Monday, July 26, 2010

Cody's News 7/26/2010

Hola from Chile,
Things here in Bulnes are great. for the pizza that we made, it was funny I found out that what I thought I was using for gluten was actually potato starch, but the pizza was good anyway. When we bought the cheese we went to the store and told the people that we wanted a kilogram of cheese and they went to a big giant block of it and chopped off a chunk, then we greated it ourselves. Elder Denis is from Las Vegas, and we had cambios (transfers) today and I thought he was going to go but the good news is that he is going to stay at least another 6 weeks here in Bulnes. I do email Amber I happened to do that last week when. Elder Denis wants to study to become a teacher. and he says that he would die for the opprotunity to work at the apple store. We are still working on finding some new people, and we have a few investigators that are coming to church regualry so that is good. Claudia is really close to getting baptized her only obstical is that she has a man that is living in her house, she finds it difficult to just kick him out. Well this week we had Branch conference and we watched Jospeh Smith Prophet of the Restoration on friday that was nice. We also taught a class about preach my gospel and how some of the principals taught in the manual can help normal everyday members. Well the majority of the investigators that we have here in Bulnes are eternal investigators that have been investigating the church for forever, but we have 3 main people, Claudia that is going to get baptized, Goldelva she used to go to a evangelical church and for a while she had fears to change because she didn't want to lose her "friends" at the other church. Victor he is really just afraid to make a desicion if he wants to get baptized or not. and all of the other people that we find through out the day when we come back to their houses for the 2nd time we cannot find them again. so that is kind of the run down on the people we are teaching.

Have a Super Awesome day
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 7/26/2010

Hola greetings from Chile,

Well this week was awesome, we had a lot happen. We found 6 new investigators, it was really cool every day we found a new person and friday we found two. Yesterday we almost had new person Orlando but he said he wants to investigate more. We told him to pray... and we are going to return in a few days. If he prays he will receive an answer and then will be a new person but he has already been to church 2 times with his friend. We had 6 people the church 3 of which were our investigators. We had a lot of lessons with members and other lessons. This week really just flew by I really can't believe that Hna Buckner and I are starting our fourth week together.
We are going to have a baptism this week! Cata is going to be baptized. She is ten years old and her mom was going to be baptized but wasn't progressing so we are going to baptize Cata first and hopefully with a little bit of time her mom will change. Cata is really excited for her baptism this Sunday. She loves to read the scriptures and listen to our lessons. Her little brother Benjamin is so funny he is 4 or so and the other day he lifted up is hair above his forehead and said mis cheskias son fightes po (my bangs are gangster po.) So he got a hair cut the next day.
We are also teaching Daniel and I don't know if you all remember but his parents are the ones that need to be married first but we found them when we missed the street that we were on. But this week Daniel was in the park and we said hi to him and his friend and we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes. So now we are teaching him and he is really excited we had a member come with us to teach. His name is Diego and he told Daniel that he could have the priesthood and Daniel got so excited and his mom too you should have seen their faces lol.
Maureen prayed and said that she felt a grand peace after. Friday we found a boy named Dalion. He came to church with his parents one is inactive and the other is a non member but they are waiting for a divorce so they can get married. And after they are married we can baptize Anjel. We also found Manuel and Pedro they live in a super gangster part of town and we can't go there at night and they are going to start school up again this week so I dont really know how that is going to work out with them. We also are working with a girl named Ximena she is great she shared for a little bit with the missionaries before but stopped for awhile.
Oh yeah I almost for got about Favion and his brother Isaac lol I should tell you their story it is pretty funny. So we were walking past their house and Favion was out side (he is ten) we asked him if we could come by another day to share with him and his family and he said yes. Then a few days later we passed by but he wasn't their we talked with his mom and she said you want to talk with Favion my small boy and we said yeah and she said are you sure Favion and we said yes. She said that she had no problem with us talking to him but she wasn't interested cuz her dad is a pastor to some other church (I don't remember which) So I think it was the next day we went to teach Judith and Cata and this woman was in their house and asked us if we could go to her house and talk with her kids cuz they were having problems so we when and talked with them oh man. We helped them feel better and Favion said that if he felt the gospel was right that he would be baptized and Isaac his brother said he didn't know if he would follow his answer if he prayed. So we set up an appointment to come back the next day to teach Favion. And we were pretty smart and brought Dominique with us. She is a member in the ward and is "Tan Linda" (so pretty) lol so she came with us and when we showed up Isaac was outside with his friends and we went in to teach Favion and his mom and after awhile Isaac came in to the house to listen (thanks to Dominique lol) it was really funny cus their mom said she couldn't believe that we were in their house teaching them because after we left the other day when we asked if Favion was their and we didn't know them she said that she went in the house and told all of her family that the missionaries passed by to see Favion. She told us that they all laughed when they heard this. So yesterday for church Hna Buckerner and I did not think that they would got to church but we knocked and they both Favion and Isaac were ready to go to church and they came with us and stayed for the whole thing and they even stayed to see a baptism after. Isaac is a punk with an earring so its really cool to see him listening and attending church. Well we will see what happens with them this week.
Love, Hermona Moss

