Monday, December 6, 2010

Cody's News 12/6/2010

Hello Everyone,
Well last Monday was pretty much the saddest day of my life.. I had to leave Bulnes, it was really sad I cryed like 4 or 5 times that night and the next morning and you know how I am I don't cry that much. It was really really hard to do. When I was saying good bye to Daniela, Ximena and Felipe, they wanted me to resign from being a missionary on the spot so I could stay with them forever. It was pretty temping..... well now I am in Hualqui and all I can do is think about Bulnes and how I want to be there and see Daniela, Ximena and Felipe. I heard that Daniela bore her testimony on Sunday and that it was really good. I also heard that when the missionaries went to visit them after I left that Daniela started to cry because I wasn't there. I got the package and so now I am going to have to send some of the stuff back to Bulnes so that, it can get put to good use. My new companion is Elder Castillo and he is from Peru. He is a good hearted kid and I think that we will have some success together, like yesterday we had a baptism of a guy named Pablo. It was a nice service and he should do well in the church. Hualqui is alright, it has about 170 active members and 4 missionaries, but I'm not the biggest fan, because in Bulnes it is nice and small and everyone wants to get to know you and be your friend but here in Hualqui it is not really like that. Less personal and a lot more formal. So when you guys come to pick me up I would be absolutely fine to spend the entire time in Bulnes with my people.
Elder Cody Moss

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