Monday, November 1, 2010

Amber's News 11/1/2010

Well for my best week ever it was great. We had a lot of success mission wise so that went really well. We have 3 investigators progressing towards their baptism and this week Vicente is going to be baptized. He is really great. I love how excited he gets when we teach him. Nicole said that she knows the church is true but didn't want to be baptized so that was a bummer but we are going to continue working with her because I believe in time she will do it. We started teaching the family of one of our converts so that is really great. We had a womans conference this week which I feel was inspired to be this week because it helped me so much. One thing that Hna May said that helped me was that over everything our family, friends, school, work and boyfriends. We chose the Lord first. That brought me a lot of comfort to think that is right when I sent in my papers I chose God. That is what I learned and I felt a lot better. Also I got to see Hna Bair and Hna Buckner so that helped me a ton. Hey Hna Bair is going home in December I think the 14. It's pretty crazy.
Love, Hna Moss

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