Monday, September 27, 2010

Cody's News 9/27/2010

WE HAD SOME BAPTISMS YAYAYAYAY!!!! Daniela Ximena and Felipe they all got baptised so that was pretty awesome, and we had the conference with Presdient Humphrey this last week and I think that I will be staying here in Bulnes for another 4 months so I will be here to celebrate Christmas, New years and all that jazz. I think that chances are pretty good that I will be training, and President Humphrey pretty much told Elder Denis to let me take over the sector for his last little bit here in the mission. So everything here in Bulnes is awesome. Is Amber still in Lampa? or did she get moved around?
Love you

Elder Moss

Amber's News 9/27/2010

I'm in a new area Quilicura and my comp is Hna Martinez today is my first day so I don't know to much about my new sector. The highlight of my week was that Thomas went from 20 ciggs to 2 in one week it was really hard for him but I feel like this next week he won't smoke any. It was really neat. I'm going to really miss them Hna Buckner is going to keep me informed. Now I'm in Quilicura I'm a lot closer to Santiago and it is the city finally I'm not in campo. My comp is a Latina. I'm excited to work in my new sector. Hey I got my bank card thanks lol it took for ever to figure out which envelope it was in. Thanks so much.
It is so true that the gospel brings happiness into your life. That you can see it on the peoples faces. I have seen how the gospel brings happiness into peoples lives.
Love, Hna Moss

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cody's News9/20/2010

Things down here are great. Today is still a holiday but we have keys to the church and the secretarys office. Daniela, Ximena and Felipe are great they are getting baptised on the 26th and they are pretty excited for that, and the assistants of President Humphrey came over and talked to them also. That was alright they didn't really accomplish anything that Elder Denis and I hadn't already done. This week end we had the 200th birtday of chile so that was fun and we ate alot of empanadas and BBQ so that was supertastey it was fun. This week we are going to have mission conference so that should be interesting, also this week Bulnes is going to have its dieziocho activity on the 25th so that should be awesome with some classic chilean games and the cueca, I was learning a little bit of the cueca on the 18th it is like squaredancing. So on the 18th the day of celebration we went over to Danielas and Ximenas house and watched the Testaments so that was fun, and they made us fried empanadas of salmon mmmm really tastey. Then yesterday we couldn't really work because every one was drunk or drinking chicha and at the ramada, so we played some chess.
love you,
Elder Moss

Amber's News 9/21/2010


lol Yes we cut our grass with...sissors on account of they don't have mowers here. bueno I have seen maybe 3 mowers in all of my time here in Chile. One was someone cutting the grass at the park. Our lawn/weeds would have been 3 strips or so. But it only took like and hour and half with sissors lol

Bueno this week was really fun! We celebrated the 18 de septiembre! It is the day of independencia for Chile. So our rama or branch had a activity the 17 and it started at 10am and finished at 2am the next morning. Sweet right! I mean can you imagine being with the ward for that amount of time? It was really fun. First we all ate an empanada in the church and we talked then after that we choripan it was my first one ever it was bread almost like french bread and then with a sliced sausage thing inside yummy. Then we talked more with people and they said hey we are going to go inside to eat lunch and Hna Buckner was like what I thought we just had lunch. So we went inside and had a steak with potatoe salad (not like moms) with a lettus salad and kem (a soda here it's yellow) so we ate and then we all went out to the soccer field that they have and they had a bunch of activitys. It was really fun first they had tug of war with the men and then the women and then they had a game where they had 4 bowls of flour and inside was a candy for the kids. Oh but they had to run over and blow the flour out and get the candy with their mouth. Then they had musical chairs and then they had a bunch of other games in teams. One were they were given 2 mins to take off their shoe laces and tie them together to see who could have the longest thing of laces. They had a bunch more but when it got dark we had another empanada and we went into the church to watch them dance the cueca (the dance of their country) It was really cool. Then we had to go home and plan but they were there until two in the morning dancing. Oh and when we were leaving they gave us another steak to take home becuase they were all going to eat again.

