Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amber's News 10/4/2010

Hola everybody well conference was great. Bueno some of the highlights or things I liked
David A Bednar - Everything in the gospel is to help us have the holy ghost
Thomas S monson - We shouldnt only look at what is missing
Richard G scott - We become what we want to be when we be what we what to become
- You get what you pay for
- As we walk to the boundary we will find what we never thought we could (faith)
Kevin R Duncan - Follow the prophet don't look to the arm of the flesh
Quinten L. cook - Come, knock and ask, are action words
Dieter F utchdorf - You become great by mastering the essentals.
- What you do with your time shows what is most important to you
Todd D Cristoferson - Life is stewardship of time and choices
David M Mckonki- Studying the scriptures trains us to hear the voice of the lord.

Our hand book for life - Book of Mormon

Bueno other cool things Elder Costa spoke. He came and talked to us like a month ago. And it was really different to hear him speak english in conference. Actually I had a hard time understanding in english. He is a super powerful speaker in Spanish. It was pretty neat to see a difference when people talk in their native tongue. Bueno Kevin R Duncun spoke and he was the Mission President here before my president. Then Elder Corbrige gave a prayer. I met Elder Corbrige and talked to his wife a few months ago. They actually came to Lampa and gave talks in our branch. So... i shook his hand and gave is wife a hug and a kiss on the cheek (thats how you greet people here)

They talked a lot about our agency and I especially liked the talk by Elder Scott about faith and our character. I think mostly because I'm studying faith right now. Man I can't wait to read the conference talks.

Well the Hna Marcoleta is doing good. I get along well with my comp. She is super smart. Her accent is a little different because she is from Mexico so lol sometimes I don't understand her but she is really cool. She is a psycologist and she can read peoples hand writing and tell you all about their personality and what kind of person they are sweet huh? Well our investigator Elia is doing great. She went to conference and really liked it. We have a meeting with her tonight.

Something weird that happened this week. Hna Martinez was talking with a contact that was a guy and another guy walked up and greeted him with a kiss and all (on the cheek) but still it was weird.

Bueno something spiritual that happened on our first lesson with Elia was super powerful the spirit was really strong and we were with members and they all shared their testimonies. Oh and I had a super sweet contact I started talking with this kid and he told me that he didn't believe in God that he believed in evalution so I said I'm here to tell you that God exists he is our father in heaven and as a plan for us. We were on a pretty busy road talking to him but the spirit was so strong in this contact it was really cool. Hna Martinez even commented about it after. I don't know I just feel the spirit strongly helpling me talk with power it was neat.

Bueno eso fue

I love you all Hna Moss
By the way I got word from the Hna Buckner that Thomas didn't smoke this week and him and Judith went to conference I'm so happy!

Bueno as a missionary I can promise blessings (cool huh) I promise you that as you consistantly read the book of mormon and search that you will find an answer of how you can solve problems. Or know what needs to be done as family

Love Hna Moss

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