Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Amber's News 12/27/ 2010

We were able to hook up with Amber around 8:30 am our time. We had a little scare. We received a message from her companions father saying that they had tried the number that they were given by there daughter and it did not work. I was nervous and so we tried the number we had the day before christmas and it did not go thru ether. Christmas morning Ryan go up and did a little research and looking at the phone numbers that we knew worked, he was able to figure out we were short a few numbers and what they needed to be. When we called it went right thru. It was great to talk to her and hear her voice. On Monday we were not expecting to hear from her because our son had said his p-day had been changed to Christmas and there would be not e-mails on Monday. I for got to ask her what her mission was doing. I had not sent an e-mail to her and just as a hunch I checked and she was on. We were able to send a few back and forth. When I first logged on this was what she had sent.

Hey whats up? you all think that just because you talked to me the other day that you dont have to write me?

So you know I'm still alive.

I"m going to eat macarroni and cheese for lunch.

This week we are going to find people.

Love hna moss

Read your scriptures

We also had pday on Christmas. But we have it again to day and an activdad on new years.

Christmas was good. Different because it was so hot. But a lot of it was just another day in the mission. It was good. We are working on finding people right now.

What did you all do?
I asked what activdad was: she said that they were going to play soccer. It must be an activity.
When I asked what she had done the rest of Christmas day:
Bueno it went pretty well we just worked on visiting a bunch of inactives.
I have been really tired lately.
But good although I was kinda bummed cuz we don't have many people with whom we are working with and our numbers were pretty lame this week.

I have a lot of hope for this week though

What a wonderful day Christmas was this year to get to hear my children's voices and know that they are happy and doing well. We are so blessed.

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