Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amber's news 3/22/2010

Hola mama! si a calling card would be great also if you have room a big fat irresistable brownie I'm seriously dieing I havn't had chocolate since I arrived. They have flan gross no me gusta well its ok I guess theres not much flavor or anything its kinda like pudding I don't know they probably had it in cancun. I think the week went by pretty fast. Its hard work here. Hermana Bair is great she helps me alot con my pronuciation y con words is hard not knowing what people are saying and not being able to speak much but the language is coming little by little. The highlight of the week was when we had this contact that I asked her what things she was worried about in life and she said the terrimotos so we talked a little bit about the plan and we have an apointment for this next week. I´m excited to talk with her again. And we have a family that is pretty interested. No we havn't had any after shocks where I´m at. There is no damage here in Cintinario. We are like a hour and half from Santiago the only damage I have seen was by la casa del presidente this huge building was tilting I don't know how it didn't fall over they are working on straiting it right now. You have been sad huh? Well frankly I have been home sick. But I hope it's like the homesickness I had in the MTC becuase that only lasted for 2 weeks and then after that I was fine. Its hard right now but I will get through it especially when I can understand and actually teach people. lol my apartment well lets just say all of my other apartments were really nice and big. Seriously your pantry is bigger than our kitchen. I miss carpet no one here has carpet. Especially in our apartment. It is only lanolium so my feet are always dirty. Tell whitney that song she likes is on right now "somebody call 911 shorty fire burnin" well it is on in the place we are in. I´m having problems changing my email so idk. I'll figure it out. Spanish is slowly coming. Yesterday I think I understood quiet a bit. But speaking, ah its getting a little bit better. Hermana Bair is great we are good friends and she helps me a lot. I have been blessed with a good comp which is good cuz its hard here but with time I will know what to do and I will understand people and will be able to speak.
Well I love you hmn Moss

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