Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cody's News 3/8/2010

Well things are good here we have had to delay our 3 baptisms for 2 weeks now but I am sure that this week they are going to happen so that will be good. I do know Elder Roberts he is in my zone, it is crazy what happened to his area like they have a guy from their ward living in their apartment now because his house got destroyed and like 11 people died on his same street. We did some service at his house by clearing out a bunch of rubble to where he could walk in and then we took a bunch of stuff out. This week we went to a city called Constitution (it is about 1 hour away from Talca going towards the Ocean)which was destroyed by the earthquake and then by a tsunami. When I was there, there actually was a tsunami warning so we ran for our lives and there were people crashing in their cars and people crying and all the works going on during the warning well it turns out that the warning was false so now when I talk with people I say I have lived thru a earthquake and a fake tsunami. I live with another companionship and both of them are from Utah and my comapnion is from Argentina. When the aftershocks go off people just about die but I am like it is just a little shake relax I was talking with some members and they said that they had not been able to sleep for about 2 or three days because of the aftershocks but I have been sleeping just fine so I am not sure what their problems is. Hey love you talk to you next week

Wow I can't belive that Amber has to go to Peru.I went from LA strait to Santiago. You should see how fast Peruvians run when there is a aftershock they get so scared. Things are good the food prices really went up for about 2 or three days but after that everything went back to normal a lot of the stores and stuff are open. We started to get back to normal misisonary stuff this week but the thing is that we always have people that ask us for service or for some help so it takes a while. All the members in our ward are fine we actually have a bunch of members but our average attendance is about 70 people or so. So there is alot of inactive work but we are really focused on baptising more people and the ward should be taking care of the new converts with the old ones too that don't come anymore and ya we do visit inacitves to every day we plan on how many lessons we will do with recent converts and inactives so that is all good
Love Cody,

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