Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cody's News 4/25/2011

So things are doing good, today I'm going fishing with an investigator named Juan, he is a really good guy and he has a few extra poles to share, so that is going to be a fun experience. We are going to have some baptisms on Sunday, the wife of a less active member, Catherine, and the grandson, of some members. So things are on the up and up. We are working away. I'm hoping that everything went well for the easterness, and yes it is raining down here too. For mothers day we have the place confirmed to do the call, and yes I believe that skype is still approved. Wow it is crazy to think that it is half way between Christmas and when I go home, now, thats crazy!! Before you know it I'm going to be home causing a ruckus! Things are pretty crazy I forgot last week I wanted to ask for you to send me a rain suit you know like the jacket and pants that are water proof because that way I won't get so wet. So that would be scrumptious also if you could send me some more shoe laces, for some reason I keep killing them. The other day Elder Catuguago went to Licanten on a mini-transfer to help the missionaries over there and so when I went to go pick him up I had to take the bus out 2 hours one way and then 2 hours to get back home it was a trip alright. I was toast after that I was pretty horrible. When is Amber going to do her call so I can call before or after like I did the other time. it sure does sound like you guys are just a bunch of fat fat fatties eating so much for Easter but then again it is a tradition. Here the Catholic tradition is to eat fish so I think that, that is crazy. Even though Salmon is scrumptious. So yah Juan is the guy that we are going fishing with today he said that he is going to do a bbq next to the river and he also fishes Salmon so one of these days he is going to fish us a Salmon. He said that in the winter here the Salmons are in the rivers. yuMMM.
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 4/25/2011

So now I'm with my new compaƱera. I'm with Hermana Hadlock!!! So mom u know my companion. Thats pretty neat huh. We are both in a new sector it is called CompaƱia. I'm pretty excited it is going to be an adventure. It is going to be a little different though because we are in Santiago, Santiago like the city, city. There are so many people here. There are a lot of business and there is always something happening. We had been working with someone in Quqilicura she was really great but she was having a hard time with prayer. She was reciting and didn't want to give it up. So we read a scripture in the bible that says that we shouldn't recite so then she realized she shouldn't and she committed to praying. She has a lot of interest but it is hard to get her to go to church too. I know the new sisters are going to help here a lot. Well I hope to have a lot more to write next week. I am really tired today my comp was up packing till like 3 so I didn't really sleep and then we had to get back up at five and I finished packing my bags.
I love u soooo much and this week we are going to find a place where we can have the phone call so next Monday I will give u the phone number and the times and everything. Because we are in a new sector we don't really know right now so... I think it will be a little later than when we called before because we will have church and everything.
Well I love love u and am excited to talk to you.
Love your princess, Sister Moss

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cody's News 4/18/2011

Hey there,
So things were a little crazy here this last week, the sister that washes our clothes had a heart attack on Friday after giving us lunch and died yesterday around 1 or 2. so we went to her showing thats in the church last night. So that is kinda sad. But we have been working hard and the Lord has blessed us with a family to teach, we are going to visit them today their names are Juan, Alejandra, and Melony, hopefully every thing goes well. They said that they are going to come to church this up coming Sunday. So we are going to work with them it is only the husband is kinda hard to find but we'll get him. My comp Elder Catucuago is amazing, the plan ( he mentioned this comp. designed a plan that the mission is using) pretty much is to get the entire ward working in missionary work so then things really begin to skyrocket when that works, so we are getting everything going here so things can change.
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 4/18/2011

Hey we are visiting Hna Dinsdales converts today so we went to Los
Andes but we got stuck there. Now we are back but I don't have time
to write. Tell everyone I love them and that I will right next week. We
have cambios and hopefully I change sectors we will see.
Love, Amber

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Amber's News 4/11/2011

Hello, Hello,
So I had been doing better with all the fire and burning experiences until.... yesterday. It is a good thing u told me to keep the burn free close. We were with a family and he brought us some hot chocolate cuz it was really really cold out side. He gave Hna Dinsdale her cup and she couldn't even touch the sides cuz it was so hot but finally he got it to her. Then he brought me my cup and I had it on my lap on a plate and I don't know what happened but I spilt a bit of the burning hot chocolate on my lap. The best part was that it didn't burn. It was because it was where my garments were and I didn't feel anything it was just like water. The family was like freaking out they were all asking me if I was in pain and if I got burnt and I was just like no I didn't feel anything. Then later in the night I looked at my garment and it was a brown from the hot coco and I looked at my leg and everything was fine it wasn't red or anything. It was a pretty neat experience. So I would have needed to use my burn free but the burning hot, hot chocolate didn't burn me.
Later in the night we found a woman named Leticia we taught her the restoration. It was really great and she accepted a date to be baptized!! We were really excited to find her and to teach her. We taught another woman earlier in the week and this lesson was so powerful the woman started crying. Her name was Merlin. It was really weird cuz I knocked on her door and we were talking to her and she told us that she hated the Mormons that she liked the Jehova Witnesses better. I was like ok but can we give u a pamphlet anyway and she said yes and then I said is their anything we can do for u and she said pray so I said ok can we come in and pray. lol Hna Disndale told me after that she didn't mean for us to come in and pray but I mis understood. lol So we entered and I gave a prayer and I felt that right then I should tell Joseph Smith's story so I did and she started crying and then we gave her a Book of Mormon so she could read and pray so she could know that it was true. She didn't want us to come back but she said she was going to read. It was a really strong lesson even though she didn't accept for us to come back. Hna Dinsdale even commented about how strong the spirit was.
Love Sis Moss.
I dont know how much I will be able to write next week because we are going to visit Hna Dinsdales converts. We are going to go to Los Andes whoo. I'm excited cuz I havn't been there in almost a year.
Love, Hna Moss

