Monday, October 25, 2010

Cody's News 10/25/2010

Hey, this week was good I guess it was really tough we worked a lot and talked with a lot of people but all of them, did not want to hear anything from us. But it's all good we got a list of members of the branch and we are going to start looking up all of the in actives and work with them to get them to church and also to teach and help their family or friends. We have been passing by Daniela and Ximena and they are both doing really awesome. They didn't come to church yesterday because they didn't want to go all the way to Chillan for stake conference. That Carla girl that we are teaching is awesome. We went out to her house before lunch one day and we missed our bus. So we walked from Santa Clara to Pueblo Seco and waited for the bus. So my new companion is Elder Dowse from South Jordan. For one transfer he was in Amber's mission because of the earthquake. He is cool and animated to work and so that is what we have been doing. It is funny because he can pronounce Spanish better than I can but I understand more. So this week we went to the family Olate that we give the sacrament to every week and when we showed up to their house their less active daughter from Santiago was there. We gave them a really powerful lesson about the atonement and she started crying. So we gave her a book of mormon with the invitation to read it so hopefully she gets her life back in shape and gets back into the church. (I asked Cody if there was any thing he would like me to send in his 1/2 way done package) if you could send me some new innersoles for a size ten shoe that would be awesome and some cool new short sleeve shirts that would be great. Also a bunch of the For the Strength of Youth booklets in Spanish and a bunch of the CTR rings in English and Spanish that they give to the primary. If you could and I would like a cool ring too but my only problem is I am not sure my ring size I will find out and let you know. If you could think of anything else that is awesome that I could give to converts I would like that.)

Love Elder Moss

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