Monday, September 13, 2010

Amber's News 8/13/2010

Oh I got the birthday package thanks so much. The shirts are perfect and the blue looks really good on me. And thanks for the dinero I'm still looking for something real nice. Hey I was needing spray and body wash thank you much. I should finish only a month and a half after Hna Buckner but it's going to be 3 months. Its kinda weird but that happens to a bunch of sisters that they have an extra transfer I don't know why but bueno. I will finish the same transfer with President May. Thats kinda cool. I don't know maybe I just need more time in the mission to help me over come weaknesses or something. What do you think of my release day?

This week was pretty good. Last Monday we went to Santiago to shop. I didn't find anything but the Hna Buckner found a few things. Tuesday we saved a dogs life - we were walking down the street and we saw a little puppy in the road it was almost ran over. Hna Buckner started saying Hermana pick it up pick it up (in english) So I picked up the little puppy (he was so dirty yuck) and right behind us was a vets place or at least that is what we think it is. There was this little fence so I put the dog in there. Then we continued on walking and some young men a crossed the street asked us what we did with the dog. So we told them and then talked about the church sweet!
Yesterday Hna Buckner was sicker than a dog so after church we went to the house and she slept and I worked on my super bacan plan of salvacion helpers (I don't remember what it is called but the fotos of what things are) That was pretty much our week not too exciting but the best part was Thomas y Judith came to church! Also we had a fuerte (strong) lesson with Natalia. When we gave the first vision the spirit was really strong but before we could give her a date to be baptized her mom came home and the spirit left. It was a bummer but it is ok we are going to go visit her again.

Have a great week,
Hna Moss

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