Monday, November 29, 2010

Cody's News 11/29/2010

Hey there things are good and news came in today that I am now moving to Hualqui and I should arrive tomorrow it is about 40 mins. south of Conception if you want to look for it on the map. I really enjoyed my time here in Bulnes and I am going to miss it a lot. I'm going to say goodbye to all my friends today and tomorrow in the morning I'm off to Hualqui. It should be a little cooler there because it is by the ocean so that will be nice. But I believe it will still be really hot
This week we found a kid named Hector and he has blue eyes and blondish hair like the Hector we know. He is a really cool kid and I believe that he is going to get baptized. On Friday we did a family night in the church and we wanted to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies but when we went to the store here in Bulnes I just about had a heart attack because it doesn't have brown sugar and so we were going crazy trying to figure out what to make for the family night, but we were able to decide on smores and they were really good and every one liked them. Hector went to the family night and he loved it. He said that he thought that we were a lot more serious and Elder Dowse was like no we are just normal people who worship God and yes we also do fun things.
Well that is really crazy that Whitney is turning 19 on Saturday!!! wow my lil sis is all grown up. So is it still kinda snowy up there because down here it is hot and I am frying up I need to bust out the sunscreen so I don't get some skin cancer or something like that. So Hualqui is going to be fun it is a town a little bigger than Bulnes but it has alot more active members like a hundred and forty more active members, so that will be fun to work at. My last companion Elder Denis came from Hualqui to Bulnes and I'm going from Bulnes to Hualqui. So that Carla girl that we are teaching dosen't really want anything to do with us now, so that is really sad I was sure she was going to get baptized. But I think that Elder Dowse and his new companion should be able to get things done here. have a great week.
Love you all,
Elder Moss

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