Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amber's News 11/15/2010

This week not too much happen a lot of people were not home or we couldn't teach them so it was kinda slow. But this next week is going to be really fast cuz the next week we have a baptism. So we are going to be super busy. Things here are going good. What I really need is for you to email me a few stories of our pioneer ancestors. Stories of people that we are related to. We have been trying to teach Vicente's dad but he hasn't sat down and listened to us but the other day I said that I had pioneer ancestors and they wanted to listen including his dad because he likes things like that. So I'm hoping that if I share a few stories he will listen and ask questions and we can get him to open up and start to listen to the lessons. So if you could have a few for me next Monday it would be heavenly. NO they don't celebrate Thanksgiving bummer huh. But I am going to celebrate it with Hna Nielson is is from california and we decided the p-day before Thanksgiving we are going to eat together with our comps she wants to do it with the whole zone so we will see what happens. We will probably eat chicken thought cuz I have never ate turkey here. We ate empanadas a lot for the 18 of September because that is there day of Independence. We had changes last monday and I'm still with Hna Martinez which is crazy because she has 6 months in this sector so I thought she was going to leave. But we have changes again the 21 of Dec. But I think I will stay here and she will leave. Oh but Hna Bair will come home the 14 of Dec! I talked to her the other day and she said she was going to visit yall. That woman is crazy ahh I just love her.
Hermana Moss

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