Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cody's News 2/21/2011

Hey there,
Well after 3 months in Hualqui the big man stepped in and is now sending me to Curico so that is going to be one long, long bus ride it will be like 6-7 hours of travel time. Right, once I got sort of accustomed to Hualqui I get sent away. Oh well. So they are sending sisters in to replace me and they are going to get to enjoy all that work that I did for them. This week the single adults from Curico down to Concepcion had a missionary activity in Hualqui. That was interesting and Elder Castillo and I got assigned 6 girls to show around Hualqui so they could do their activity. That was kind of awkward. Hey you should try some soup down here I think that they make some pretty decent stuff. Especially because they throw eggs into it. :), so im off again! love chao.
My decision to go on a mission. I believe it was that ever since I was little I had wanted to go on a mission and yes for a while I wasn't to sure if I wanted to or not but that got all cleared up and I started to make the preparations, it was funny because when I talked with President Frischknecht he was saying that there must have been something that I was going to be sacrificing like a car or girlfriend or some computer that I was going to miss but when he was saying that I was like I'm not really sacrificing anything because the car I can sell the girlfriend I don't have and the computer I don't have either. So it was relatively an easy decision to go.
So, I'm off again! Love you,
Elder Moss

Amber's News 2/21/2011

This week our missionaries were asked the question of how they decided to go on a mission:
Hmm how did I decide to go on the mission. Really there were a lot of things that helped me go. Because u know how scared I was to leave. First I was having a really hard time being moved out with roommates and all. Second I felt like what I was doing in school wasn't right. I wasn't where I needed to be. We went to California on vacation and listen to a bunch of church CD's during the drive that really helped me out. Then we went to the Oqurr Mountain temple open house and that is what got me thinking about the mission especially when when were leaving and Amy asked me a question and I didn't really know how to respond. Well u know I was listening to Jim Rhon right. He said a quote that really hit me a lot. He said that "discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs pounds." In thinking about the mission, I did not want to have this regret all my life of not going. Cuz I knew in going I would be a better person a better wife and a better mom. But at the same time I had all this fear and I didn't really want to go. So I had to become humble and put all my fears and what I wanted to the side. And I really started to search the scriptures and really pray to know if I should go or not. When I received my answer it was just like it says in Alma 32:28 that you feel good, like an expanding in your soul and it feels like that for your mind also. I received that feeling. And I did not have any more fear and I was really excited to go. So that was how I received my answer. I really, really wanted to know but first I had to humble myself. I have found that, that is the same for people here in the mission field that we are teaching. They really have to have the desire to know. Before they receive their answer. Also they have to be humble. Actually I was learning the other day that before the first principles of the gospel can grow, with in a person. That person has to be humble. It was really interesting.
We are still working with brian and he loves the chruch and is progressing for his baptizm.
your Chilean Daughter Sister Moss

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cody's News 2/14/2011

Hey so this week we have had some really exciting happenings here in Hualqui. Maria and Delfin, an old couple that are in their upper 70s that have been sharing with missionaries for more than a year and a half got married and baptized this Friday. It was a really nice service and it was all organized in 2 days (man that was stressing) we went to the city on Wednesday and they gave us a time to get them married on Friday at 6 in the church so that's what we did, We then baptized them and they were confirmed on Sunday. It was funny because I baptized the old man and when we entered into the water he said a prayer to bless the water. haha. But also this Sunday we had another baptism of an 11 year old son of less actives. He lives with his active grandma so that was nice also. Hopefully we should be having some more baptisms soon.

love you all
Elder Cody Moss

I asked about the recent earth quakes.
Everything is all good I am a little inland and the water that is close to me is the river Bio Bio and it is almost dry enough for me to walk across. I'm not sure how South I am but it is all good here nothing has happened. Just people are scared out of thier pants thats all.

