Monday, January 24, 2011

Cody's News 1/24/2011

Hey so, this last week we have been finding some people around here in Hualqui they are pretty good, some are really excited to learn more. The greatest thing this week was to find a guy named Juan Carlos and to see him come to church with his wife and son. Mom did I tell you a few weeks ago that a lady that we had been teaching started to speak in tongues while we were there? It scared the crap out of me. I was more scared in that moment than I had ever been in my entire life.... my heart was beating REALY HARD, and when she was talking in tongues I just wanted to stand up and walk out of the house and my companion just about burst out laughing in her face. But all I could understand was when she was speaking in Spanish saying hallelujah and God is with me right now I can feel his spirit or presence or something like that it was really weird... and then after she stopped we asked her about the book of mormon and she went up stairs to look for it and it was all I could do to stop Elder Castillo from laughing, but then we talked about the Book of Mormon and gave our testimonies and left, and today in the morning we saw her again in the street and said hi but that was all.

Love, Elder Moss

Amber's news 1/24/2011

This week I asked about shopping in Chile and this was her explanation:
Shopping. It is a little different in every city. Right now we shop in Lider it is owned by walmart. They have a few things that u can buy that are the same in the states. It has peanut butter but it cost 5-6$ and it a little bottle. They now have Snickers, Twix and recently got real Oreos! They have Coke and sometimes Pepsi. They don't have Root Beer, Mountain dew or Dr. Pepper here. The yogurt is different they have one kind that I really like that u drink from the cup. When u buy your fruits and veggies u have to go to the center of the fruit and veggie part and someone will weigh it for u and put a sticker on your bag saying how much it costs. They have different bread here which is really really good. They have a whole aisle of yogurt. They also have a whole section of hot dogs. They have a whole aisle for soda. When I was in Lampa we shopped at Unimarc which is about half the size of Allens and they didn't have very much, I have started cooking rice and on the side avocado, hard boiled egg and tomatoes. oh it is so delicious. Or sometimes I make a pb and j. Oh the other day I and the best sandwich it was my first tuna fish sandwich in more than a year. But on top of my tuna I put avocado. That was really tasty. In Santiago in the Mall they have a burger King, Pizza hut and a McDonalds. In almost all of the stores and malls they have security guards. For breakfast I usually eat cereal. Right now we are eating in our house but before we were eating with members everyday. Now we just eat with them Saturdays and Sundays.

Oh Mom in Santiago they have a whole road of sewing stores and piles and piles of fabric. When u come I will have to show it to u. And if Whit and Aubrey come visit they will die when they see patronato this is a city full of clothes. It is streets and streets of places selling clothes. They have another huge street that is full of food. They have many others but I don't know all of the streets and what they sell.

The culture here is, they don't buy their food once a week like we do, they buy it everyday. They have to have fresh bread and soda. So they buy just a little bit everyday. They also have feria this is where they will come for a day to a street and put up little stands and sell. Fish, fruit, veggies, potatoes, corn, clothes, electronics and much more. So they do that for a day in the street and then the next day they are in another street in the city and they do that everyday. But things always cost less at the feria then they do at the stores. Also people here have little stores inside their houses. Usually they will change the garage into a store. So they have snacks and fruit, veggies and soda, bread and other things that u would need. Some also have computers to use internet (like the one we are in right now) There are a lot of these little stores in houses for example where we live their are about 3 that are pretty close to us. So the parents usually send their kids to buy the little things that they need usually the bread and soda for (dinner that is small- they usually eat bread with avacado and tomato or completos-hotdogs)

This week we found a few people are are working with them to help them pray and read the book of mormon and of course to go to church.
Hey we have transfers next Monday so I don't know if I will still be in Quilicura or not. I'm feeling that I'm going to stay for another six weeks and then leave but really I have no idea. Maybe I will be in another area or with another comp.
Love hna moss

Monday, January 17, 2011

We are out of town this week and so the e-mails were more about what we were doing then what they were doing. Sorry.

Cody's News 1/17/2011

Hey mom,
well one thing that Elder Castillo has told be about Peru is that it has Machupichu which is supposed to be a really cool turist attraction. Next transfers are in February and I am going to be staying. But from what I hear Bulnes is pretty close to having some baptisms and one of my converts there Ximena is inactive now because her hubby doesn't want her going to church. Because when she got baptized she was separated from him but now that things are better she can't go. So it's crazy to think that in November of this year I will be going home!! thats crazy. so it sounds like everything is just peachy king up there in Mexico, but sorry I haven't sent you those picture that I promised you like a million years ago but I keep forgetting to bring my camera. Well stay cool, don't get burned and get some corn rows.:-}

Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 1/17/ 2011

Well we just have been working hard looking for people. Right now their are a lot of people here that want to listen but are all on vaction sounds like u all. But their vacations are for 2 weeks or from now till March. So its been interesting looking for people. But we are working hard and relying on God that their is someone out their for us to find and teach now.
Love, Amber