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Amber's News 7/19/2010

Hello everyone,
Well Chile is pretty much chill-ly right now I think Cody is colder but who knows. lol When I got my laundry back this week one of my bottoms of my garments was... well shredded literally so Hna Buckner laughed her head off. And we are looking for someone new to wash our clothes because also my sweats had holes in them that weren't there before.

And my new comp is super bueno I'm learning loads from her and we are teaching a lot more yeah! I'm excited for my packages and Hna Buckner has a casset player thinger but I'm a little worried that the tape will be crushed cuz my other packages were but we will see. Oh and when you send packages put stickers of Jesus on them ok.

This week was good we continued to teach Judith and Katalina. She is progressing but not her mom so it is a little sad but we will have a lesson with her mom to help her progress. They are really great people.

Don't forget to pray and read your scriptures.
Love hna moss

Cody's News 7/19/2010

Greatings from Chile
Things went good this week. I hope that you sent me some new shoe laces because I really need some they keep breaking on me. We have been working on finding some more people and we have a few good prospects but sometimes it is just hard to find them in their houses so we are going to keep working on that. Elder Denis and I are going to make some tacos with avacado and tomato. The other day I ate a hotdog with a stick of cheese in it and I found it to be of the utmost quality and flavor. Elder Denis and I made some Zubs pizza for the branch on Thrusday it was good. Well the chese is expensive but is was good. We came across a good chunk of it for the pizza. We had to do a little investigation work to find out what all of the ingredients names are in Spanish but it worked out so that was great. It's not like I have the recipe memorized or anything ;). So things are really cold down here and sometimes I freeze in the night. But it is alright because in the morning I make myself a coffee and heat myself up (don't worry it is a coffee made of wheat so it is a wheat drink) and it warms me up. Man I am just like a Chilean.
Love, Elder Moss

Monday, July 12, 2010

Amber's News 7/12/2010

Hola All,
The week went really well. It is really fun to work with Hna Buckner she is super chill and happy. She also knows her stuff really well so that is great. We found three new people this week they are really great. One is a mom named Judith and her daughter. Judith thinks that she is not going to be able to quit smoking but I know she can and we going to help her do it.

On Tuesday we had a bike ride of about a half an hour and it was pouring rain but it was really fun. Cuz it was the first real day that Hna Buckner was on the bike and she was laughing her head off in the begining becuase we had a lot of wind before it started raining and on the bike her dress was going in which ever direction it was really funny. But then it started pouring rain and it was really cold but it was still really fun and we laughed. We tryed using our umbrellas on our bikes. I could hold it pretty well for a while but we were already soaked so we gave up on the umbrellas. After our appointment for our super far away trip we went back home to change so we didn't get sick.

I'm doing good, learning lots from Hna Buckner and we are working hard. Hna Buckner is helping me with spanish cuz she was with three latinas before. I can say what I want to say now but to understand it is a little harder. I think becuase of their accent but it's getting better and better. We work on learing words everyday and we are only talking in spanish so it is good.

Directing the sector is going well I have gotten us to all of the places that we needed so I'm pretty happy about that. But once I didn't realize that we were not on the right street until we got to the end of it and Hna Buckner started to turn around but I felt that no we still needed to knock this house so we did and a women came out and right away said to come in and she and her marido had been sharing with the missionarys for a while about a year ago but they arn't married so the missionarys droped them. But Hna buckner and I are going to get them married and then baptize them because they are super buenos. When we walked in I thought they were members but inactive cuz they have fotos of the temple hanging up and pictures of Jesus and a hymno.
Until next week,

