other day and they asked him if he wanted to drink and he said no that he wanted soda. And they said is this really Ricardo. But they were all very happy for him.

We are also working with Elias family. She was baptized a couple of weeks ago. When I got here we couldn't teach in her house but after her baptism her family opened up and now we are teaching them. Her mom is super super catholic but the other night their dad had them all read the book of mormon and discuss it and they have all said that they feel more peace and that they haven't been fighting. It is amazing to see how the gospel works in the lives of the people. Oh one night we had a lesson with them about prayer so we taught it and then we did an activity where everyone had their own personal prayer and could only express gratitude. So we did that and then we finished with and prayer right after and wow the spirit was so strong. I gave the last prayer. I felt like the spirit was giving me everything that I needed to say. It was very strong. Wow. And after Hna Martinez said that I prayed differently that my Spanish was really really good in this prayer that everything was very clear. It was a really neat experience.

Bueno, I love you all and hope you have a great week

Love Hna Moss

Cody's News 11/8/2010

Yesterday was Daniela's birthday and so we went over to her house to
celebrate and Ximena wanted Elder Douse and I to come over in normal
clothes and I was like I'm sorry but no... next year. I will come to
the birthday in normal clothes. That's if I am up to another 13 hour
flight in the same week that I get home. So we have been trying to
meet up with John to teach him but he has been kind of difficult to
find. Carla should be getting baptized this Sunday. We are going to
have the baptismal interview on Tuesday and then she should be ready
to go. Goldelva is also really excited to get baptized and I think
that she is really going to quit smoking this week. We are working to
find people good to teach which is proving to be kind of difficult
but we should be getting some good people soon. Is Sam going to the
Brazil Manaus Mission? That is really cool but I am sorry to say that
Chile takes the cake over any other place in the world. (sorry every
one, it's true) So our mission started reading the Book of Mormon together
and so far it has been a really great experience. W
e are going to take 2 months to do it marking every reference to Jesus Christ which are a lot because Jesus is Jehovah who is the Lord so there are a ton of references. Well the Book of Mormon has a reference to Jesus Christ in every 1.5 verses so it is going to be a good read. As I read the book and mark all of the references to Jesus Christ I can't help but think to my self that no evil or lying person could write a book like this. And a good person wouldn't write it if it wasn't true. I get excited every day to read it. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that the church is what it claims to be. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that he loves us.Yesterday Elder Douse gave the Sunday school lesson in church and it was about the atonement. So that was good. How are you going to do the christmas calling? Are we going to do a Christmas call?

Hey, I love you all,
Keep waiting for me only 11 more :)
Love, Elder Moss

Monday, November 1, 2010

Amber's News 11/1/2010

Well for my best week ever it was great. We had a lot of success mission wise so that went really well. We have 3 investigators progressing towards their baptism and this week Vicente is going to be baptized. He is really great. I love how excited he gets when we teach him. Nicole said that she knows the church is true but didn't want to be baptized so that was a bummer but we are going to continue working with her because I believe in time she will do it. We started teaching the family of one of our converts so that is really great. We had a womans conference this week which I feel was inspired to be this week because it helped me so much. One thing that Hna May said that helped me was that over everything our family, friends, school, work and boyfriends. We chose the Lord first. That brought me a lot of comfort to think that is right when I sent in my papers I chose God. That is what I learned and I felt a lot better. Also I got to see Hna Bair and Hna Buckner so that helped me a ton. Hey Hna Bair is going home in December I think the 14. It's pretty crazy.
Love, Hna Moss

Cody's News 11/1/2010

Today is a holiday in Chile so it took us a while to find a place with internet. The weather is great and it is starting to warm up here. This last week it was really weird because it rained a couple days and it was really cold like when it was winter here. So my allergies are starting to get me here and I have been coughing a bit something that I never did at home. This week was great we found a kid named John that had just started going to the Salvation Army church but we are going to fix that. Elder Dowse is great and really excited to work here in Bulnes so we have been working. Carla is progressing really well and she is going to have a baptismal interview this week and then she should be getting baptized on the 14. On Sunday is Daniela's birthday so we are going to a party for that. Things here are great and we are working our booty off to find some great new people to teach. So all in all things are good and I'm liking Bulnes and Elder Dowse is a good elder.
Love you,
Elder Cody Moss