Cody's News 4/11/2011

Hello Everyone,
Things here are exciting, Elder Catucuago came from concepcion and we got to working hard, we have found a bunch of people and we are planning on having lots of success. We are planning on baptizing a bunch of people with the focus on the family of course. Also Elder Catucaugo is the elder that created the plan PRO-juntos it is the plan the mission is using to get the missionary work going in all of the mission. With the focus on retention, activation and our favorite ....... baptism. Elder Catucuagos has three months of the mission left. We are going to make the most of it. He is from Ecuador and is very spiritual and a hard worker. Things are turning into a winter wonderland here. It is starting to rain and it is getting to be a bit chillier. Hey cool experience, we were returning to a house of some people that we had found but they were not there so then this guy that was standing the the street said "Hey! did they just leave you hangin? you know one time I let missionaries come to my house and then they never came back! Why don't you guys come to my house Sunday at 7?" So we went and we taught him and his wife last night so its interesting to see that the Lord prepares the way even though the other people were not there the Lord place another guy in our way so that we could help him and his family. We are really excited to get working and find all the people that the Lord has for us here. We also started sharing with a less active brother and his wife and they blessed their baby this week so we are working with them, also the daughter and grandson of a sister that are living with her, we have found some other people to, we have found a bunch.
Elder Cody Moss

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Amber's News 4/4/2011

Hey Everyone, conference was awesome right. Things here have been good just working hard. I loved the talk that Elder Bednar gave about receiving revelation and that sometimes it is an ongoing process. I also really liked Elder Oaks talk about our desires and what we really want. And I loved that they all bashed the guys about getting married it was awesome. Elder Scott's talk about his wife was sooo cute. I want my marriage to be just like his.

We have a few people that we are working with. I have been learning a lot about teaching with the spirit and teaching people that the way they get revelation is through praying. When U have a habit of prayer U come closer to God and it is easier for you to recognize answers. Though reading we also receive revelation and when we go to church. Because we hear the words of the prophets in both of these. It has really helped my investigators a lot and it has really strengthened my testimony. Plus they will have their own testimonies an they will know how to endure to the end.

Well I'm doing really well and I'm excited to talk to u all in a few weeks and then I will be seeing U all in a few weeks it is pretty crazy.
To prepare for earthquake i would suggest water. They had cut the water here for like a week. A bunch of people had their pools so they were ok they were able to give some to neighbors and everything. But since we don't have a pool. That would be a great thing, to make sure you have water. Plus I was thinking this week about our storage room and wanted to tell U to make sure we have everything and to see what we need, what you need to throw away, and what new you need to buy. Plus just after being in a little trembler I would say that all of your canned food is toast. It is all going to fall and break. You need to work on having something that will hold those jars in. A lot of people here robbed because they usually don't even buy enough food for one day so they had nothing. That is why Cody said to have a gun. But they had people on guard during the night with big fires watching so people didn't break into their house. Might I suggest you all do what the Chileans do put bars over all your windows and have a big metal fence out front with spikes. I decided already that it is going to be weird to come home and none of the houses have fences out front and that you can just go right up to the door and knock. It kinda makes me uncomfortable thinking about it. Maybe some more rice and wheat those types of things go a long way. Plus rice grows. If you are prepare the Lord will bless you, that there will be enough.
Hope U have a great week.
Love Hna Moss

Cody's News 4/4/2011

Hey guys so not much has happened recently .... We had cambios today so I will be getting my new companion Elder Catucuago (I think thats how you spell his name.) He is from Ecuador I belive so that will be good. Our one lady that we were teaching went out on vacation this last week and we haven't been able to get to her to teach her at all. We will find her this week. All those talks about getting married were pretty interesting.. The good thing is that I'm exempt for another 7 months. I liked the talk that talked about our desires and also the one by President Ucdorf when he talked about living up to the blessings that we have and can receive. I liked when he talked about the guy that went on a cruze and ate beans and on the last day learned that it was all inclusive.
Elder Cody Moss