Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Amber's News 3/15/2010

Hola Mama,
Chile is great I really like it here. The culture is super chil. And the food wow its amazing! I really like it. The best part is its pretty healthy too. One thing that I really like about the culture is when you meet or say good by to people you give them a kiss on the cheek and a hug. I don't know why but I really like it and they have this kind of chilean smell that I like lol (their skin). It's really different being here for me si Hermana Bair mi companera says it's not much different from where she lived LA. But yeah seeing griffity and large buildings is really different for me but I like it and it's not humid here which I'm so glad because when we stopped in peru I thought I would die! But it's pretty warm here but I don't feel like death. The nights get pretty cold though. I think it feels good. I´m in los Andes which is two hours from Santiago. The people here are so nice. Yeah the earthquakes whoa its was really weird my companion said what we felt was like a 3 or 4 we were in our casa studing nothing fell over or anything but it scared me. Its hard to explane like the whole house was moving back and forth. It reminded me of like the star tours ride at disney land but not so strong and its your house that is moving. When I first got to Santiago I was really sensitive to the temblors I guess small quakes are happing all the time. But the people here are used to them and don't feel it. But in the Presidents house every time I stood up I felt dizzy and like I was falling it was weird becuase only Hermana Grey and I noticed it. No one else did because they are used to it. Well missionary work is really hard but it is good. Its hard to understand people here because they leave out syllables and talk weird I can for the most part understand my companion but other people only parts of what they say. Yeah Hermana Bair is awesome she has been helping me a lot with spanish and everything. People here have really small houses. A bunch I have been in the family room and the kitchen are together and its probalby the same size as my room at home. Our ward is super small maybe 25 people so it is really different but were going to change that. We do a lot of walking. It's hard right now because I don't understand much of what is going on so most of the day is for me is understanding a few words or senteces here or there but with time it will change just like the MTC. MTC was really hard at first but after awhile my spanish was fine. So I'm just working hard on learning and teaching the people. The chilean people are really hard workers they are always sweeping or spraying off their front place. The kids just started school agian and they all wear uniforms it's interesting. I love the members they are great. You would like the salads here mom one was cut up tomatoes with onions in it and parsley I think that was all they dished me up a ton but it was good. Oh except that day someone else fed us so I was so full I wanted vomitar (to vomit) Ah it's super sad about the culture though becuase they have boyfriends/girlfriends really early and a lot have kids at 16 Hermana Bair said some 14-15. Not many are modest here either. I love the people though they are great. Sounds like you all are doing good. What more hmm..... the flight, it was just weird I think because I was so tired we didn't get much sleep because we left 3 am on Monday and got here 3 am Tuesday. But it was like 7 here. By the time we got to the Presidents 9 so then we still had a whole day where we went tracking and what not. Oh we don't actually knock doors because everyones house has a fence so you stand at the front of the fence and say halo and then people come out. It's interesting. Yeah President Dickerson was the best. Thanks for the update about my districkt they were the best. Yeah elder roth is here in santiago and elder break went to Antofagasta.
well i love you all and will write again next time. The quakes were just babys so dont worry i´m fine. I feel really safe here the people are so nice and like us. I´m so white though lol. One person asked me if my hair was blonde because no white people have this dark of hair, there are people with darker skin than me with a lighter color of hair. I don't think I look chilean my hmna said she though I look Argentinean. Love Hmna Moss

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