Monday, June 27, 2011

Cody's News 6/27/2011

¿ como estas?
Well things went really well this week we are going to have 3 baptisms on Sunday and also transfers came in Elder Huerta is leaving and I'm going to train so the first thing I want my new comp to do is dress up in white and baptize his first Sunday. That would be awesome wouldn't it? I don't know where my new companion is and they also told me that he might be coming down in bus from Santiago because of a volcano eruption so that is kind lame for him. ya so Patricia and kids are awesome the other day they made us pizza and this Sunday after their baptisms we are going to eat lunch at their house. Natacha is great we met her family and we hope to be abel to start teaching her sister and brother in law and also her mom. they all came to church and liked it again. So things are progressing a lot. My district is good they have changed it again now I'm district leader over a different sector and I'm now district leader over the sisters. My responsibilities as district leader are to take care physically of the missionaries and also to do baptismal interviews also I teach them skills for proselyting and teaching and all that fun stuff. So I do that and I also make sure that they are working effectively as missionaries. Wow that is insane that Amber is so close to being home she has to be trunky!
Elder Moss

Amber's News 6/27/2011

Ok I will be leaving Chile the 18th of July I think my plan leaves at like 7:40 pm or something and then we go to Georgia and then we go to Utah. So I will be traveling for a long time. If I'm as tired as when I got to chile I think I will be dead when I see you all. I am going to visit my converts the 11th of July. I don't think that I will be e-mailing you all the 18. My last day e-mailing will be the 11th. I will probably have lots of time because Hermana Hadlock wants to e-mail. So after today u only have to email me 2 more times. Being at church at 8:00 shouldn't be to bad especially if I'm still used to Chile time. Cuz right now I'm waking up at 5:30 your time and some times at 4:30.( I told her she reports to the High council at 8:00 am the day of her home coming.)

The week was good Vitalia received the Holy Ghost she has been doing really good. I'm really going to miss her a lot she is my favorite. She told me the other day that she was going to miss me and that when I left she wasn't going to go to church anymore. That broke my heart but I told her that she still had to go to church because it wasn't my church it was Gods church and that we need to do what he says. That little lady is so funny. I'm trying to keep going strong honestly I never thought it would be so hard in the end but I'm working and praying a lot. We are doing good. The hardest part is that we baptized everyone we found and so now we are looking again but it's freezing out side so lots of people go to bed at 7 or eight. And they get home just a little bit before. We just need to rely more on God and believe that he can lead us to the people that are prepared.

Talk to u next week love Hermana Moss

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cody's News 6/20/2011

Hey, well this week just happened to be super delicious, we had 5 investigators in church and 4 of those have a baptismal date set up, so we are getting close to the money!! The people that went to church are Oscar (he´s less-active) Patricia (his wife) and Oscar and Sofi their kids. They are super excited to be in church and learning. They said that everything that was taught seemed like it was just for them and exactly what they needed and that it was like everything that was said hit them (in a good way) so we are going to visit them today and also a lady named Natacha went to church it was awesome because we found her doing contacts Thursday morning and she accepted a baptisimal date in the first lesson we taught, then we visited her on Saturday and she read the pamphlet of the restoration and had lots of questions and then we gave her a Book of Mormon, she said that she was going to read all of the chapter headings and then read the book to be able to understand the story and everything. She came to church on Sunday and guess who she brought with her? Her father in law that traveled all the way up from the south of Chile. so she is super awesome! Things are on the up and up Elder Huerta and I are looking to having about 5 baptisms this next month. So things are looking scrumtrulecent!
Love You all,
Elder Moss

Amber's News 6/20/2011

This week: we started out this Monday not being able to visit her because her blood pressure dropped so she went to the hospital. We couldn't visit her till Wednesday. Then she said she wasn't going to get baptized. She said she needed to be in better health and that the weather needed to be better because it is freezing cold out side. I said that we just need to have enough faith and we would could have a miracle. So we read in ether where it talks about miracles. When I was teaching I felt so strongly that it could happen. I remembered something too that in one of my blessings when I was set apart it said that according to my faith miracles would happen. I knew as we were reading that God would bless us and help us. I asked Vitalia if she believed that God could help her and that the weather would be ok she said yes that she believed. So we prayed that the weather would be good for her baptism and that she would be better in her health. Then we came back Friday and it was just as cold so she said it looks like Father in Heaven doesn't want to help us so she could be baptized. I said no he does but we just need to have more faith. So we read in The Book of Mormon and we prayed that it would be ok. She told us that earlier in the day she had to go to the doctors to get her eyes checked. She doesn't see very much and she always tries to wave down a taxi but she can see and so see is trying to wave down every car. She said that before she left her house that she prayed that she could get a taxi. She went outside and the first car was a taxi. So she went to the doctors and on the way she prayed and thank Heavenly Father. When she said that she thanked him I was in shock because before when we taught her about prayer she said that she didn't have anything to thank God for. She is so old that it is hard and painful for her to live. I was so grateful to see this change in her. So I told her look you already have a testimony of prayer, that God answers. He answered your prayer today and he will answer your prayer for your baptism. Vitalia said at her doctors appointment he said that she was completely blind in one eye and the other eye she sees less than a finger. So she can't read in The Book of Mormon. We have been reading to her. She said that he told her to get an operation and she wants to do it so she can read The Book of Mormon. But she is nervous because sometimes people go completely blind from these operations. But she said she believed that God would help her. So we ended with a prayer and Vitalia prayed that she would be baptized and that her health would be better.