Love Hna Moss

Cody's News 7/12/2010

Hi All,
So things this week are good. Things are starting to pick up here in Bulnes. We had interviews with our new President, and with the assistants. While the one of the assistants was talking with us (he has been a very successful missionary.) He reminded me a lot of what Dad had told me before I came on the mission about how you need to love the people. Because he said that after some one comes to church that you begin to pass by their house every day even if it is only for 15 minutes just to share a scripture and tell them how much you love them. Because I had been thinking about how I could show and tell the people that we love them. So he gave us a model of how he does his work and I found it to be very good and now I can use that to help allot of people. I have been pretty excited this week because we have a lady that is extremely close to getting baptized and she will be the first baptism here in Bulnes for more than 7 months. We have also increased our work and the quality of it, so we are getting better contacts and better lessons. It has just been an up week. When speaking I am pretty comfortable and with listening I usually don't understand when people are swearing or using a ton of slang but other than that I am comfortable with that also. We had a zone activity today and we didn't get back to Bulnes until after 6 o'clock and so I am not super happy right now. We lost a opportunity for a lesson with a member. You know that we are supposed to get to work at 6 and it is 7 and I am doing Internet so I am not the happiest of clams right now. We went to the mountains they had allot of snow. The rain has stopped but it has started to get a little colder. Well not much happened here in Bulnes so we are just working on making it better. We did have an assistance of 30 people on Sunday so that was really good. I hope that things keep being on the up side and that we can make a difference here.

Elder Cody Moss

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Amber's News 7/ 5/2010

Not much happend this week sadly we couldn't talk with a lot of our investigators. Well while Hna Papenfus went to the temple, I hooked up with other sisters for a little while but this week we are going to have a lot I'm excited. Hna Papenfus left and I have my new comp and we made it back to lamp safetly yeah. My new comp is Hermana Buckner and she is super bueno haha la Hna Bair wanted to be her companion cuz she is really good. I'm really happy with my new comp she is really great. She is from Salt Lake. Hna Bair moved from Los Andes to San Pablo and she was telling me today how she missed our companionship ah it was so fun. She only has four or five months left I can't believe it cuz when I got into the mission she had nine or ten months left.
everything here is good I'm a little nervous to direct but I know it will be just fine I know lampa pretty well. To celebrate the 4th we did nothing lol I forgot about it. Yeah I was with Elder Roth when they played soccer but really I didn't play I talked to other missionarys it was fun. Too late for the olives I already ate one and had to spit out the pit=) lol

love you

hna moss

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cody's News 7/5/2010

Hey Mom things have been good here in Bulnes. I really like Bulnes we even had 14 people in church yesterday so I guess that was alright. Well this week in Bulnes nothing really happened on friday we went to Conception and we listened to President Humphrey talk (our new mission president) and then we ate lunch it was nice our new mission president spends more money on lunch then President Chavez did. We had a lady that was getting really close to being able to get baptized but now she is retrogressing so that is kind of bad. but other than that we are trying to think of ways we can help Bulnes because it is a really small city and so we need to be creative. To find new investigators because just about evey one has talked with missionaries before. Oh ya the father of a member died so we went to his funeral Elder Denis and I refused to go inside the Catholic church but we went to the cemetery and listened to the service. The cemetary was alright there were like a million crosses everywhere my companion Elder Denis said it was pretty decent and not offensive like some of the other ones he has been to. So that was a experience. Down here we are in full blown winter but it does not snow it just rains and it can rain for up to 2 weeks at a time so that can be depressing. Winter down here will end around September 24 so I still have a nice little while of the cold and the rain. Today I bought a soccer jersey of the Chilean nublensey team guess what their mascot is? los diablos rojos. The red devils. So I bought a jersey. On Sunday Elder Denis and I celebrated American Independence and gave our pledge of allegiance after listening to the national anthem. ya I rember when that happend ( I told Cody that I shared in a primary class about trustunig in the Lord when the earth quake hit Chile.) I had to trust in the lord also. I woke up and my first thought was terremoto and then I said a quick little prayer that I would be alright and then I had to put everyting into the Lords hand and wait. So anyway things are good here I had a really long hotdog the other day. Here in Chillan there is a place called Fuente Aleman or german fount and it has some really good hotdogs but I think today I am going to splurge and buy some Mcdonalds. I was talking to Elder Denis and he said that in the summer here in Chile he can buy avocados for 50 cents a pound! We have been making our own completos complete with tomatoes, avocado, ketchup and mayo. It is interesting down here they sell all our condements in squeeze bags and you put a cap on top of the nozel. So I squeeze my mayo and ketchup from plastic bags. Be sure to tell me how Amber is doing.

Love your favorite missionary in la octava region

Elder Cody Moss