Then the 18 it was really weird because their was no one in the streets. Everyone was in their houses having bar b-Qs and all it was like that all day so was Sunday and Monday everything was closed. Hna Buckner and I were and little worried about how we were going to do contacts but we did it. So the 18 we ate with Thomas and Judith and we ate anticuchos (shishcabob with only meat) it was only cow, pig and hot dog and then a sausage. I'm not sure but I am pretty sure this weekend we didn't eat meat sparingly. I think you know when that happens. It is when you feel like you never want to eat meat again. Anywho it's pretty fun to see Hna Buckner in it all becuase she was a vegiterian for 11 years before the mission.
Sunday no one was in the streets and we ate more empanadas- lol their was a old grandpa in the church that asked us to come visit him and so we said yeah they we could and then he said he wanted to give us once (food at night kind of like dinner but it is a piece of bread or something small) but he wanted to give us empanadas. We told him that we were not allowed to have once but we could still visit him and he got upset and was like it is just food we just call it once and then he said he wasn't going to come to church again if we did not come visit him. He said it kinda jokingly but it was not funny.
Monday we ate more empanadas but we had a really cool lesson with Thomas and Judith with the ley de castidad (law of chastity) it was great. I asked them about their baptism and how excited they were and they said 4 or 5 (on a scale of 1-7 because here 7 is the best) I asked them what we could do to help them feel more prepared for their baptims and they said they wanted to learn about the word of wisdom cuz Thomas smokes but wants to quit. Acutally they said that the 17 at the activilty he only smoked 3 cigs in stead of 20 or so. But last night we said yeah we will teach that tomorrow he said ah I'm not going to smoke at all tomorrow and so we are praying the he can resist the tempations today but we also prepared a plan for him.

y eso

I hope you all are doing well.

Love, Hna Moss

Monday, September 13, 2010

Amber's News 8/13/2010

Oh I got the birthday package thanks so much. The shirts are perfect and the blue looks really good on me. And thanks for the dinero I'm still looking for something real nice. Hey I was needing spray and body wash thank you much. I should finish only a month and a half after Hna Buckner but it's going to be 3 months. Its kinda weird but that happens to a bunch of sisters that they have an extra transfer I don't know why but bueno. I will finish the same transfer with President May. Thats kinda cool. I don't know maybe I just need more time in the mission to help me over come weaknesses or something. What do you think of my release day?

This week was pretty good. Last Monday we went to Santiago to shop. I didn't find anything but the Hna Buckner found a few things. Tuesday we saved a dogs life - we were walking down the street and we saw a little puppy in the road it was almost ran over. Hna Buckner started saying Hermana pick it up pick it up (in english) So I picked up the little puppy (he was so dirty yuck) and right behind us was a vets place or at least that is what we think it is. There was this little fence so I put the dog in there. Then we continued on walking and some young men a crossed the street asked us what we did with the dog. So we told them and then talked about the church sweet!
Yesterday Hna Buckner was sicker than a dog so after church we went to the house and she slept and I worked on my super bacan plan of salvacion helpers (I don't remember what it is called but the fotos of what things are) That was pretty much our week not too exciting but the best part was Thomas y Judith came to church! Also we had a fuerte (strong) lesson with Natalia. When we gave the first vision the spirit was really strong but before we could give her a date to be baptized her mom came home and the spirit left. It was a bummer but it is ok we are going to go visit her again.

Have a great week,
Hna Moss

Cody's News 9/13/2010

Well things down here are starting to warm up and they are looking good and peachy. Daniela, Ximena and Felipe are great, they came to english class and we taught them all of your eating utensils and then they came to church on Sunday and that was awesome, they enjoyed it and said that they want to go back next Sunday. Felipe said it was the best day of his life, better than his birthday. So this week end is the national celebration on the 18th of September the birthday of Chile! every one says that it is going to be just four days of drunks so it sounds like it might be a little difficult to do some missionary work, the stake is going to have a celebration on the 17th but they made it really expensive for people to go so our branch is going to have a activity on the 25th. And we are going to eat some empanadas and some other delicious Chilean treats!!! We didn't really find any new people this week because we had a crazy scare. One of the home bound brothers that we take the sacrament to every week went to the hospital and he got pretty bad so we went to visit him every day but he seems to be doing a bit better. We seem to have improved the view of a less active relative of theirs to the church to, that seem to be good.
Love, Elder Moss

Monday, September 6, 2010

Amber's News 9/6/2010

Hi everyone,
Yes I bought 2 new skits they are pretty cute. They were only like 7 bucks. Seriously if Whitney could shop in Santiago she would die. Today Hna Buckner and I are going to go to Santiago and I'm going to buy a couple new shirts cuz it is starting to get hot and I don't have any short sleeves so basically I'm going to die. Sounds like aubs lucked out with a car. hmm cafe rio sounds delicious. Hey Hna Bair only has like 3 and a half months left then ya'll will get to talk to her she is awesome. Actually Hna Arnold is going to finish her mission at the end of this month and she lives in Provo so I asked her when she was going to visit ya'll and she said that she would like to. Well I told her that you would feed her soo... hmm yeah. But she is going to be on vacation until November so you will have to wait a little.