The next day was Saturday and it was just as cold and it was....raining. We went to Vitalias with our umbrellas and I was in my rain boots. We had to take her to the church for her baptismal interview. We got to her apartment building and we were outside the fence and we called her and she answered. I said hey Vitalia we are here how are u. She said bad it is raining and that she wasn't going to go with us. She wouldn't even open the gate because it was raining. Then she hung up on me. So I called her back she said she had opened the gate but it wasn't really opened. Other people that live in those apartments let us in. So we went up to her room and she let us in. She said she couldn't go out because she would get wet. So we showed her our umbrellas and told her that we would help her. She was worried about her slippers getting wet. As we waited for a taxi she said it looks like Heavenly Father doesn't want me to be baptized but I said no someone else doesn't want u to be baptized but God sent us to help u get baptized. We waved down a taxi and made it to the church and she past her interview. We took her back to her house in the taxi.

The next day it was warmer outside and it wasn't raining. A member picked Vitalia up in his car so she made it to church. In Sunday school Vitalia told me that she was really nervous and that she wanted to go home. So I talked to her for a little bit and then she felt better and was ok to stay and be baptized. Then I gave the relief society lesson because the teacher didn't show up. I read the chapter in like 7 mins and then gave a 40 minute lesson. I think it went pretty well. Then after we had Vitalia change and then we had her baptized. It was really great and nice. Elder Forbush told her to plug her nose and then she went down and came back up. Then Sister Andrea helped her change and then we all helped her to blow dry her hair and we finish the baptism. Later in the night Vitalia was so happy. haha She told us that Elder Forbush dunked her. Later Elder Forbush told us that she floats so he had to get her in there haha. But Vitialia said she took in a little bit of water in her mouth and she was worried but I told her it was church water so she would be ok and she was fine with that. We asked her how she was and she said she was good and said it is weird because I"m always angry. I'm not angry or rude. She said that when people would call and ask how she was she would said. How am I supposed to be. (I can testify sometimes I would call her and ask her how she was and she would say bad, terrible) It was amazing she was so happy and was laughing a ton. But she said that felt really really good and that she was really glad that she got baptized. She told us that before she met us she was really bad off that she was really lonely and angry and that now she was happy and peaceful. I told her that now she had a testimony of the changes that the gospel gives us. It was really neat. She prayed at the end. She thanked God that she met us, that she was baptized. She asked that one day she would be able to see so she could read The Book of Mormon. It was so beautifull to see these changes in Vitailia and to see her desires to be baptized and to know that these things are true. I love Vitalia so much and am so happy for her.

I love u all have a great week

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cody's News 6/13/2011

Things went well this week and we are working hard, Elder Huerta and I are are getting along just swell. It's kinda cold to tell the truth. We made another fire pit last night but we didn't cook or burn anything this time... last week was just bad memories for Elder Huerta but this week nothing, hey so things are good, I'm working away at being district leader, we are doing good we have a family that we are teaching, a less active brother, his wife and 3 kids. We are hopeing to be albe to get 4 baptisms from that house next month. Also we have a few other people around there. But Oscar and his family are our priority to get going to church and baptized. We are hopeing for a miracle! It is super crazy that Amber has only 6 weeks left!!! and when she goes home I have a little under 4 months left. Wow time passes really fast! So being district leader is ok I have done some interviews recently and they are interesting experiences, I always remember my interview with Bishop Stonehawker when I was 8, while I am doing the interviews.
love, hugs, and kisses,
Elder Moss

Amber's News 6/13/2011

This week went really well. Roxana was confirmed. We finished teaching my little grandma Vitalia all of the lessons. She is so cute. She is excited for her baptism. One night when we finished teaching Hna Hadlock asked if she could go to the bathroom. Vitalia said no no no. I thought that is weird so I figured she just didn't understand Hna Hadlock. So I said can Hna Hadlock use your bathroom and she said oh yes I thought you had asked if I had a swimsuit for my baptism. (the words are close in Spanish, (baño and traje de baño) It was really funny I had a good laugh.

We started working with a mom and a son. They are named Sandra y Juan. They accepted a date to be baptized but didn't go to church :(
Same with Ivana ahh this woman is awesome but didn't go to church. We are working with them to go this next
week. This week we are focusing on finding people to teach.
Have a great week!
Hna Moss

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cody's News 6/6/2011

Hey there !!!!!

