Monday, December 13, 2010

Amber's News 12/13/2010

Yeah my tooth is fine now. I'm using the special tooth paste that he gave me with fluoride.
Bueno yesterday we had a baptism for Carlos! He was the old man that we married. Remember he was progressing slow but by Thursday we felt yeah he is ready. His baptism was really great. We had to go to another church building for it because our font is all clogged and gross. Hna Martinez said that if he had been baptized in that water he would have left with more sins than when he entered. So we had to hurry and rush to another church after sacrament. I was pretty excited for the baptism because it was the grandpa of Vicente.
um with your lesson. I don't really know. God the father hmm. I know that he never changes. He is the same yesterday today and forever. He loves us. He is perfect. He sent his son to die for us. We walked and talked with him before. He knows us personally. He knows us so well that he knows what we are going to do. He is all powerful. Perfectly just and merciful at the same time. He is knowledge. He can't lie or he would cease to be God. I know that God loves us so much. Oh you should look up the talk from President Utchdorf his talk was about God and his love for us. It's my favorite but he gave it October 2009 for conference. Or if you want a really cool talk that talks about God and his character you should read in the Lectures on faith. It was a talk that Joesph Smith gave. It is really cool because in order to understand faith you have to understand more of Gods character.
LoL I keep forgetting that it is Christmas. It is so hot I feel like we are in summer and keep thinking Christmas is in 6 months. When it was winter here and I was with other gringas we were always wanting to sing Christmas songs and now everyone here wants to sing Christmas songs and I'm asking why because it is so hot. Hey you know what they do here in Chile. They open their presents Christmas eve at 12 pm. They told me that then on Christmas day everyone is playing with all their toys and a lot of kids are out in the street.

Hey this week I'm in a trio. Hna Bair left this morning so her comp is with us for this week and then we have changes the next week and most likely I'm going to be with another comp. Oh and Hna Bair said that she will visit yall in 3 weeks.
Bueno I'm looking forward to the Christmas call. We will be able to call on the 25 and we have to finish before 5:00 our time. Y'all will have to figure out the time difference because I have no idea
Love, Hna Moss

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