Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amber's News 9/21/2010


lol Yes we cut our grass with...sissors on account of they don't have mowers here. bueno I have seen maybe 3 mowers in all of my time here in Chile. One was someone cutting the grass at the park. Our lawn/weeds would have been 3 strips or so. But it only took like and hour and half with sissors lol

Bueno this week was really fun! We celebrated the 18 de septiembre! It is the day of independencia for Chile. So our rama or branch had a activity the 17 and it started at 10am and finished at 2am the next morning. Sweet right! I mean can you imagine being with the ward for that amount of time? It was really fun. First we all ate an empanada in the church and we talked then after that we choripan it was my first one ever it was bread almost like french bread and then with a sliced sausage thing inside yummy. Then we talked more with people and they said hey we are going to go inside to eat lunch and Hna Buckner was like what I thought we just had lunch. So we went inside and had a steak with potatoe salad (not like moms) with a lettus salad and kem (a soda here it's yellow) so we ate and then we all went out to the soccer field that they have and they had a bunch of activitys. It was really fun first they had tug of war with the men and then the women and then they had a game where they had 4 bowls of flour and inside was a candy for the kids. Oh but they had to run over and blow the flour out and get the candy with their mouth. Then they had musical chairs and then they had a bunch of other games in teams. One were they were given 2 mins to take off their shoe laces and tie them together to see who could have the longest thing of laces. They had a bunch more but when it got dark we had another empanada and we went into the church to watch them dance the cueca (the dance of their country) It was really cool. Then we had to go home and plan but they were there until two in the morning dancing. Oh and when we were leaving they gave us another steak to take home becuase they were all going to eat again.

Then the 18 it was really weird because their was no one in the streets. Everyone was in their houses having bar b-Qs and all it was like that all day so was Sunday and Monday everything was closed. Hna Buckner and I were and little worried about how we were going to do contacts but we did it. So the 18 we ate with Thomas and Judith and we ate anticuchos (shishcabob with only meat) it was only cow, pig and hot dog and then a sausage. I'm not sure but I am pretty sure this weekend we didn't eat meat sparingly. I think you know when that happens. It is when you feel like you never want to eat meat again. Anywho it's pretty fun to see Hna Buckner in it all becuase she was a vegiterian for 11 years before the mission.
Sunday no one was in the streets and we ate more empanadas- lol their was a old grandpa in the church that asked us to come visit him and so we said yeah they we could and then he said he wanted to give us once (food at night kind of like dinner but it is a piece of bread or something small) but he wanted to give us empanadas. We told him that we were not allowed to have once but we could still visit him and he got upset and was like it is just food we just call it once and then he said he wasn't going to come to church again if we did not come visit him. He said it kinda jokingly but it was not funny.
Monday we ate more empanadas but we had a really cool lesson with Thomas and Judith with the ley de castidad (law of chastity) it was great. I asked them about their baptism and how excited they were and they said 4 or 5 (on a scale of 1-7 because here 7 is the best) I asked them what we could do to help them feel more prepared for their baptims and they said they wanted to learn about the word of wisdom cuz Thomas smokes but wants to quit. Acutally they said that the 17 at the activilty he only smoked 3 cigs in stead of 20 or so. But last night we said yeah we will teach that tomorrow he said ah I'm not going to smoke at all tomorrow and so we are praying the he can resist the tempations today but we also prepared a plan for him.

y eso

I hope you all are doing well.

Love, Hna Moss

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