Sunday, February 28, 2010

Up date as a result of the earth quake

Cody called and said that he was all right. I took great comfort in hearing his voice. The part of the city that he lives in is newer and better built, therefor they did not sustain much damage. I will post more when I get more information.

Amber's News 2/28/2010

This is what Amber wrote this week.
Hello all, hey I don't have much time today sorry the computer ate up a bunch of my time. Thanks for the emails hopefully in Chile I will have more time to email. Last week I was nervous to go to Chile but this week I have been really excited except today has been stressful trying to get everything together and get laundry done.

She was scheduled to fly out on Monday March 1st. She called and said that they have postponed her departure. Because of the earth quake Chile had on Saturday. she was kind of sad to not be going because she was ready to go.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cody's News 2/23/2010

Things here are good, I am starting to miss home more and more every day, yesterday at lunch one of the sisters that we ate lunch with was talking about how ever since she was a little girl she had a dream of eating waffles like gringos, now she is about 24 or so and I was like oh no! I used to eat waffles at least once every month and now I haven't had them in a good while I really want some. It is crazy that 4 months have passed away and now I have almost a year and half left WOW! I never thought that the time would go by so fast. SHOOT, I need to pick it up to start saving more souls ( We have three people that are getting baptised this Sunday). If the time keeps going as fast as it has I will be home in no time at all. Wow wow wow! Dad how was it for you with the time when you were on your mission? Did it go by super fast, or slow or at times both? That is one thing about this life and eternity you can never stop time but one thing about God is that I don't think he really measures time. Yes the sciptures talk about the time of God but if you are going to live forever and if you have always existed how can you measure time? Can you belive that Whitney will be out of school soon? It is such a crazy thing to see how with time all things change but the only things that are constant are God and Jesus and Thier gospel.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amber's News 2/18/2010

Hello Everyone,
Wow the last two months have gone by so fast I can't believe that I only have a few days left. I leave on the first, I should be getting my travel plans really soon. My companions and I have been working really hard. The MTC has been a great place. The spirit here is so strong and I have learned so much. I'm getting really excited to be in Chile with my brother Cody. (at least in the same country)
Love, Amber
I think I'm getting a little nervous for Chile now. Everyone else is already a ways away from home but this whole time I have only been 20 mins away and could walk home if I had wanted but Chile is aways. I'll be good though I imagine it's like here, the first couple days are crazy and hard but then you get into the groove of it and it's all good. Yes I love Sister Dickerson she's the best we were walking to relief society and I said oh I should tell my mom to send me my curling iron just as a thought and then the next thing I knew she was handing it to me. I haven't used it yet but I think I will on Sunday.
(Amber's branch President and wife are members of our families Mapleton ward. She called me just before she was going over to the MTC and asked about the curling iron. She wanted to surprise Amber with it.)

Cody's News 2/15/2010

Ya, I am doing great and the spanish is coming along fine we have a mother and a daughter that started coming to church that are really intent on being baptized so that is going to happen soon and we have a young couple with 2 kids that are fantastic but since it is summer and the husband has been vacationing off of work so they haven't been able to come to church but I think they will this Sunday. My companion and I get along allot of the times some times though it seems like he has problems with the gringo culture and I am like hey the people here do things that would offend me all the time but they don't know my culture, like one week at church it was a little cold and this guy walked up to me and said "oh hey your chubby you can't feel the cold can you?" Now I know that he doesn't know that calling a person fat to their face is an offense in our culture but it is not so bad here. We just finished our shopping for the week and I bought some Trix :) because I had frosted flakes last week and they don't have anything like Rasin Bran so Trix is what it is. So yesterday I found that the ants invaded my cereal and I am not really sure how I am going to protect it this week because they can clim up walls and stuff, so I can't really hang it from the ceiling, because they can still get to it that way, the fridge is the only bug proof place but that is pretty tight to share with every one.

Love you,

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cody's News 2/8/2010

Hey Mom!

Things are good here, our investigators are good we finaly got three to come to church! Two are a mom and a daughter with the son of the daughter (about 7 years old the son) and also this week while we were in the street we found a lady that had talked with the Sisters before in san javier and it has been about three or 4 months since her husband committed suicide so she came to church and she had alot of questions so it made for a good gospel principles class. One thing that is really different about Chile is that there are alot of busses and collectivos (taxis) but they all have diffrent routes that they drive on and they pick you up and drop you off when ever you want on that route really the only thing that is really different is the food and the fact that all the people here listen to alot of music in english. The coolest thing well I'm not sure I am in the city right now but one thing that I think is hilarious is there are these people that ride around selling potatoes and tomatoes and watermellon and they ride around with a mikerophone and speakers all day yelling " La Papa La Papa La Papa La Papa La Papa La Papa tomates La Papa La Papa Sandia La Papa La Papa tomates por MIL PESO(about 2 dollars)" but the speakers are so bad and they go so fast that you cannot really understand what they are saying. People ask me all the time if i miss my family so I say yes my companion laughs at me but I am not going to lie and say that I dont want to see my family because they are the people that I love and will get to spend eternity with. So yes I miss you and would love to see you. Oh and Elder Murillo that I live with he said that I need more pictures because he is sick and tired of looking at the same pictures of my family all the time...... so for Elder Murillo I need some more ( and for me).

