Monday, September 27, 2010

Amber's News 9/27/2010

I'm in a new area Quilicura and my comp is Hna Martinez today is my first day so I don't know to much about my new sector. The highlight of my week was that Thomas went from 20 ciggs to 2 in one week it was really hard for him but I feel like this next week he won't smoke any. It was really neat. I'm going to really miss them Hna Buckner is going to keep me informed. Now I'm in Quilicura I'm a lot closer to Santiago and it is the city finally I'm not in campo. My comp is a Latina. I'm excited to work in my new sector. Hey I got my bank card thanks lol it took for ever to figure out which envelope it was in. Thanks so much.
It is so true that the gospel brings happiness into your life. That you can see it on the peoples faces. I have seen how the gospel brings happiness into peoples lives.
Love, Hna Moss

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  1. Your doing a great job Amber! Our little family pray for you and Cody everyday! You are definitely huge examples! Thank you for doing this great work! Love ya!