Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hey there lil Momma,

Things here in Bulnes are great, finnaly it's hot and Elder Denis finds it warm enough to go around without a jacket Finally! I have been waiting like 3 weeks for that. But things are good, We have in our sector this little town called Santa Clara, and on Sunday this family from Santiago came over to the church and said that they have relatives in Santa Clara that keep seeing weird things in their house that they think are ghost and that the 28 year old has depression and she is looking for help from God. So they took us to the town in their car during Sunday School and we dedicated the house and gave the girl a blessing. So now we have some people that we now get to go to Santa Clara we will see how that can go because on Sundays there are not any buses that go from there to Bulnes. So that is the only difficulty. But we can find a way to get them to church. That is awesome that Chandler is heading out on the mission, he is going to learn a lot but it will be great. Tell all of the Klassens hi for me and that things are just peachy king down here in Chile. Man mario and Dallas are just going into the MTC, that was along time ago, and yet it seems like yesterday. But I have changed a lot since the MTC, but I am still trying to change more because I still have a hard time trying to just be an open person and not so closed. You know what I mean, like when I am with you guys I talk, and then when I am with other people I just don't talk as much, I don't show who I am. Whitney has the same deal. so I am working against that. But I would say I have changed but I am not to sure how I would descibe how I have changed. One thing that I have learn is that you have to be just a normal person but just with higher standards, like the people need to see that your normal like them you just have extra things that you do and don't do. I just cannot be a missionary machine but a person that is a missionary. Like the early missionaries they didn't have any one going before them showing them that a missionary is some robot that just works and works and has no fun with the people. they went in there as normal people showing what they have.. the truth. well

Hey mom I love you and hope that you are having the best week ever (Oh sorry that might be next year when I come home ha haha)
Elder Cody Moss
That is Cody's fun personality coming thru!!

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