Well hope everything is going good up there. Not this last Sunday but the Sunday before last, this guy named Jose he got baptized and then he showed up to church late so he hasn't gotten confirmed yet and next week is stake conference so that is going to make it even harder to get him confirmed but that is what we have to do wait 2 more weeks he is really great we did like a co-op thing with my district because his fiancee is a new convert in La Florida and he lives in my sector Jardin Del Valle, so they taught him some and we taught him some and he assists church with his fiancee and so he is really awesome. wow can you believe that it has been a month since Mothers day? Time is flying like Amber's jet home. But hey don't worry about a thing we are working hard and enjoying life here. Last night Elder Huerta and I burned some pictures of his ex girlfriend so we can get past her and that was entertaining we made hot dogs over the fire and put mayo and jalapeño peppers on the dogs. They were tasty and I enjoyed them, Ya Jardin Del Valle is right next door to La Florida and so I have seen a bunch of the members from that ward its been great to seem them again. And every one says that I talk a lot better now so that is great! love you,

Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 6/6/2011

I am doing really good. I am with the Hermana Hadlock. Yesterday we had a baptism for Roxana it was really special. Roxana was so happy after she came out of the water that she gave me and Hna Hadlock a big hug while she was all wet!!! We talked to her after and she said that she felt so much joy being baptized. She told us she had thought a lot about how it was going to be and when it happened it was more than she thought. She said she was so happy and glad that she did it. We were of course really happy for her and we are so happy that she is already so strong and understands everything so well. She said that she loved getting up early Sundays to go to church. Her friend said why are u getting up? Go back to bed and Roxana was thinking why are you not getting up and getting ready. Her friend is from another church. Roxana said that before she would go to other churches later in the day but she never went and didn't really want to. But with our church in the morning she wakes up and is excited to go. She said for her baptism that she felt the need to be baptized. That she just felt that it was a necessary. And when she did it she felt relief and felt so happy.

Vitalia didn't go to church. She got sick last Tuesday and felt terrible. Finally Thursday she said that we could come by with the Elders to give her a blessing. We went and gave it lol she didn't want to pick who did the first part and who did the second so she asked me to pick for her. I think she was kinda scared of the Elders but she has a lot of confidence in me. The next day I called her and she said she felt great. She still had a cough but felt a lot better. She asked what it was called and I was like oh they are called Elders and she no and I said oh the are called Elder Forbush and Elder Vega and then she was like no what was it called the thing they did and I said oh a blessing of health. She said oh yeah that did me so good. So now she has a testimony of the priesthood.

We found another woman named Ivana she is really great she has a lot of questions but really wants a change in her life. We found her and started talking in the park and she started crying and so we set up another appointment to visit her in her house. She said she was going to go to church with us but she wasn't there when we went by. So we are going to keep working with her.
That was basically what happened this week.

Love u tonz
Hna Moss

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cody's News 5/29/2011

So things went really well this week, the boy friend to a new convert got baptized yesterday and they have plans to get married the end of this month and when that happens then she will move into his house in my ward, so that good. His name is Jose and he will be getting confirmed this next Sunday. So that is great. We have a few families that we are teaching and they just need to come to church and then we could really see some progress. There also is a less active brother and his wife and kids that are coming to our english classes and we found their house the other day and they said we could come back during the week so that is awesome because the wife and kids are not members... yet haha. We have been finding some other people also a mother and daughter and also another marriage that said we could come back to their house so we are just occupied working away here.
Elder Huerta and I have the goal of 4 more baptisms this month so we are hoping that all goes well and that we can reach that.

Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 5/29/2011

This week was really good we had a ton of things going. We found 7 new people. All together we taught 18 lessons. We had 3 people in church. Roxana is soo excited for her baptism this week. We are also so excited it will be Hna Hadlocks first baptism. Roxana wow she is just amazing. We love her so much and are so excited. She is a single mom and does so much. She lives with her friend and takes care of her friends daughter and she takes care of the friends dog then she has her own son that is 7 months. She is also working. So when we went to church her son Franco strarted to be fussy and our Lider Misional turned around and took Franco and him and his wife played with the baby. I was so happy that other people were helping her and that she could have a little break and listen and be at peace in church. Ahh I felt so happy that I almost started crying.

We also had Vitalia with us in church. Our little grandma oh she is amazing during the week she told us how she was going to make lunch Saturday so it would be all ready for Sunday and she wouldn't have to worry about it at church. Before we had gone to church I called Vitalia at to see how she was because she is so worried that she wont get up and will miss church. She answered the phone and told me that she was waiting for us to come by. She then asked me what time it was and I told that it was only 8:30 so she could take a nap for an hour. She said oh thats why I'm so tired she said she had got up at 7:00 and had been waiting for us. I told her I would call her at 9:30 to wake her up becuase she is kinda blind and can't see the time. So she got to church on time and loved it. We showed Roxana and Vitalia the font and they felt a little better. Vitalia later told me that she thought it was in a big pool with lots of water. She also worried that she would get phenomena and I told her the water would be warm so she didn't need to worry about it. Then she told us that after church she was talking to her son that is like 30 and she called him Brother Patricio and he was like why did u call me that and she said thats what they do at church. lol I had a good laugh when I heard that. They both said that they were excited for their baptisms so we are pretty happy!!

Well We had a great week it just flew by.

I love u tonz,
Hna Moss