Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cody's News 10/4/2010

So thing are peachy, Elder Denis is leaving on the 19th and I should be having a new companion, and we watched general conference so that was good, we haven't found anyone really new so, it hasn't changed all that much, but I did like the saturday sessions of conference they were really good. It was pretty interesting to hear the disgust of President Monsons voice as he talked about satan and hell. But things are good, Elder Denis said that he is going to let me run the sector for a week and then we will finish running it for the last week. So I have been thinking a little bit about what I want to study when I get back and I think that Engineering would be a good thing to study like civil or structural engineering would be fun I think. We are going to work away this week and hopefully we can find us some super awesome peoples that we can teach. (I asked him What their plans were for the rest of the day and what his favorite conference talks were.) Well I think our plans for today, are to do nothing until 6 o'clock and then go and see if we can find some new people. I think that is about the majority of our plans, I really liked President Monson's talk on the three R's in priesthood and then there was a talk by a 70 about faith and testimony I really liked that. I don't remember his name but he talked about how faith is like a seed and we need to help it become like a tree.
Love you,
Elder Moss

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