So my birthday was really good. When I woke up Hna Buckner had put balloons and little notes on my desk for my birthday and then we went to church and I bore my testimony. After we went to Estatcion Colina to eat with a member and they gave us sooo much food. I felt like I had just eaten a thanksgiving dinner. We had empanadas and soup with homade bread and afterthat they brought out a huge plate of rice and chicken with french fries and then icecream and cake. Then later in the day Hna Buckner gave me a scarf it's really cute and then after our lesson with Judith, Thomas and Catalina we had cake. lol I forgot in church Elder Elder and Elder Nicholls sang happy birthday to me but Elder Elder sang in english and Elder Nicholls sang in Spanish it was pretty funny.

The day before my birthday the elders baptized Orlando! It was great to see him baptized cuz Hna Bucker and I started teaching him but we let the Elders start teaching him becuase he lived alone and sometimes it was hard to find a member to go with us. His baptism was really good now his sister has a date to be baptized and also one of his friends.

Right now we are trying to find people we had to drop three people this week it was pretty sad but I'm not worried cuz I know we will find more and they will be ready.

Oh I almost forgot the best part of the week. We taught Thomas and Judit and they both accepted a date to be baptized! The changes in their house has been amazing to see. Catas dad didn't want anything to do with us before but he and Judith both came to the baptism for Cata and her dad Thomas really liked it and then came the next week to see when she got the holy ghost. And ever since has been reading the book of mormon and now him and Judith pray together at night. They had been having a lot of promblems before but now the change is amazing to see. I can literaly feel a difference in their house. Their date to be baptized is for the 16 of October I dont think I will be here for it cuz we have changes on the 26 of September but I am really excited for them.

This week we have a baptism planned for Dalion. Hes a great kid and we are really excited for him. His dad Angel was going to be baptized but something with their divorce fell through so him and Mari have to wait before they can get married.

Love, Hna Moss

Cody's News 9/6/2010

Hey there Everyone,
How is everything up there in the states? Things here are good. Well any way those awesome people we found are named Daniela, Ximena, and Felipe and they are super awesome, I mean when we ask them to do something they do it. They even read more than their assignments! Ximena is really cool because she never really liked religion but she likes the church so that is great. They are going to come to church this Sunday and then they will be just flying on the road to baptism. Ya so I am kinda jealous of the cafe rio that you ate, but I have acutally been thinking more about that super delicious veggie burrito at Bajio and that I would get extra extra extra avacado on it. So a little while back I tryed some thing new I mashed up avacado and put it all over my pizza which made it super delicious. Today is transfers and I am staying in Bulnes for another 6 weeks with Elder Denis. and that Peruvian food we had this last week was really good it was called aji gallina, hen chile in spanish. Oh ya and we are really excited in Bulnes, Goldelva is going to get baptized on the 19th all she needs is to stop smoking and she will be great, she stoped smoking for 3 days and going to her other church and she comes to all of the church activitys. Paula is awesome and she is ready to get baptized, all we need is her dad to show up from Santa Juana. We are thinking that she will get baptized during general conference so we want to take a picture and sent it in to the Liahona. the shoe laces work just fine and I used one of those costco shirts I like it, it dosen't make me look fat like all of my big shirts do. Things are warming up a little bit. Oh this week we locked the keys in our apartment so the only way in was to break the window so we did that. A member of the branch, cut and gave us a piece of glass free. Things are pretty awesome down here, I am going to be companions with Elder Denis for 4 1/2 months so that will be great. It is funny because Elder Denis and I get along really well, we are like copys of each other but he is a democrat so it can lead to some spicy conversations. It is exciting to hear that Mario is going on a mission when he goes to the MTC I need to send him a letter or email or something, so will you let me know when he goes?
Have a great week,
Elder Moss