Monday, December 6, 2010

Amber's News 12/6/2010

I'm doing well just getting over a sore throat. I was pretty much out of it for the last two days but we worked just the same. We had two baptisms yesterday and on Whitney's birthday we married two old people. lol it was pretty sweet my first wedding in the mission. So now that Carlos is married he can be baptized. Now we are just working on preparing him. He is 79 so it's kinda...slow. But I know that he will be ready soon we just need to work work work. It was great to see Ricardo baptized he has made some of the biggest changes that I have seen. He's the DJ that drank and smoked a lot. Actually we were talking to him yesterday after his baptism and he told us that he is so happy now and that it is a huge difference from before because when we started teaching him he didn't want to live anymore. He said he had given himself two weeks to live. But now he is one of the happiest people that I know and he loves life. The gospel is truly amazing. The power that is in it and the miracles that we get to see is marvelous. I really don't know much about the christmas call but I will ask to find out what we are doing. Cuz I'm pretty excited to talk to you all. My Dad and Mom distilled in me a love for the gospel when I was little. I remember many of our family nights when I was younger. Yearning to learn more when they were teaching the gospel.
Have a great week,
Hrmn Moss

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