Monday, September 6, 2010

Cody's News 9/6/2010

Hey there Everyone,
How is everything up there in the states? Things here are good. Well any way those awesome people we found are named Daniela, Ximena, and Felipe and they are super awesome, I mean when we ask them to do something they do it. They even read more than their assignments! Ximena is really cool because she never really liked religion but she likes the church so that is great. They are going to come to church this Sunday and then they will be just flying on the road to baptism. Ya so I am kinda jealous of the cafe rio that you ate, but I have acutally been thinking more about that super delicious veggie burrito at Bajio and that I would get extra extra extra avacado on it. So a little while back I tryed some thing new I mashed up avacado and put it all over my pizza which made it super delicious. Today is transfers and I am staying in Bulnes for another 6 weeks with Elder Denis. and that Peruvian food we had this last week was really good it was called aji gallina, hen chile in spanish. Oh ya and we are really excited in Bulnes, Goldelva is going to get baptized on the 19th all she needs is to stop smoking and she will be great, she stoped smoking for 3 days and going to her other church and she comes to all of the church activitys. Paula is awesome and she is ready to get baptized, all we need is her dad to show up from Santa Juana. We are thinking that she will get baptized during general conference so we want to take a picture and sent it in to the Liahona. the shoe laces work just fine and I used one of those costco shirts I like it, it dosen't make me look fat like all of my big shirts do. Things are warming up a little bit. Oh this week we locked the keys in our apartment so the only way in was to break the window so we did that. A member of the branch, cut and gave us a piece of glass free. Things are pretty awesome down here, I am going to be companions with Elder Denis for 4 1/2 months so that will be great. It is funny because Elder Denis and I get along really well, we are like copys of each other but he is a democrat so it can lead to some spicy conversations. It is exciting to hear that Mario is going on a mission when he goes to the MTC I need to send him a letter or email or something, so will you let me know when he goes?
Have a great week,
Elder Moss

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