Monday, September 6, 2010

Amber's News 9/6/2010

Hi everyone,
Yes I bought 2 new skits they are pretty cute. They were only like 7 bucks. Seriously if Whitney could shop in Santiago she would die. Today Hna Buckner and I are going to go to Santiago and I'm going to buy a couple new shirts cuz it is starting to get hot and I don't have any short sleeves so basically I'm going to die. Sounds like aubs lucked out with a car. hmm cafe rio sounds delicious. Hey Hna Bair only has like 3 and a half months left then ya'll will get to talk to her she is awesome. Actually Hna Arnold is going to finish her mission at the end of this month and she lives in Provo so I asked her when she was going to visit ya'll and she said that she would like to. Well I told her that you would feed her soo... hmm yeah. But she is going to be on vacation until November so you will have to wait a little.

So my birthday was really good. When I woke up Hna Buckner had put balloons and little notes on my desk for my birthday and then we went to church and I bore my testimony. After we went to Estatcion Colina to eat with a member and they gave us sooo much food. I felt like I had just eaten a thanksgiving dinner. We had empanadas and soup with homade bread and afterthat they brought out a huge plate of rice and chicken with french fries and then icecream and cake. Then later in the day Hna Buckner gave me a scarf it's really cute and then after our lesson with Judith, Thomas and Catalina we had cake. lol I forgot in church Elder Elder and Elder Nicholls sang happy birthday to me but Elder Elder sang in english and Elder Nicholls sang in Spanish it was pretty funny.

The day before my birthday the elders baptized Orlando! It was great to see him baptized cuz Hna Bucker and I started teaching him but we let the Elders start teaching him becuase he lived alone and sometimes it was hard to find a member to go with us. His baptism was really good now his sister has a date to be baptized and also one of his friends.

Right now we are trying to find people we had to drop three people this week it was pretty sad but I'm not worried cuz I know we will find more and they will be ready.

Oh I almost forgot the best part of the week. We taught Thomas and Judit and they both accepted a date to be baptized! The changes in their house has been amazing to see. Catas dad didn't want anything to do with us before but he and Judith both came to the baptism for Cata and her dad Thomas really liked it and then came the next week to see when she got the holy ghost. And ever since has been reading the book of mormon and now him and Judith pray together at night. They had been having a lot of promblems before but now the change is amazing to see. I can literaly feel a difference in their house. Their date to be baptized is for the 16 of October I dont think I will be here for it cuz we have changes on the 26 of September but I am really excited for them.

This week we have a baptism planned for Dalion. Hes a great kid and we are really excited for him. His dad Angel was going to be baptized but something with their divorce fell through so him and Mari have to wait before they can get married.

Love, Hna Moss

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