Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amber's news 3\8\2010

Amber left the MTC for Chile on Monday. We were able to talk to her at the airport. She sounded good and was doing great. Amber was excited to get to work. We recieved a nice e-mail from her mission president. President and Sister May. It had a nice photo of her and them. She looked so happy. In the e-mail they said "Sister May and I will treat her as our own daughter." What a nice thing to tell her parents. Although everyone that knows her loves her.:) They also included a hand writen note from her (They had scanded it in) She says:
Hola Family,
Hey I made it to the mission home. Santiago looks like a great place. I'm excited to go out and serve. On the plane ride here I got to talk to a man that was from Chile but had been working in the US for the last few years. We talked in english but it was realy good because I told him about Joseph Smith and the first Vision and also talked about the Book of Mormon with him. I gave him a pass along card and told him he could call and get a free Book of Mormon. He seemed pretty interested and I think he might call. He said he was Roman Catholic but felt there were a lot of things missing.
I love you all Hermana Moss

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