Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/10 & 17/2011

We got in some houses and taught a bunch more lessons this week, Nancy came to church, I don't think I will visit any of my old sectors I don't like good byes. So I am just going to come home. I might visit Hualqui. Other than that I am just planning on visiting you guys in a couple of weeks.
Well things are good Nancy went to church again and things are looking good for her baptism. Elder Combe went to a new missionary conference by President Hummphreys and I was working with Elder Navarette. Things are looking good. We are going to get things done for my last 2 weeks and then I'm off to Concepcion then to the states.
Elder Moss

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hello Everyone,
This week we found a lady that wanted to be baptized before but she couldn't because she wasn't married but now she is so we are going to get her in the water and that will be on my last week in the mission.
Elder Moss


Well my new companion is Elder Combe and he is from Cache Valley, Utah. We are just working away we found a really cool guy named Alfredo and we taught him and when we went back for the return appointment he got called into work so.. we still have lots of hope for him and his family. we had a interesting experience we ran into 3 houses of Jehovah Witnesses on the same street. They were all like can you tell me what Gods name is and I was like, well you know we have a difference of opinion so I don't want to play your games. So that was pretty much not fun. They were really annoying. Elder Combe when he was contacting a house said that we were missionaries of Joseph Smith, and decided to knock on the door of a house because it had Spiderman drapes on the second floor (they actually let us in, it was Alfredo's house). We are working hard and I was thinking about it only 4 more times that I will be emailing and then I will be seeing you all.
Elder Moss