Monday, October 25, 2010

Amber's News 10/25/2010

This week was great we had a lot of lessons with members and Elia recieved the Holy Ghost. Yesterday I had a cool experience we were talking to a member and I felt like I should ask her how her family was (which was weird, I never ask her this) So I did and she said why. Why are you asking? and I said uh cuz I felt like I should. Anywho it so happens that something bad just happened in her family so we talked to her for a little bit and I told her to pray to know what to do. O I forgot last week to say that one day for an hour we had 8! dogs following us. Oh man it was so hard to do contacts. I felt like every time we tired to talk to someone the dogs found another dog behind a fence and would start barking at it.

Vicente is progressing well. He is super excited for his baptism. Last week we played basket ball with him. It is really rare to find someone that likes basketball. Every kid likes soccer. It was really fun. But I jammed my thumb. (that is what I get for having a dad that plays basketball lol (this is a inside joke in our family)) Which reminds me of yesterday when I ironed my hand lol. Yeah I was on exchanges so the house I was in didn't have an ironing board and the plug was behind the bed so I put the iron on the bed and plugged it in. Then I did something else but I put my hand down on the bed and the iron fell and now I have a nice red mark on the back of my hand lol. Yeah I know what I did was really stupid but bueno. But the funny thing is at church someone was like oh you had the iron on the bed and I was said yeah how did you know and the woman said oh I did the same thing (apparently it is a common thing here in Chile) Ok back to Vincente we taught the Plan of Salvation and I think it was the most interesting lesson on the Plan of Salvation that I have had because,he had a lot of questions. Then he would said oh so if my body was here and this and this blah blah. It was really fun. But he is so awesome. In church we had the primary program and so he was up in front but after he went over to his mom and said the missionaries are not here and she said yes they are they are over there. So he came and talked to us for a little bit. Oh last Monday we started teaching Nicole. She is a very very special woman. She is 18 years old but wow she is really sensitive to things. For example she has really good communication with her Father in Heaven. And she also has a gift to recognize when she is being tempted. It is pretty neat to work with her she is really great. She has a lot to change but we are going to help her. She already told us that she knows that it is true. Actually the first day before we taught anything she said she knew it was true but did not want to be baptized because she felt a lot of pressure from her parents to do it. (I have seen this happen a lot here that the parents pressure their kids so much to do these things that it pushes the kids away from it.) But we said we only want to teach you the why of things and we just invite people to do it after we teach you can decide. She said ok and so we came back the next day and taught about temptations because she wanted to know how to eliminate them or over come them because she knows when satan is tempting her and all. So we taught her the lesson was really powerful then we invited her to pray and she said that she did and that she received an answer. So tomorrow we are going invite her to be baptized. Also we are working with her step brother bueno I was in exchanges for this part so I wasn't there for this lesson. Hna Martinez and I had planned to do an activity with the atonement and Hna Martinez wasn't going to do it because I wasn't going to be there. But I said you have to do it. And it happened that she did do it and she said that she felt like a bomb of the spirit went off and that the room was so full of the spirit and they invited him to be baptized and he said yes that he knew it was true. This was amazing because honestly I didn't have much hope for him. I thought we were going to have to drop him because we couldn't ever find him or teach him and if we did he was not really listening or his heart was really hard but now he accepted and is going to do it. It is pretty exciting.( A man from our ward here in Mapleton was in Santiago and had lunch with Amber's mission President and when he came home he told me that President May was very impressed with Amber and wished all of his missionaries were as good.) And this was her reply: Yeah a couple days after Brother Aldana talked to my President we had interviews so he told me that he talked to him. President May is really great so I'm pretty glad to hear what he said.
This was my week I love you all so much !!!

Love Amber

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