Love you
Elder Cody Tyler Moss
or better known as Son

Hey Dad,

Right now the hardest thing is to get people to come to church. It is that it
is summer and lots of people are vacationing. But this Sunday we had
three people come to church I think I wrote mom a little about this so
talk with her about them. My mission president is President Chavez and
he is native to Chile and I think that we really only get to see him twice in
a cambio during conference and when he does interviews. He is good. I
like how he is really focused on working and directed on the work. My
companion likes this but also he doesn't, but I think it is great. we do
alot of walking and every once in a while if we are going some where in
our sector that is really far or we need to get there fast we take the
bus. I am really thankful that you took the time to teach me to be
obedient and to work hard. With my companion some times we end up going to
a house for a couple of hours and I really hate that because we have a
rule that says that the longest a lesson can be is 45 minutes and we don't
even really teach any thing so that for me right now is kinda hard but I
am sticking with my principles and what you taught me. The one thing
that I remember the most that you seemed to take the most time to teach
me is that "a Moss is a finisher we never give up" thanks dad love you.

Amber's News 2/11/2010

This week our lesson was awesome! We taught a girl that didn't believe in God. The most amazing thing about it was seeing her countanance change. It was so awesome to see the effect that the Holy Ghost had. Especially after Hermana Young sang estoy un hijo de dios ( I am a child of God) It was really nice to have the lesson go pretty well. Last week en espanol ah it was really hard because I couldnt say much. But this week Hermana Jensen said I talked the most. My espanol was totally different I am still working on cong verbs and learning words but I'm able to say quite a bit now but understanding oh man I have to focus so hard and some times I still don't get what is going on especially with my maestro that went to Chile. But my maestro that went to Mexico is alot eaiser to understand. I have heard in some other missions that you can use po so I'm interested in finding out what I will be albe to use. Also when we talked to the Chilean he said that in Santiago the mountains were way bigger that what we have in Utah. The have snow all of the time even in the summer. So if we lived there mom would never have let us go swimming becuase the rule is you can't swim or be outside without shoes and socks unless there is no snow on the mountains. So I'm pretty sure that Santiago is the place were you can go surfing and snowboarding in the same day! Also easter island is in my mission! I also learned that there are 10 million people in santiago not 5. And Santiago north is the poor part of the city. So the people there are very nice and humble. I was also told that I will be eating very different from Cody it will be more like the states. I guess I will see when I get there. Oh yes my departure date is March 1 Ok! Next Thursday I should be getting my travel plans and next Wednesday I host for the new missionaries.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Amber's News 2/4/2010

This week has been really good. I go through ups and downs as does everyone. But the ups always make the downs worth it yeah. Spanish is coming along well i have my good days and not so good days. Its interesting some days i can speak and understand more and other days not so much. But i feel as if im improving and im working my hardest. Everyone in my district likes when i talk en spanish becuase i always say something funny. I told the people we were teaching this week that joesph smith prayed in a tree. Our investigadors were an older couple and the grandma must have been super tired becuase she fell asleep when i was talking to her. Then the grandpa was kicking the table inbetween them to wake her up. Wow that was hard to concentrate and focus on teaching in spanish but we got though. I'm woking really hard en spanish and trying to learn it all the time at first i had a hard time getting into it and learning it but now its coming a little more and i'm having a greater desire to learn it. its making me rely on my heavenly father more which is a good thing. I'm glad you corrrected me about my setting apart that the spanish would become easy not it would be easy hey i can hope yeah? lol well its getting a little better.
Love you all,
Hermana Moss

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cody's News 2/1/2010

On Feb 1, 2010

Hola hola,

The work here is great we have about 10 people with a baptismal
commitment (we usually commit them after the first time we teach them a
lesson) but a lot have a hard time getting to church we are teaching
one family Claudia and Jorge and they are fantastic but every Sunday
they go out into the campo (country side). My companion is district
leader and so yesterday we had a interview we had to do so after we
had lunch we got in a bus for a about 3 hours or so and rode to
constitution we had the interview about 40 minute and then we got in
a bus and rode back. On the way back all the seats were full so Elder
Orellana and I stood up for the whole time it wasn’t too bad. Well
the weather changes with the states when it is cold in Utah it is
hot in Chile when it is hot in Utah it is cold in Chile so in about
3 or 4 months it will start to cool down (it is going to be a little
weird to see snow in July) I don’t really read much other than the
scriptures and the packet from the mission that I received that has
the rules and some talks ( it has the beware of pride talk which I
forgot to get and bring with me.) how is your reading of the
scriptures? one thing that I did while I was in the MTC one of the
elders had a book full of inspirational quotes and I bought some
really thin paper for my scriptures and I wrote allot of those and
put them in various places in my scriptures so I have the word of
God and what a few other people have gleaned in this life. like from Benjamin Franklin, Joseph and Hyrum Smith, Thomas Edison and a lot
of other people it is great. But really how is your scripture
study? Well I need to go
love, Elder Moss