Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Amber's News 3/29/2010

Hola papa, Como esta (how are you) I hope things at work are going well for you. So I have a pretty sweet tan right now yeah because the sleeves of my shirts are three fourths length only one fourth of my arms are tan. I'm not home sick any more that is pretty great and the Spanish is coming more and more everyday I still have a ways to go but it's starting to come finally. Well I had a yolky egg yesterday it was awesome! It was a little piece of home it was in a members house Hermana Biar said they don't cook eggs any other way and I knew then that Chile and I were meant to be. The fruit here is really good too. We work really hard every day I´m just burnt out in the end and when my head hits the pillow I'm gone. But I'm having fun with Hermana Bair. She has taught me a lot. I think we have some similar characteristics so that's good. She's the one they send in for special transfers and what not so it's good. When she comes home in december she will go to Provo so I told her yall will cook her a meal and she could have a potter thon with Whit. ( a movie night watching Harry Potter movies) The people here are really great I love them all. It's been fun working with them and when I understand more it will be even more better. I don't think that sentence was correct but I don't know Spanish or English right now. Its all Spanglish. I fear that in a few months I won't even be able to communicate with yall lol. Tell everyone hi for me. I like what you said last week about the book of mormon its true it is our guide for this life I love the book of mormon it's my favorite there is really nothing better. I love the promise in the beginning that says when a person reads it they will come closer to God more than any other book. Well daddy I love you and hope you are doing great. Love your favorite Hermana Moss
We are working hard we have a great family Teresa, Christian, Fernanda and Jeramia. They are great we are working with them only Tresesa has a baptismal date right now. My favorite thing that happened this week was when we had a contact and at first she said no that we couldn't teach her but then I gave her a pamphlet about families and then she told Hermana Bair that one of her daughters had died a while ago so now we have an appointment with her. Honestly I didn't know what was going on I just felt like I should give her this pamphlet so I did and after Hermana Bair told me what happened it was pretty good. Here it's pretty warm during the day and really cold at night but I'm not dyeing so it's good! Everyday my spanish gets a little better. Understanding people is hard but with time I will get it. Baby steps to a package huh ok but seriously a brownie when you do send one ok oh and Hermana Bair wanted money for clothes lol lol the worst with Spanish and English is when you don't know how to say it in spanish and your forget what you want to say in English. Oh Hermana Bair is the bomb, I pray for more time with her seriously. She is who they send for special transfers. She's great I have learned so much from her. She is from LA and her mom is Latino but she didn't speak Spanish before. She has nine months in the mish and finishes in December. I emailed Cody last week but it looks like it came back. I heard there was another baby quake here last night but lol I was a sleep. I love you kisses and hugs Hermana Moss I´m looking forward to the easter card. Oh I feel really bad because I haven't been able to write Chandler since I got here I don't have stamps and Hermana Bair doesn't know where to get them so... yeah... I don't know.
Well love, Hermana Moss.

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