Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cody's News9/20/2010

Things down here are great. Today is still a holiday but we have keys to the church and the secretarys office. Daniela, Ximena and Felipe are great they are getting baptised on the 26th and they are pretty excited for that, and the assistants of President Humphrey came over and talked to them also. That was alright they didn't really accomplish anything that Elder Denis and I hadn't already done. This week end we had the 200th birtday of chile so that was fun and we ate alot of empanadas and BBQ so that was supertastey it was fun. This week we are going to have mission conference so that should be interesting, also this week Bulnes is going to have its dieziocho activity on the 25th so that should be awesome with some classic chilean games and the cueca, I was learning a little bit of the cueca on the 18th it is like squaredancing. So on the 18th the day of celebration we went over to Danielas and Ximenas house and watched the Testaments so that was fun, and they made us fried empanadas of salmon mmmm really tastey. Then yesterday we couldn't really work because every one was drunk or drinking chicha and at the ramada, so we played some chess.
love you,
Elder Moss

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