Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cody's News 1/18/2010

Hey Pop!
Things are great here we just had a zone activity at the beach we went to constitution today for that. Well the economy here in Talca is that people work work work and most work in factorys but i have not seen a facotry the whole time i am here because my sector is in suburbia of Talca and it is pretty big. On preperation day we go buy our food and then we go into the main center of Talca which is like a 5 minute taxi ride ( known as Collectivos) and they drive on a specific route. and we will go find a place to eat some food like telepizza which is some sad pizza to zubs or pizza hut. i saw the earth quake in hati on the news we walked into a store and it was on the only thing i didnt find out is what was the size of it on the rictor scale. Usually we don't have much time for writing letters because my companion always wants to go look at clothes or some other thing to buy. Talca is pretty nice like i don't feel any different here than i do at home except the people speak spanish and eat a little differently,
love you, Elder Cody Tyler Moss
Mamita (mommy)
oh i need to tell you about some of the food here because you are going to LOVE it! the other day i had a giant tomato and they cut the top off and hollowed it out then put corn and carrots and the rest of the tomato back in but choped up into squares, so i had that and i thought about you every bite and how you would like it more than me :), and i also had this salad with potatoes and boiled eggs the potatos were like they are right after you boil them and before we mash them like that, and to top the salad they put mayo ontop haha you might want to substitute that for ranch or something. oh and i also had zuccini that they cut in half long ways and they hollowed it out mashed it up probably seasoned it and put it back it cheese and sliced turkey on top, and that was alright.
love you soooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo oooooooooooooooo oooooooooo oooooooo much ;) :)
Elder Cody Tyler Moss

Amber's News 1/14/2010

Hola familia,
Well things here are going well again. Spanish is slowly coming i can sometimes understand my teacher but other times i have a hard time it just depends on the day really. Last friday i had a really hard time with it, but just pray for me to learn the language i'm working on learning but having no previous language experience its pretty confusing. My hermanas are really good at helping me. Hermana jensen is fluent in french which is a lot harder than spanish so she picks it up pretty well. Oh sunday was the best day ever! We listend to the music and the spoken word and then guess who came to teach us for relief society! Sister DALTON! It was so awesome to have her come talk to us. My favorite thing she said was that "it is a blessing to be out of your comfort zone." which is so true because that is what really makes you learn and grow. Then on tuesday night Elder Tom L Perry came and talked about bascally the first lesson. And he talked about how the world has lost its way and has no standards so we need to teach everyone. When he was talking about the world i thought man i really dont want to go back out into the world its EVIL. I want to teach but i dont want to come home. It was a really good talk. Hey tell everyone from the moss clan i said hello and tell brandi thanks for the letter and i will write her back today. Basicallly my favorite days are sundays and tuesdays because we have amazing people come talk to us. When sister dalton talked to us i was sittting there and wanted to be just like her she is amazing.
Its weird how its only been two weeks ha ha the days are so long one day feels like a week and a week feels like a day. People told me that before i came and i never understood it till now. I love personal study it my favorite time of the day. Im reading el libro de mormon. Its awesome ah i love the spirit that i get from reading. We taught our investigator on tuesday and we had prepared for the first lesson but he wanted the second lesson so we taught that even though we hadn't practeced it ha ha it was an old man so he asked alll of these deep questions about the plan that no real investigator will probably ever ask. But it was still fun and we did well. I forgot to tell you how crazy spanish is we are supposed to be speaking spanglish now but by week four we go all spanish. All of the lessons we teach will be in spanish nuts huh! so you dont really learn it in 2 months its like a month. One elder took 3 years of spanish in high school and he said the first day he was learning new things. Mom you came to the mtc oh thats so fun i cant believe we were so close but i was probably locked in my class room. When cody said he was in a class room for 16 he didnt lie. ok minus food times and gym its probalbly 12 hours in the class room. But its good my hermans have a hard time with it but i keep them focused they said without me they for sure wouldnt get as much done. Well i have to email cody i love you all. If you send me dear elders i will have more time to emial. cuz reading emails takes time. Good to hear from yall love ya. Hermana moss

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cody's News 1/11/2010

Cody reports that last year his mission the Chile Concepcion mission had baptized 1004 people. The mission goal for this year is 150 baptisms a month. He says to find investigators we share a scripture with members and ask if they know anyone we can teach. We also talk to people in the street and if they have time we talk about baptism and how Christ was baptized by immersion and by one who had proper authority (John the Baptist) most of the time we use passalong cards. When we go up to doors to talk with the people most of the time you don't knock because the people have a fence in front of their house so we say halo in a spanish accent of course and talk with the people and say we are missionaries of Jesus Christ and we have a message how families can be together for ever and ask if we can share it with them. He writes There are soo many inactive here that we work with them, but also you can find them just about any where. It's crazy like we went contacting and we talked with a lady and asked if we could teach her and she said no but we could teach her daughter well it turns out the lady is an inactive member for like forever. And one time we went to a house and did the deal: Hi we're missionaries...... and the lady said we couldn't share well Elder Orellana got to a talking with her and she said that we could never guess what religion she was after going through just about every one it turns out the lady is and inactive member, there are so many here and when we find them we share a scripture and invite them to church.

Cody is doing great the language is coming along the food is a different he is eating some things he would choose not to eat at home like tomatoes, cucumbers and excessive mayo. They are offered alot of soda pop and he had heat exhaustion the other day but after a couple of Tylenol and a lot of water he was feeling better. He says he is enjoying it and anything he mentioned that was negative was for information because I asked. That he is doing well and likes it. In his words "Mom things are good here its just like the U.S. but different. Like the language, the food, and the people but other then that it is the same ha ha.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Amber's News: 1/7/10

We received our first e-mail from the MTC. Amber is doing well. There are 3 sisters in her district. So that means that Amber has 2 companions. And they are both great. She says that "the first Wednesday and Thursday were very hard and intense days. But after that it has been awesome. Sunday was especially great. I bore mi testimonio en espanole. The second day we also learned how to pray. We sing a lot in spanish which I love. One of my favorite things is when we all read as a district out of the Book of Mormon." Amber says that she can understand about half of what they are saying and so the language is coming. Her Hermamas have taken a language before and so it is coming a little faster to them. She is having a great time but she assures us that she is making sure they all stay on task.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Amber's News: 1/4/10

We put Amber into the MTC on Wed. December 30 such a bitter sweet experience. You don't want them to be far from you yet there is no place you would rather have them. So far we have not heard from her yet. But The Dickersons a couple in our ward are over her District and so Mom was very excited to have someone she knows working with her. I will post more when I hear from her. Her address at the MTC is: Sister Amber Danielle Moss, MTC mailbox # 117, CHI-SATN 0302, 2005 N. 900 E., Provo Utah. 84604-1793

Cody's News: 1/4/10

Hi Every one chile is Fantastic and very hot compared to utah at the moment. my companion is from tucuman Argentina and he doesnt know alot of engilsh and doesnot like to use it so that is a blessing. the vision of the Chile concepcion mission is Baptism, so all the time we are supposed to talk about and teach baptism to the people of Chile. im in Talca which is about a four hour bus ride from Concepcion, things are good here we have 3 or 4 baptisms coming up very soon and this last sunday we confirmed two new members to the ward, things are great here, Please look for people that could use the goespel in their life that you can share it with.

Love elder moss