Friday, March 5, 2010

Amber's News 3/4/2010

Hey family,
It was really good to talk to you today. I'm getting really excited for chile thanks for the notes. Well our district had been praying that the people in Chile would be prepared to hear our message. I think our prayers were answered :) I'm so glad Cody is ok I was really worried about him but I prayed and I felt that he was all right and he was. I'm excited to talk to ya'll on Monday thats going to be fun and I get to talk twice now yeah! Things here have been pretty crazy but that's alright. I'm just working hard on the language and working on how to focus on peoples needs when we are teaching them. I really like the scriptures in Spanish well what I can understand some times they have better meanings that make a little more sense. We are working hard. I'm super exctied and I'm excited to help everyone. Mom I bet this has been a little hard for you to have Cody there and me going there too but its going to be good we are going to be able to help alot of people. Dad it was really fun that you were home it was like our lunches again! I really love you all. Not much else has been happening just trying to figure out the grammer and speak as much as we can. Speaking more has helped alot. I love you all and will talk to you on Monday when I get to LA. Elder Roth has my travel plans right now so I don't remember the times well I'm going to email cody.
Love Amber

(She refers to talking to us in this e-mail she called Thursday afternoon to for 5 mins to give us her travel plans. Ryan just happened to be home for lunch:) )

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