Monday, November 8, 2010

Amber's News 11/8/2010


Wow this week was really great. Vicente was baptized Saturday and received the Holy Ghost Sunday. His baptism was really special. His brother Elias baptized him. My favorite part was when he came up out of the water he said "again". It was really funny. His dad is a non-member and came. I have been praying for a long time that his dad would have the desires to listen to us and that the spirit would touch his heart. So this morning a member called us and told us that last night they went to some priesthood intro thing and Vicente went with his dad. His dad told people that now that Vicente was baptized that he might do it too!!!! Whoo we are going to pass by tonight and talk to them for a little bit. I'm so happy for them. Because the other day I was really sad when Vicente's mother asked us if she could be sealed to Elias and Vicente and we had to tell her no because it has to be with her husband too. So we are praying a lot for Javier.

Oh we are still working with Richardo. I hope ya'll remember him. He was the guy we thought we were going to drop because he wasn't really listening to us. But we had intercambios and I was in another sector and I told Hna Martinez to still do an activity with the atonement with Ricardo. And when they did it they had an explosion of the spirit in this lesson and Ricardo accepted a date to be baptized. So the other night we were teaching him and he said he had felt a lot more peace in his life and joy. He was smoking 2 packs a week and the next week was smoking 1 or 2 ciggs for a week and this was before we even taught the word of wisdom. He loves to go to the church now. He says that he feels like he starts the week out right. But I loved his comment the other night when he said I don't like the gospel...I love it. Oh man I died when he said this, it was awesome. He is a DJ and so his life is pretty crazy and he said he wanted to look for another job. He was also hanging out with some friends the other day and they asked him if he wanted to drink and he said no that he wanted soda. And they said is this really Ricardo. But they were all very happy for him.

We are also working with Elias family. She was baptized a couple of weeks ago. When I got here we couldn't teach in her house but after her baptism her family opened up and now we are teaching them. Her mom is super super catholic but the other night their dad had them all read the book of mormon and discuss it and they have all said that they feel more peace and that they haven't been fighting. It is amazing to see how the gospel works in the lives of the people. Oh one night we had a lesson with them about prayer so we taught it and then we did an activity where everyone had their own personal prayer and could only express gratitude. So we did that and then we finished with and prayer right after and wow the spirit was so strong. I gave the last prayer. I felt like the spirit was giving me everything that I needed to say. It was very strong. Wow. And after Hna Martinez said that I prayed differently that my Spanish was really really good in this prayer that everything was very clear. It was a really neat experience.

Bueno, I love you all and hope you have a great week

Love Hna Moss

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