Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Amber's News 12/27/ 2010

We were able to hook up with Amber around 8:30 am our time. We had a little scare. We received a message from her companions father saying that they had tried the number that they were given by there daughter and it did not work. I was nervous and so we tried the number we had the day before christmas and it did not go thru ether. Christmas morning Ryan go up and did a little research and looking at the phone numbers that we knew worked, he was able to figure out we were short a few numbers and what they needed to be. When we called it went right thru. It was great to talk to her and hear her voice. On Monday we were not expecting to hear from her because our son had said his p-day had been changed to Christmas and there would be not e-mails on Monday. I for got to ask her what her mission was doing. I had not sent an e-mail to her and just as a hunch I checked and she was on. We were able to send a few back and forth. When I first logged on this was what she had sent.

Hey whats up? you all think that just because you talked to me the other day that you dont have to write me?

So you know I'm still alive.

I"m going to eat macarroni and cheese for lunch.

This week we are going to find people.

Love hna moss

Read your scriptures

We also had pday on Christmas. But we have it again to day and an activdad on new years.

Christmas was good. Different because it was so hot. But a lot of it was just another day in the mission. It was good. We are working on finding people right now.

What did you all do?
I asked what activdad was: she said that they were going to play soccer. It must be an activity.
When I asked what she had done the rest of Christmas day:
Bueno it went pretty well we just worked on visiting a bunch of inactives.
I have been really tired lately.
But good although I was kinda bummed cuz we don't have many people with whom we are working with and our numbers were pretty lame this week.

I have a lot of hope for this week though

What a wonderful day Christmas was this year to get to hear my children's voices and know that they are happy and doing well. We are so blessed.

Cody's News 12/27/2010

Cody's p-day was changed to Christmas day so no e-mail just the call. His p-day will be on New Years day this week. We were able to Skype with Cody on Christmas day it was so fun to get to see him. He is doing great and it was crazy to see sweat running down his face. It is in the 80's in Chile right now. A member owns a cyber cafe that they were able to go to on Christmas. To use the computers. He said that right now they are in search of investigators. There ward is big, several thousand members but they only have around 198 that attended on a regular basics. They need to work on retention and reactivation. We were allowed to talk for one hour. We hooked up at 11:00 am our time 3:00 pm his time.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cody's News 12/20/2010

Hmm I don't think anything really happened this week just lots of contacting, we have some new people and so I hope that everything goes really well with them, yes I did get the Christmas package thanks for the candies they are super delicious and tasty, oh and the mac and cheese was really delicious yummm!!!! so ya I will call you at like 11 or 12 your time no problem. So it is my second christmas away yay!!! only 10 months more :) then your going to come and pick me up or no? Well yesterday we had an "invasion" and all the Zone from Chiguayante came and did a bunch of contacts and so we have some promising leads. Other than that we just have people that are not progressing. Other than that I'm missing my converts in Bulnes a lot and sometimes when I get thinking I think that I was ready and willing to leave home and go on a mission but I wasn't to leave Bulnes I wanted to stay there. So now all I can do is wait to go back.
Have a good week. I am excited to talk to you on Christmas.
Elder Moss

Amber's News December 20, 2010

Hey we had changes today and I'm now with Hna Ellsworth. She is from Arizona. She has about 3 months here in Chile. Shes a really fun person. I'm pretty excited to be her comp. Hna Martinez went to Colina.

One of our converts gave a talk and she shared a good story
She said that when she was sad before or something was wrong in her family, she would pray to God.
But when she started listening to the missionarys she learned that God is her Heavenly Father and that he listens to her. That she could talk to him and receive answers. She found that the more she prayed the more sensitive she became to the spirit and the more that she knew that what we were sharing was true.

I liked something that president Corbrige told us. He said that the person that prays and asks God if the Book of Mormon is true will come to find that God converses with men. Actually that is one of my favorite parts in the intro of the Book of Mormon the first paragraph says that the Book of Mormon is a history of the communication of God with men. God is the same yesterday today and forever. If he talked with his children in the past he also talks with his children now. Some people may think that this only applies to prophets now but it is true for us too. We can receive personal revelation from God.
Lots of love Sister Moss

