Monday, December 13, 2010

Cody's News 12/13/2010

Hey, so things this week are good I'm still missing Bulnes but it is what the Lord wants plus when you guys come pick me up we can go and visit yay!!! I miss waffles and I told Daniela in Bulnes that when she goes to the states to visit me that we will eat waffles because I alway talked about how delicious they are. hmm I should see a christmas package soon I got the package with all of the gifts for my converts and the shirts. At first the shirts were a little tight around the neck but I am still losing weight so it is starting to get more comfortable. I should be seeing a Christmas package soon because we are so close to Concepcion that everything is a lot faster. A
lso today we went to Chiguayante to play soccer and when we were inside the church eating a drunk gangster and his girlfriend came in and he said that one of the elders with us called his girlfriend a bad name and he wanted to fight with all of us, but then we calmed him down and he left. So that was interesting. We had mission conference on Friday and that was good a missionary choir sang O Holy Night, and it was very good I enjoyed it. I have no idea on how to help you with your lesson, something like "you want to know God? Pray." or something like that. for Christmas we have permission to use skype but not video calls, but it is free to use skype to skype and we could do a conference call free. So we are working on finding investigators and thats about it, really lots and lots of contacting.

love you
Elder Cody Moss

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