Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cody's News 8/22/2011

I have not had any baptisms this week, just working away and people coming to church.
I ask Cody for something I could use in my up coming lesson: so for repentance, well its just that people change like for example, when they learn about the word of wisdom, that same day they quit drinking coffee and tea, its stuff like that the most important thing to remember is that repentance is a change. You change and make your self different the way the lord wants you to be. He said the time changed in Chile and was wondering when it would change here. Right now with there change we are one hour different. Cody would like to get into BYU. For the winter semester and so some of our e-mail in pertaining to what needs to be done for that.
Have a great week,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cody's News 8/15/2011

Things are going well we had 2 people in church and it seems like one should be getting baptized soon this next week. We are just pushing along we are hoping that we can get a lot more of these people that we are teaching into church next week so they can start progressing. We talked with one of the ward councilors and starting in September we are going to have 6 ward missionary couples and they are going to help people go from investigator to the sealing process. We found some new people and we are working on getting them with baptismal dates. Today for lunch I ate a Chorrillana super yummy! so we are going to come to chile next summer right? Because I want to take you guys to Oscars and Patricia's sealing. They would love it I told them that we wanted to come back at that time and they were like that would be sweet and they wanted to take us here to Talca and do a bunch of stuff.
Elder Moss

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cody's News 8/8/2011

Hey well things went well this week, we are teaching a family of 9 people and we have yet to determine if 5 or 6 of their kids are baptizable plus we have like 5 other good people that we are teaching so we are just happy campers here. My birthday went well a lot more people remembered this year than last year:). And I have been eating lots and lots of cake, not as good as my Moms of course! But hey it will have to do until I can get my hands on moms chocolate chocolate and her strawberry shortcake or what ever that is that is super yummy. So we are thinking that Natacha is finally going to get baptized but the lame thing is, that she is leaving and going to come back in September. Then she is going to get baptized. The family of 9 are nice and we are going to visit them on Tuesday, and we are also teaching some other people last night we found a girl named Natalia and she is going to come to church on Sunday, and we are going to visit her tomorrow. Today are cambios but there is no change with Elder Relyea and I we are going to keep working and we are hoping to have great success together and then when he gets back it will be great to be able to talk with him about our converts together. well only 12 weeks left and I'm sleeping in my own bed :) yay!!! I have been thinking about some goals of things that I want to accomplish in the next year of my life. Like read the book of mormon 3 times, get accepted and study honors at brigham young, have $10,000 in my Scottrade account (or better said double 5,000 in a year.), have a girlfriend, and get into shape (that one i can't really set some real goals on that until i can get Roy's calipers on my fat again, and get some weights to work out with.)


Elder Moss

Amber's News 8/8/2011

So I finally made it home from Chile. It has been a little different to be back. Especially the weather change from winter to summer. The change from spanish to english was a little rough in the beginning too. I had to realize that not everyone knew what I was saying but I wasn't really catching that I was speaking spanish till my family just stared at me.

I have been on a vacation for the last 3 weeks. Meaning that I don't have any responsibilities...yet haha well this week I plan on working out what I'm doing for school. I am going over to BYU this week to talk to them and then I'm going to be working on some job applications and getting back into everything.

The food here at home is....amazing. I liked chilean food but I love my moms food. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really eating it because I still feel like I'm dreaming.

For the first week and a half home I wasn't without a companion haha I switched off between my mom and my 2 sisters. When one of my sisters went to work I was with the other and when they were both gone I was hanging out with my mom. So now I am fine alone that was probably something hard for me to adjust to. I always enjoyed having someone to talk to.

I miss the people in Chile a lot. Facebook has been a blessing. Because I have been able to communicate with a bunch of the people there and have been able to talk with them. The people there are amazing and will always have a place in my heart.

Its been really weird to be home but it has been great to be with the family and start a new phase of my life.

- Amber Moss

Cody's News 8/1/2011

Things down here are decent but we are not having much progress with our investigators but we are working on getting them in church and on the road to repentance and baptism. We are happy as a couple of clams. Today we are going to eat some completos for lunch and then we are going to nap a bunch and those are the plans for the day. and for my Birthday we are going to buy a cake and then just work you know the normal routine. So that is what we are up to. Have a great week.

Love, Elder Moss

Amber's News 7/19/2011

She is home!!!!!!! We picked Amber up at the air port on July 19. It was so great to see her again after a mission well served. Her home coming talk was on the 24 of July. It was a testament to how good of a missionary she was. Now she is getting back into school and finding a job.