Monday, December 13, 2010

Amber's News 12/13/2010

Yeah my tooth is fine now. I'm using the special tooth paste that he gave me with fluoride.
Bueno yesterday we had a baptism for Carlos! He was the old man that we married. Remember he was progressing slow but by Thursday we felt yeah he is ready. His baptism was really great. We had to go to another church building for it because our font is all clogged and gross. Hna Martinez said that if he had been baptized in that water he would have left with more sins than when he entered. So we had to hurry and rush to another church after sacrament. I was pretty excited for the baptism because it was the grandpa of Vicente.
um with your lesson. I don't really know. God the father hmm. I know that he never changes. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He loves us. He is perfect. He sent his son to die for us. We walked and talked with him before. He knows us personally. He knows us so well that he knows what we are going to do. He is all powerful. Perfectly just and merciful at the same time. He is knowledge. He can't lie or he would cease to be God. I know that God loves us so much. Oh you should look up the talk from President Utchdorf his talk was about God and his love for us. It's my favorite but he gave it October 2009 for conference. Or if you want a really cool talk that talks about God and his character you should read in the Lectures on faith. It was a talk that Joesph Smith gave. It is really cool because in order to understand faith you have to understand more of Gods character.
LoL I keep forgetting that it is Christmas. It is so hot I feel like we are in summer and keep thinking Christmas is in 6 months. When it was winter here and I was with other gringas we were always wanting to sing Christmas songs and now everyone here wants to sing Christmas songs and I'm asking why because it is so hot. Hey you know what they do here in Chile. They open their presents Christmas eve at 12 pm. They told me that then on Christmas day everyone is playing with all their toys and a lot of kids are out in the street.

Hey this week I'm in a trio. Hna Bair left this morning so her comp is with us for this week and then we have changes the next week and most likely I'm going to be with another comp. Oh and Hna Bair said that she will visit yall in 3 weeks.
Bueno I'm looking forward to the Christmas call. We will be able to call on the 25 and we have to finish before 5:00 our time. Y'all will have to figure out the time difference because I have no idea
Love, Hna Moss

Cody's News 12/13/2010

Hey, so things this week are good I'm still missing Bulnes but it is what the Lord wants plus when you guys come pick me up we can go and visit yay!!! I miss waffles and I told Daniela in Bulnes that when she goes to the states to visit me that we will eat waffles because I alway talked about how delicious they are. hmm I should see a christmas package soon I got the package with all of the gifts for my converts and the shirts. At first the shirts were a little tight around the neck but I am still losing weight so it is starting to get more comfortable. I should be seeing a Christmas package soon because we are so close to Concepcion that everything is a lot faster. A
lso today we went to Chiguayante to play soccer and when we were inside the church eating a drunk gangster and his girlfriend came in and he said that one of the elders with us called his girlfriend a bad name and he wanted to fight with all of us, but then we calmed him down and he left. So that was interesting. We had mission conference on Friday and that was good a missionary choir sang O Holy Night, and it was very good I enjoyed it. I have no idea on how to help you with your lesson, something like "you want to know God? Pray." or something like that. for Christmas we have permission to use skype but not video calls, but it is free to use skype to skype and we could do a conference call free. So we are working on finding investigators and thats about it, really lots and lots of contacting.

love you
Elder Cody Moss

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cody's News 12/6/2010

Hello Everyone,
Well last Monday was pretty much the saddest day of my life.. I had to leave Bulnes, it was really sad I cryed like 4 or 5 times that night and the next morning and you know how I am I don't cry that much. It was really really hard to do. When I was saying good bye to Daniela, Ximena and Felipe, they wanted me to resign from being a missionary on the spot so I could stay with them forever. It was pretty temping..... well now I am in Hualqui and all I can do is think about Bulnes and how I want to be there and see Daniela, Ximena and Felipe. I heard that Daniela bore her testimony on Sunday and that it was really good. I also heard that when the missionaries went to visit them after I left that Daniela started to cry because I wasn't there. I got the package and so now I am going to have to send some of the stuff back to Bulnes so that, it can get put to good use. My new companion is Elder Castillo and he is from Peru. He is a good hearted kid and I think that we will have some success together, like yesterday we had a baptism of a guy named Pablo. It was a nice service and he should do well in the church. Hualqui is alright, it has about 170 active members and 4 missionaries, but I'm not the biggest fan, because in Bulnes it is nice and small and everyone wants to get to know you and be your friend but here in Hualqui it is not really like that. Less personal and a lot more formal. So when you guys come to pick me up I would be absolutely fine to spend the entire time in Bulnes with my people.
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 12/6/2010

I'm doing well just getting over a sore throat. I was pretty much out of it for the last two days but we worked just the same. We had two baptisms yesterday and on Whitney's birthday we married two old people. lol it was pretty sweet my first wedding in the mission. So now that Carlos is married he can be baptized. Now we are just working on preparing him. He is 79 so it's kinda...slow. But I know that he will be ready soon we just need to work work work. It was great to see Ricardo baptized he has made some of the biggest changes that I have seen. He's the DJ that drank and smoked a lot. Actually we were talking to him yesterday after his baptism and he told us that he is so happy now and that it is a huge difference from before because when we started teaching him he didn't want to live anymore. He said he had given himself two weeks to live. But now he is one of the happiest people that I know and he loves life. The gospel is truly amazing. The power that is in it and the miracles that we get to see is marvelous. I really don't know much about the christmas call but I will ask to find out what we are doing. Cuz I'm pretty excited to talk to you all. My Dad and Mom distilled in me a love for the gospel when I was little. I remember many of our family nights when I was younger. Yearning to learn more when they were teaching the gospel.
Have a great week,
Hrmn Moss