Amber's News 2/14/2011

Hello All,
Well the other day Hna Dinsdale and I were walking so we didn't feel the earthquake. We walked into a little store and they asked us if we felt it and we said no when did it happen. So for us to feel the earth quake here in Santiago u had to be sitting down in your house or something, or u would miss it like I did. But I have felt one like that before so I know what its like. Our district leader and Elder Elder (he is my district again) were teaching tithing on the 3 floor of a building so they felt it and said it was pretty fun. When I first got here I had felt one like that. It is so weird because everything is moving. Not just u but the whole house. It is so weird to experience. We have heard a lot of stories about the one last year. It sounded horrible.
This week we found a kid that is 12. He came to church with us yesterday. His mom and brother are less active. So he has been before. Last night we taught him about the holy ghost and baptism. He loved it. We invited him to be baptized and he said yes but that their wasn't anyone in his family that could baptize him. We told him that we would help him find someone in the church that could baptize him. He was really excited and said that he was so excited he didn't have words. We asked him to say the last prayer and he gave thanks for us and thanks for this special day and that he is going to achieve his goal. I guess it has always been a goal of his to get baptized. So we are going to help him reach his goal woot. I was so happy after. It always makes me so happy to see people excited about the gospel and to want it so much. It was really good to see this week especially after we had a few people say no to us pretty strongly.
We are just working hard and talking with everyone. I'm learning a lot especially about the word work. Today and the other day I had been studying how to receive revelation and all and I found that before we have faith and pray we have to be humble to receive an answer. Also to begin with you need to have faith, repent and be baptize they have to be humble to receive what we are teaching. Just like when Alma is teaching a group of people and another group that is humble comes up to him and he turns and starts to teach them because they are humble and the other group isn't. It was really interesting. So now I'm looking for humble people like Brian. Because they have fertile soil where the word can grow and they can start to have faith. Repent and be baptized.
I love u Hna Moss

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cody's News 2/7/2011

Hello All,
So this Sunday we should be having a baptism. He is the son of less active parents but his grandma is active and every night he sleeps in her house. He should be getting baptized his name is Marco. We should be getting our old couple married this week and then they will get baptized the Sunday after their marriage. and we have some other people that we are teaching that all live in the same neighborhood because it is really new and just about all the people that live there are new to Hualqui and many are willing to listen to us so that's great! So this week is The Festival of Corn (Choclo) and we had all the missionaries in the zone come and we did a bunch of contacts and all the people that were there are from Talcahuano and Concepcion. Well we are just working away here in Hualqui and today we are going to the festival and we are going to eat some pastel of choclo which will be delicious. With the recipes I acutally want to buy a book that is called The Great Book of the Chilean Kitchen I need to see if I can buy it used because it is expensive.
Love you,
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 2/7/2011

Hmm things have been going well. I really like my new comp she is really great. We found a bunch of great people this week. We are working on getting them to accept dates to be baptized and to go to the church. We have been trying to fight with vacations here. I never thought I would hate the word but here we are. They go on vacations here for months so we have 10 converts in our sector and only 3 are here right now the rest are gone. Also we contact people and they say that yeah we can pass by but not till March. I know that their are people here but we are still looking for them. My comp is really great and we are going to kick some hind parts. Honestly I had a hard last cambio. But I am really excited for this cambio and we are going to have a lot of success. I have been learning a lot of things lately. And working hard.
Well I love u all tonz and hope everything is going well.
Love Hna Moss

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amber's news 1/31/2011

This week was a little crazy for Sister Moss. She had wanted me to get her enrolled into BYU for the fall and I had waited to long and there were to many things she needed to do that I could not so it was a no go. She wrote this Things here are going well its a little toasty but good We had changes so I'm with another Hermana but I'm still in the same sector. We are working hard and working on finding the people that are prepared to have the gospel. Then I received a letter from her this week and would like to share this from it.I don't want to lie and say it has not been hard to be away from you all for so long it has, but it has been worth it to be here to have the knowledge and experiences that I now have. To see the changes that people can make in the gospel and the help them find that joy and peace that they long for. In November Elder Corbridge came and to talk to us. It was really really good. He talked about how the gift of the Holy Ghost was the greatest gift that we could have. one thing that really stuck out to me was when he said the biggest problem that we have in the mission is to not have the spirit. And that the biggest problem we have for a member is to not have the spirit. Everything depends on us having the spirit. It is our source for happiness, peace and love. If we want more of one of these things in our lives we have to have more of the spirit in our lives. We do that by reading the scriptures, praying, going to church, doing, saying and wanting those things that will not offend the spirit. Every good thing we have cones by the spirit.
Hopefully we will get more news of how she is doing next week.
Have a great week, Vickie

Cody's News 1/31/2011

Hey well,
How is the land of snow and ice? Has Jack Frost nipped you yet? Things are good here in Hualqui. We had a baptism this Sunday her name is Camilla and she is the 9 year olds daughter of a less active member. We are planning on getting a few more these upcoming weeks. We are going to get Maria and Delfin married they are an old couple and then they will get baptized. Susanna has came to church a couple of times and is getting ready to get baptized herself So that is some good stuff in the works other than that we are just working away trying to get as many people as possible in the aguas bautismales. (I think he meant August Baptisms) We are teaching a bunch of people in one of the newer neighborhoods here in Hualqui. I like it because every week a new family is moving in to the street. So when they get there thats when we get'em, Thats good, It is nice and warm here and we are working away at helping people receive the gospel.
Have a great week,
Elder Cody Moss
love you mom.