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ambers news 1/10/2011

This week we were in the street a lot. Knocking doors, well really we can't knock cuz their are fences in front of all the houses we were yelling at doors almost all the week. We have been really busy. We have been helping a bunch of members in ward. Some of them have been having problems so we go and help them out. We had a abuele (granny) help us out this week with a lesson. She is 80 years or so old. And she shared her testimony about how she loved the Book of Mormon. And how she was born Catholic and was going to die Catholic. But she read the Book of Mormon and knew it was true. Her biggest problem was the wine. She had been drinking for 50 years. She had to have it with every meal because she said her food wasn't good without it. Now that she doesn't drink she gives us juice and she alway says we cant finish this conversation without a cup in hand. lol she is so funny.
We found another old lady. She was more than happy to have a Book of Mormon. So we talked with her and read from the book. She really wants to know the truth but is afraid to leave her house. I promised her that if she would go to church with us God would protect her and her house and she didn't have to worry. When I promised her this I felt really strongly that God would fulfill this promise. It was great. But she still said no. We are going to keep working with her. Her name is Auorora. I can't say it. Even though it is the name of sleeping beauty. So I will either practice it or just keep calling her Hermanita.
Bueno things that I have learned lately.
I was reading in a book, that for Christ the miracles that he preformed weren't miracles. That is because he had the knowledge of how to do it. He knew exactly how it worked to be able to bring it about.
I also read that in the spirit world we don't sleep. That Satan has no power over us. That we are very busy teaching the gospel. That the people in the spirit world can see us.
The people that followed Satan in the war in heaven, lost their agency because of the way that they used their agency.
This made me think a lot about our agency and how important it is. Really we are still fighting the same battle - How we will use our agency? Before we were with God and now we are not so that is the next test to see how we will use our agency when we are not with him.
Faith is power
The Holy Ghost is power. The Holy Ghost is the power to change. The Holy Ghost is joy, peace and love. If we feel like we don't have one of these things it is because we fault the Holy Ghost. So we have to do the things to have more of the Holy Ghost. Every Good thing comes from the Holy Ghost.
Talking about the work. I have learned that.
1. Our attiude about things determine everything.
2. I don't know much
3. We can't do it alone - God has to help us. (3 and 4 go together)
4. We can receive personal revelation- Daily
5. God loves us.
6. We decide our future
Keep your testimony strong. You never know when we could have a spiritual disaster. Your testimony is your seventy two hour kit/Food storage. Interesting in our ward it seems that a few families here have had this and their testimony was shaken. Some have fallen and some have stayed in the church. I remember a while ago someone gave a talk about this that we have a choice when something like this happens. To get closer to the church or to leave the church. Hopefully our testimony is strong enough that we recognize that if we cling to the church we can have pain and/or regret taken away from us. This is all done through Jesus Christ.
love, Hna Moss

Cody's News 1/10/2011

Things are good here we are hoping to have some baptisms here in Hualqui and it is great to finaly see the ward looking to retain people. On Sunday we had some investigators in church but one is going to ViƱa del mar which is a city north of Santiago it has its own mission Well one thing that I have learned or that came to my mind is that, a person really follows Jesus Christ by becoming like him, by being humble having charity, faith, honesty, when a person is developing these Christ like attributes they are really following Jesus, like he says in 3 Nephi 12:48 be ye perfect even as I am perfect.
We have had lots and lots of heat but it hasn't gotten over 100 yet, but I still sweat like no ones business. So I found out that one of my converts in Bulnes when I baptized her she was separated from her husband and so when she got baptized she didn't consult him but now that they are back together he doesn't like that she goes to church so now she can't go, so that is kind of sad. I don't know when I will be having any companions that will be going to BYU but one of the other elders here in Hualqui, Elder George goes to BYU but he still has a year and a half left.
Well I hope every thing is good with all of you guys up there. Keep going strong.

Love Elder Moss

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cody's News 1/3/2011

Well things are just peachy king down here, there was the earthquake but nothing happened the earth just moved a little bit but thats all. It seems like everything and every one are all partied out. Ya, the weather has been nice and hot but I don't get why the one year that I'm not there in Utah it has to snow so much, why? Oh well there is always hope for next year. Sounds like your class went well sorry I wasn't much help for ya there. Well for your new years stuff you just need to be specific and maybe have like a date to finish the stuff like for your quilt what day do you want to finish it or something like that. And the book one is good maybe you could pick now which books or some of the books now and leave some of the picking for later. Some thing like that for your goals. Well that is some thing that President Humphrey actually talked with me about a little bit because he told me not to settle for the status quo but that I need to make a goal of the number of people that I am going to help get baptized. We have some good contacts that I believe have a really good possibility of getting baptized this month they are Camila, and a mom and son named Maria and Roberto. They are really great and so I will keep you updated about them. Hey so I finished the Book of Mormon on Christmas day I started the 1st of November and ended on the 25 of December. and after i was able to kneel down and say a prayer it was a really nice experience. Yep my companion is from Peru and he know nothing of english so I get to talk with him in Spanish.
Take care
Elder Cody Moss

Amber's News 1/3/ 2011

Happy new year!!
Well I celebrated the new year in my bed sleeping yeah. Everyone here stays up till at least 5 am. So they all slept in during the day so their weren't to many people we could visit. But this week we have a lot of appointments so it should be really good. We didn't feel the earthquake. It's been really hot lately. Oh We found some one from Haiti and so we taught a lesson in Spanish and part in French. It was really hard to do. We had a member with us that knows a little bit of French and we gave them a French Book of Mormon. We had also printed out the first lesson in French so they read parts out loud in French and then asked us questions in Spanish and we responded in Spanish. It was really different. I read a few things in the French Book of Mormon and I could understand a little bit but not much. But when our investigator was talking I did not understand anything except God and Jesucristo. They pronounce everything really weird. Bueno that was basically this week. Except for knocking a few doors with the DVD How to Find Faith in Christ. We would ask if they wanted to watch this movie with us it is about the life of Christ and it is 20 mins. I had never done it this way but actually we have a bunch of people that want to watch it but they said the next week. So a few weeks ago the spirit gave me this idea and so we tried it out and it has worked pretty well.

I am working on writing my goals and I will finish writing them today.
Love you, Sister Moss